Eddie Murphy's ex-wife, Nicole Murphy, is a the victim of a suave con artist who walked away with a cool $7 million -- half of Nicole's settlement in her divorce from Murphy. According to published reports, Troy David Stratos, was arrested early Tuesday in Southern California and charged with 11 counts of wire and mail fraud, two counts of money laundering and one count of obstruction of justice.

Stratos, who changed his name from Stafford, is reportedly one of Nicole's old high school boyfriends. That explains why she put so much trust in him.

The indictment claims Stratos persuaded Nicole to invest the proceeds of her big-money divorce overseas, where she would earn a higher rate of return. He also convinced Nicole to put her Granite Bay, CA house up for sale. Stratos told her he had wealthy Middle Eastern royal families who were interested in buying the house.

He talked her into leasing luxury Rolls-Royce and BMW automobiles to make the property look more attractive. Stratos told Nicole, who wasn't named in the indictment, that he would include the cars with the sale of the house as a package deal.

But investigators say there were no Middle Eastern investors, and the con artist never put the house up for sale. Instead, Stratos secretly moved into the house and drove the luxury cars as if they were his.

Thom Mrozek, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney in Los Angeles, said Stratos has agreed to be returned to Sacramento to face the charges. He is currently being held without bond pending a bail hearing scheduled for Wednesday.

Last night, rapper T.I. (above left), his wife Tiny (far right) and his family gave back to the community at the Carrie Steele-Pitts Center in Atlanta. To kick the night off, the family acted out a play that was written by T.I.'s oldest son Messiah, 11. The whole family donned full troll costumes, and after the play T.I. changed into a Santa Clause outfit and passed out toys to the children.

The elaborate troll costumes were Messiah's idea. He is pictured above with his beautiful mom, @LashonDixon, who is also mom to rapper Domani Harris, 10. All of the Harris children participated in the play! Gifts were handed out to the excited neighborhood children after the play. The gifts included toys, clothes, jackets, shoes, backpacks that were purchased by T.I., his K.I.N.G. Foundation and his record label Grand Hustle.

Tiny Harris and son, Major, 3. She was dressed as Queen of the Trolls. See more pics after the break, and on ExclusiveAccess.net!

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The editor-in-chief of Jackie magazine, which referred to troubled singer Rihanna as a "Niggabitch", has stepped down.

Eva Hoeke cited the relentless attacks from Rihanna's Stans on social media as the reason for her departure. She explained that she used the term "Niggabitch" to describe the ultra slutty personal style that was influenced by Rihanna herself. Hoeke points out that the term was imported from America where we in the black community routinely use "nigga" and "bitch" as terms of endearment.

But since when does a journalist (or blogger) let Stans influence what they write? The article obviously was not a personal attack on Rihanna. Oh, I forgot, Freedom of Speech is only upheld as a constitutional right here in America.

If Rihanna wants respect maybe she should start by respecting herself?

Eva writes:

Because of the enormous pressure from social media, I can promise improvement in terms of language used in future issues of Jackie.

Previously, I offered rectification. As I now come to the conclusion that rectification is not the right solution, I am departing.

"The term 'nigga bitch" has come over from America and we have only this to describe this particular style of clothes that we can try to interpret.

"After eight years, with my heart and soul, I have worked for Jackie. I realize that these errors - although no malicious intent - is a reason to leave."

Source: Snitch

An anonymous reader sent in these pics of Beyonce shopping for baby girl clothes at Bergdorf Goodman yesterday. The images appear to be screen captures from a video monitor. The reader was shocked to see how much weight Beyonce had gained in just a matter of days. But we're not surprised because Beyonce will go to any lengths to fool the public into believing she's pregnant. It is already a foregone conclusion that Beyonce is not pregnant -- but her surrogate is. If and when Beyonce "delivers" her "baby", it won't be in a legally sanctioned hospital or clinic. And the "doctor" who delivers the "baby" will be on Jay Z and Bey's payroll.


A South Carolina man with a lengthy criminal record asked his younger brother to make the ultimate sacrifice for him. An hour later his brother was dead.

Deangelo Rashard Mitchell, 23, of North Charleston, SC, was handcuffed with his brother, Wayne Joshua Mitchell, 20, in the back seat of a patrol car on Nov. 30. The two men had been pulled over in their truck for driving with one headlight out. Officers placed the brothers in the back seat while they searched the truck.

Facing life in prison if convicted on the drug charge, Deangelo, who had hidden an ounce of crack cocaine in his buttocks, asked Wayne to swallow the drugs.

The patrol car's video camera caught the verbal exchange between the brothers.

"One of us gotta do it, you the only one that don't have any strikes. You my little brother... I'm gonna get life," Deangelo pleaded. "You gonna eat it, you gonna chew it," said Deangelo, pictured above right. "I can get you out. I can't afford another strike."

The older brother retrieved the crack rocks from where he'd hidden them in his buttocks and dropped the drugs on the seat between them.

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Kim Kardashian's sister Khloe Kardashian-Odom was spotted having a wild hair day in Dallas while apartment shopping for her and her husband Lamar Odom. The Odoms are looking for a luxury condo in the $8000-$12000 a month range in the same building where Deieon Sanders owns a bachelor pad. Khloe appears to be wearing her sister Kim's Burberry Prorsum Aviator Shearling Boots, which retail for $1,395 (see pic of Kim wearing the same boots below). The boots are from the Fall/Winter 2010 collection and feature a cracked leather upper accented with gold buckles and lined with authentic lamb shearling on a 5 inch heel.

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A Chicago man is under investigation by police and child protective services for binding his baby girl with duct tape and posting a picture of her on a social networking website. Andre Curry, 21, posted the photo on his Facebook page last July. But the photo recently showed up on other websites, sparking a police investigation.

In the caption, Curry indicated that he duct taped the child's mouth, hands and feet because she hit him. "this is wut happens wen my baby hits me back", he wrote in the fragmented text language that is typical of young people today.

Je’Vanna Cobbins, a friend of Curry's, told The Smoking Gun that he was just “playing around," with the little girl.

She said: "[He was] being playful with his child. People play with their child differently."

What is wrong with our people? If President Obama would take action to stop hoodrats from breeding, this sort of thing wouldn't happen. I mean, how hard can a baby hit a grown man? Clearly Curry lacks parenting skills and patience.

Singer Ciara finds herself in the best position of her career. Rihanna's latest studio effort bricked, and Beyonce had to fake a pregnancy to boost interest in her fading career. Those two vacancies leaves the door open for Ciara to reclaim her dominance in the R&B/pop scene. Today, the 26-year-old budding superstar dropped two tracks from her upcoming as-yet-untitled album on Epic records titled "Swim" and "Be Out". The latter track is album filler, but "Swim" boasts a catchy, upbeat track that should appeal to her teeny bopper audience. Welcome back Ciara!

Ciara - "Swim"

Ciara - "Be Out"


A Dutch magazine is catching heat for publishing an article calling Rihanna a "nigga bitch" -- words the troubled singer has used to refer to herself in the past.

The Parlourmagazine.com article also stated that Rihanna was from Jamaica -- an insult of the highest order to Barbadians who think they're above Jamaicans.

Rihanna's fans inundated the magazine's office with emails, phone calls and online messages expressing their outrage. Rihanna, who was alerted to the magazine's content by her Twitter followers, reacted with a series of angry tweets on her Twitter.com page.

"I hope u can read english, because your magazine is a poor representation of the evolution of human rights! I find you disrespectful and rather desperate!! You ran out of legit, civilized information to print!" she wrote on Twitter.

"There are 1000's of Dutch girls who would love to be recognized for their contributions to your country, you could have given them an article. Instead, u paid to print one degrading an entire race! That's your contribution to this world! To encourage segregation, to mislead the future leaders to act in the past! You put two words together, with the intent of abasement, that made no sense ... 'N---a Bitch'?!....Well with all respect, on behalf of my race, here are my two words for you ... F--- YOU!!!" Source

The magazine's embarrassed editor took to Facebook to apologize profusely to the singer and her fans. Editor-in-chief, Eva Hoeke, wrote: "First: thanks for all your responses. We are of course very fed up over this and especially very shocked. However I'm glad that we're engaging in a dialogue on this page — not everybody does that. Thanks for this. Other than that I can be brief about this: this should have never happened. Period."

Hoeke also implied that the racist insults toward Rihanna were meant as a joke, especially since Rihanna, and blacks in general, use the most degrading terms when referring to ourselves.

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Kobe Bryant's soon-to-be ex-wife, Vanessa, is a chip off the old block, according to her ex-stepfather who is spilling her tea to the media.

Celebrity blog TMZ.com spoke with Vanessa's ex-stepfather, Stephen Laine, an inventory manager for a food company who was married to Vanessa's mother from 1990 to 2003. Laine helped raise Vanessa from a child to a teen -- she met Kobe when she was barely 17.

Laine tells TMZ.com: "Her mother taught her well to wait for the ten-year mark [before divorcing]."

He explains, "In California, it's considered a long term marriage and then she gets paid for life or until she remarries -- just like her mother is doing to me."

Laine gripes about paying Vanessa's mom $1,800 in spousal support every month "and clearly they don’t need it." He said Vanessa's mom lives like a true baller, free and clear, in one of Kobe's mansions, courtesy of Vanessa.

"I have a six-year-old daughter and that money could be used toward her college fund or something," says Laine. "You'd think she'd care. But no, she's spiteful."

Bryant, meanwhile, is being hotly pursued by every shameless gold digger on the west coast, including actress Sanaa Lathan. The 5-time NBA champ, who is nearing the end of a brilliant NBA career, will no doubt fall victim to another LSLH gold digger who will eventually clean out his bank accounts and leave him a lonely, broken man in his 40s.