President Barack Obama called for the nation to honor Martin Luther King with a day of service to others.

Reporting from Washington— President Obama used the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday to make a call for public service Monday, saying it was particularly important for Americans to "pull together" at a time of economic hardship.

In brief remarks at a public school in Northeast Washington, Obama also addressed some "controversy" over a quote chiseled into the new memorial for the slain civil rights leader.

On the side of the stone monument reads this quote from King: "I was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness." But critics said the abbreviated quote misrepresented King's intent, a point Obama acknowledged today.

"If you look at that speech talking about Dr. King as a drum major, what he really said was that all of us can be a drum major for service, all of us can be a drum major for justice. There's nobody who can’t serve. Nobody who can’t help somebody else," the president said. Source

Remember the rowdy lesbian couple who attempted to assault a McDonald's cashier but they caught a savage beat down instead? The NY Daily News reports that the two lovers pleaded not guilty to criminal trespassing for jumping the counter.

According to the NY Daily News, Denise Darbeau (above left) and Rachel Edwards (who looks like a cleaned up Trina), were already fighting mad -- with each other -- before they entered the West Village McDonald’s on Oct. 12, 2011.

The pair had gone drinking, then got into a wild fracas with McDonald’s employee Rayon McIntosh, an ex-con, who was caught on video beating the women after they entered an employees-only area.

According to unsealed court records, Edwards (the Trina look-a-like) is alleged to have said to Darbeau: "Why did this happen? Why don’t you love me the way I love you?"

Both women entered "not guilty" pleas in a Manhattan court on Wednesday. They were both offered probation in return for pleading guilty. But Darbeau and Edwards declined through their attorney. They face up to seven years in prison if found guilty.

Their lawyer, Harold Baker, said outside court his clients would not cop to a felony. Baker said his clients are the real victims.


In last night's episode of Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe Leakes and her business partner, John, meet again to discuss a lounge she's planning on opening in Atlanta. After the meeting, John presents NeNe with another expensive pair of Christian Louboutin pumps. In return, NeNe quickly pecks John on the cheek.

As a former stripper, NeNe knows that a quick peck on the cheek does not suffice -- especially when she have just received a very expensive gift. A peck on the lips would have been a more appropriate response for such an expensive gift.

When a baller gives a woman an expensive gift in public, he is doing it for show (to get attention). So he's looking for a response that is equally as showy as the gift. (In his mind) a quick peck on the lips is a worthy response.

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Rihanna's record label went into damage control this past weekend after photos of the Bajan singer smoking a rolled up joint surfaced online.

Rihanna was seen smoking a hand rolled joint while vacationing in Hawaii on Sunday. Later that same day, she sent out a tweet to her 12 million followers on glorifying her alcohol and drug use:

"Kush rolled, glass full...I prefer the better things!"

The 23-year-old singer has been spiraling out of control since last Summer when word leaked out of her camp that she was an out of control alcoholic and substance abuser. broke the story first about Rihanna's drinking problem.

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A Jan. 8 telephone poll conducted by (as reported by USA Today) found that 59.9% of African Americans believed that God helped Denver Boncos quarterback Tim Tebow win football games.

That same poll showed that a whopping 81% of Hispanics also believed that God ordered Tebow's steps on the football field. White people, who are the least to believe in magic or superstition, ranked last with just 31% of them believing that God would influence the outcome of a football game in favor of one individual.

Magical thinking is the belief that thinking about something can cause it to occur.

According to Psychology Today, "Magical thinking is defined as believing that one event happens as a result of another without a plausible link of causation."

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Miami Heat basketball star Dwyane Wade celebrated his 30th birthday at the Setai Hotel in Miami Beach last night. The point guard who is hobbled by a nagging ankle injury was joined by his longtime girlfriend (and part-time babysitter) Gabrielle Union; his teammates LeBron James and Chris Bosh; singer Kelly Rowland, rappers T.I., Rick Ross, Flo Rida, and about 400 family and friends.
Photo: Keshishian / London Ent./SPLASH

If you're a regular reader, you know I'm big on body language. Could Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade's bodies be more in tune with each other? See how their bodies mirror each other, and their eyes are closed. Their body language reveals a couple who are in complete bliss without a care in the world at that very moment.

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Luxury brand Louis Vuitton is quick to sue anyone who misuses their brand. LVMH legal department has filed lawsuits against major corporations such as Hyundai (for infringing on its brand in a car commercial); and Warner Brothers (for using a fake bag in the movie Hangover 2).

Now LV has set their sights on celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith for wearing clothing using the fake Louis Vuitton monogram.

Celebrities are known for hiring tailors to construct clothing using famous, but fake brand names. Now Louis Vuitton is cracking down on the brand thieves.

This week, Bieber, 18, wore a jacket to the Consumer Electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas that caught the eye of fashionistas who thought the jacket was custom made by the iconic brand. But a rep in the LV corporate office told us exclusively: "The jacket Bieber is wearing is a cheap knockoff of the Louis Vuitton brand." The rep pointed out the red LEVI's tag on the jacket pocket as proof that the jacket is a counterfeit.

In an exclusive statement, the LV rep said:

"Anything unauthentic, whether worn by a famous individual or not, is seriously frowned upon."

Calls to Justin and Jaden's reps were not immediately returned.

Rapper-turned-actress, Eve, returns as a guest star on the upcoming season of VH1's 'Single Ladies'. The 2nd season began shooting on location in Atlanta this week. Eve tweeted the above photo from the set where she poses with newcomer Denise Vasi, left, and LisaRay McCoy, right. All 3 ladies look hawt!

Rumor has it that Vasi's ‘Single Ladies‘ character, Raquel, will play a bisexual who has the hawts for LisaRaye’s character on Season 2. We hope the rumors are true!

Here's what Denise had to say about her character, Raquel:
"Raquel is going to come back and stir the pot in a different way and bring some exciting new energy. We don’t wanna say too much."

Source: VH1 blog

I get the craziest emails from my devoted readers, but none stranger than the one I received today. It was sent in by a loyal reader who claimed to be a "close family relation" to actress Nia Long.

She asked that I not post the email or mention specific details contained within the email. But she wanted readers to know that the race of Nia Long's baby is Caucasian -- not black or mixed.

She wrote that the baby was the result of an in vitro fertilisation. An IVF procedure involves the egg cells being fertilised by the sperm outside of the body and then implanted in the uterus.

The email writer goes on to say that neither Nia nor her boyfriend, former NBA player Ime Udoka, are the biological parents of the 2-month-old child.

But why would Nia go to such lengths to have a white baby? My loyal reader said Nia visited a fertility clinic to undergo the in vitro fertilization because there is a waiting list for white babies through U.S. adoption agencies.

Will this be a new fad among urban celebs since white celebrities have been adopting black babies as accessories for years?

Take a look at the pics and you decide. Is the baby white or black?

VH1's 'Mob Wives' is a huge hit, mostly due to the surgically altered permanent pout of Angela “Big Ang” Raiola. Whether she's really a biological female is up for debate. But Big Ang tells VH1 what she wants in her ideal Goodfella -- even if he is dead.

VH1: We’ve all seen the clip of you talking about finding a nice wise guy to take care of you. If you could create your dream wise guy, who’s your ideal man? What qualities does he have?

Big Ang: Oh, John Gotti. I thought he was the most handsomest, classiest, and I personally knew him. That’s…the kinda guy I like. [Laughs] That’s definitely the guy. He was so handsome, and the way he used to carry himself and walk into places, I’d be like “Hi, John!!” I knew him, and that’s the kind of guy I’m talking about. I knew John before he became who he was and he was handsome from the day he was…I used to work in a big wise guy bar in Brooklyn called The Nineteenth Hole and he used to come, and he wasn’t even “John Gotti” like he was when he died, he was nobody at the time. Matter of fact, I think he had just come home from jail, he wasn’t even a wise guy then. He was just so handsome, I used to stare at him all the time. READ MORE

Italian rapper G Fella paid homage to the Mob Wives with a new track he threw together using a sample from Rock Mafia‘s hit song “The Big Big Bang".

Listen to "Mob Wives Rap" after the break!

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