The Associated Press reports that the troubled 15-year-old girl who was mistakenly deported to Columbia earlier this year was reunited with her mother and grandmother Friday night in Texas.

A somber Jakadrien emerged from the international gate at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport flanked by her grandmother Lorene Turner, left; her biological mother Johnisa Turner, right, and law enforcement officers.

“She’s happy to be home,” the family’s attorney, Ray Jackson, said, according to the AP. He adding that the family would not be issuing any statements Friday night.

He said the family was “ecstatic” to have Jakadrien back in Texas and they plan to “do what we can to make sure she gets back to a normal life.”

Jakadrien Turner, who is 5 months pregnant, left Bogota this morning, Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin, told reporters. Holguin said Jakadrien was living in a home for expectant mothers in Bogota, and she was not being held in a detention facility as was reported widely in the media.

Jakadrien was mistakenly deported to Columbia at age 14 when she gave Houston police a false identity after an arrest for shoplifting on April 2, 2011. The name she gave police, Tika Lanay Cortez, belonged to a Colombian woman who was in this country illegally.

Immigration experts say mistaken identity is rare in these cases, but people do slip through the cracks. Still, they question how immigration officials allowed a 14-year-old American girl to be deported to a foreign country.

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“When a person disappears without a trace, often the most critical information is hidden in their actions and words in the days before they vanished,” says the narrator of ID Channel’s TV series ‘Disappeared‘.

In the case of Stacey Nicole English, the 36-year-old Buckhead woman who went missing on Dec. 26, 2011, her last actions and words may hold the key to her disappearance.

According to her family, English was acting “out of character” and talking about the end of the world in the days leading up to her disappearance. She is on medication and she was previously hospitalized following a suicide attempt, according to the police report.

Channel 2 Action News reporter Erin Coleman spoke by phone with the last person to see English alive.

Atlanta police named Robert Kirk a ‘person of interest’ in the case. He was visiting English over the holidays when the two got into an argument on Dec. 26. English reportedly threw Kirk out of her apartment that day.

“(I) heard about the reports and it sent a tingle through me,” Kirk told Coleman, according to

Kirk said he is praying for English’s safety and that the situation is “crazy.”

Kirk also spoke with a reporter from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in a phone interview today. “I don’t know what’s going on. All I know is, I’ve been speaking with [authorities] for a week,” he said.

Kirk declined to say anything more, referring a reporter’s questions to his attorney Scott Rosenblum.

English worked at Sun Trust Bank and lived in a condo off Lenox Road in Buckhead for 4 years. She left behind her cellphone, iPad and keys, according to Channel 2 Action News.

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Beyonce and her fake baby bump were spotted leaving that office building in NYC that she seems to visits daily. Does she have a 9-5 job in that building? There are still no photos of Bey entering or leaving a doctor’s office. If she can visit a random office building every other day then surely she can visit a doctor’s office? Beyonce is such a fraud. She does not look pregnant anywhere on her body.


By comparison, this is what a pregnant woman looks like. Jessica Simpson, who is carrying a real 6-month old fetus, looks every bit pregnant. She is due to give birth in the Spring. Meanwhile, Beyonce, who is in her 10th month of pregnancy, plans to “deliver” her “baby” onstage at the 2012 Grammy Awards.

Photos: Splash News and INF PHOTO

R&B singer Fantasia Barrino recently gave birth to a baby boy. According to a recent interview, Fantasia hopes that her still-married baby daddy, Antwaun Cook, will step up and marry her, and help out with the baby financially.

Wendy, who speaks to Fantasia from her heart through the TV since Fantasia is still nursing her baby at home, says “You were dead wrong, Fantasia.”

Wendy adds: “Fanstasia, he’s not gonna marry you because it’s cheaper not to divorce his own wife, unless you go multi-platinum…”

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Prize fighter Floyd “Money” Mayweather won’t need any of his flashy jewels or fancy cars where he’s going. Today is the day the troubled boxer must turn himself in to authorities to begin serving a 90-day sentence for roughing up his children’s mother in front of them in September 2010.

Mayweather will turn 35 in prison on Feb. 24.

It’s cold on the cell block this time of the year — even in Las Vegas. And Mayweather won’t have his curvy model fiancee, Shantel Jackson, to keep him warm for the next 3 months.

The boxing champ was sentenced to serve 6 months on Dec. 21, but a Las Vegas judge suspended 3 months of his sentence and allowed him to remain out over the holidays. The judge also credited Floyd 3 days for time served.

Mayweather has until today (Jan. 6) to turn himself in at the prison — where Bubba awaits.

Update: According to, a judge ruled today that Floyd Mayweather Jr. won’t have to turn himself in to a Las Vegas jail until June 1, 2012 … so he can fight in Las Vegas on May 5th.

TMZ adds: “His attorney’s justification … Floyd’s a pro who brings in hundreds of millions in profits for the city of Las Vegas — and hey, thing’s get rescheduled all the time … no bigs.”


Grrrrrr! Never interrupt a dog while he’s eating — or spittin’ on the mic. An unlucky fan thought it was a good idea to interrupt rapper DMX mid-rap during a concert in Long Beach last night. The fan, who looks like a skinhead, sidled up to the oft-arrested rapper and tried to put him in a headlock. But the rapper’s security reacted swiftly (some would say not swiftly enough) and put the fan in a vicious headlock before dragging him offstage and beating him down. DMX’s stunned DJ briefly stopped the music, but DMX ordered him to turn the music back on. “We don’t stop the music for s**t!” he yelled.

Watch the video below!

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Depressed singer Rihanna, 23, had something to smile about last month: her flop album, Talk That Talk, was finally certified gold after 2 months on the charts. To celebrate that minor feat, Rihanna visited a tattoo parlor in West Hollywood where she got her 15th tattoo inked on her body. We don’t know what the tattoo says, but the word “LOSER” might be appropriate to sum up Rihanna’s life right now.

Rihanna wore a color blocked wool sweater over boyfriend cut jeans and white Christian Louboutin pumps. After getting her 15th tattoo, Rihanna went out to dinner with her ex-boyfriend, Dodgers baseball star, Matt Kemp, whom she rang in the New Year with in Miami. Kemp, who is dating other women, has been telling friends that he is not back together with Rihanna.

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Washed up rapper Jim Jones, 35, tells his side of the marriage proposal story in this sneak peek of next week’s Love & Hip Hop. Some viewers of last week’s episode thought Jones’ proposal to his nagging girlfriend, Chrissy Lampkin, 40, wasn’t meaningful enough. But Jones, who pretends to be a hard thug in the streets, shows his soft side when describing his and Chrissy’s 7-year relationship. “That’s like, uh, the princess kissing the frog. I got my own fairy tale going on,” he says.

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A new independent film depicting child gangsters as young as 12 is creating a stir in Harlem. The independent straight to DVD film titled ‘Toddlers’ depicts baby-faced gangsters involved in shoot outs, murder, drug dealing and sex.

The film’s director Tremaine “M5” Brown claims he didn’t set out to promote violence, but he also admits there is no message in the kiddie version of Harlem Nights, which was filmed on location in Harlem using child actors.

“That’s what’s going on, I’m just showing it,” Brown told the Daily News. “You hear about these murders, but people don’t see how it happens. I show how these incidents happen. These are real life situations.

“The parents don’t get to see what these kids are really doing,” said Brown, 29. ‘Toddlers‘ was released last month with limited distribution.

The lead gangster in the film, 14-year-old Pito, is played with graphic realism by Jordan Pena, now 16. Pito is forced to grow up quickly when his drug dealing father is killed.

Pito takes charge of the family business, which involves daily violent confrontations with other kiddie drug dealers in the neighborhood.

Pena tells the NY Daily News that the film doesn’t promote violence — he says his character portrays how real-life can alter a kid’s world in the hood.

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An online “video diary” created by the most hated woman in the world was leaked online by a hacker, according to Casey Anthony’s defense attorneys.

Anthony’s attorneys confirmed that the pale woman with the short, cropped blond ‘do in the video is indeed Anthony. But an angry J. Chesney Mason told the Orlando Sentinel that the video’s release was “unauthorized” and “inappropriate” and an investigation is under way to find out how it was leaked.

Casey, who is currently holed up somewhere in Orlando where she is serving probation on bad check charges, indicated how lonely she is in her current location. She expressed her joy at having her video camera and an adopted dog to keep her company.

The 24-year-old doesn’t mention her dead daughter, Caylee Anthony, in the creepy 4-minute video, dated Oct. 13, 2011. But she mentions the dog repeatedly.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to call something mine.” says Anthony, who was released from a Florida prison on July 17 after she was found not guilty of murdering her daughter.

She also hinted that more video diaries may be coming: “Now I, in some ways, have someone to talk to even when I am by myself so I am not bothering the poor dog, who I have adopted and I love.”

Watch the video after the break

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LeBron James celebrated his 27th birthday on New Year’s Eve by proposing to his longtime girlfriend, Savannah Brinson, at the Shelborne Beach Resort in Miami Beach, Florida.

According to SPLASH News, this is the cake that was made for NBA player Lebron James’ 27th birthday. The call was made 2 days before the party. The instructions: make a birthday cake that is fit for a King. The baker, Alethea Hickman, (pictured above with her royal creation) was promised publicity for her bakery Hickman’s Passion for Pastry. The Shelborne would receive the $3,000 cake as a freebie in exchange.

But Hickman was surprised to see a different cake in photos tweeted worldwide on on Jan. 1. After getting in touch with James’ people, Hickman was told her work wasn’t fit for the king: “It just wasn’t what was expected. When LeBron’s people saw it, they just didn’t want to use it and decided to bring their own cake.”

The cake is ugly, but at least she got the free publicity.

Photo: Splash News Online

Powerhouse actors Will and Jada Smith are once again at the center of the divorce rumor mill.

According to the Huffington Post (via In Touch Weekly), Jada Pinkett-Smith has retained a divorce lawyer to handle her divorce.

The magazine reports that Jada Smith recently reached out to powerful celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, who has represented celebs such as Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, and most recently, Vanessa Bryant (Kobe Bryant’s estranged wife).

A source tells In Touch that Smith has “finally begun to take steps to dissolve their marriage,” even reportedly turning down a role in Keanu Reeves directorial debut to spend time with her kids during this “difficult time.”

The magazine first reported that Will and Jada had separated in August after 13 years of marriage. The pair issued a statement in response to the allegations: “Although we are reluctant to respond to these types of press reports, the rumors circulating about our relationship are completely false. We are still together, and our marriage is intact.”

The star couple have two kids, Jaden and Willow — whose careers were reportedly at the root of the Smiths’ marital problems — and Will Smith has one son from a previous marriage. Source

I guess we won’t really know the truth until the divorce documents appear at the courthouse. Don’t hold your breath waiting.

From Blind Gossip:

He’s a big movie star. She’s had one really major role, and is already booked for half a dozen new projects. You probably already know that they are dating. What you may not know are the facts behind the pairing. It’s a public relations set up. She is bisexual. He is gay. In fact, his ex-wife left him because she found him in bed with another guy! But for now, together, these two attractive actors make for crazed paparazzi and great photo ops. Well, that is, at least until their contract expires in a couple of months.

Photos used in Blind Item posts are for illustration purposes only and are not intended to identify any particular individual as the subject of this post. We take no responsibility or liability for the assumptions made by our readers.

A Dallas teenager, missing since 2010, has now been found pregnant and jailed in a foreign country.

According to published reports, American teenager Jakadrien Turner was 13 when she ran away from home after her grandfather died and her parents divorced in 2010.

Jakadrien turned up a year later, in Houston, Texas, where she was arrested for shoplifting at age 14. Jakadrien had no ID on her when she gave police a false name, which coincidentally belonged to an illegal immigrant who was flagged by ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) for deportation.

According to WFAA:

ICE officials stepped in… took the girl’s fingerprints, but somehow didn’t confirm her identity and deported her to Colombia, where the Colombian government gave her a work card and released her.

Jakadrien found work cleaning homes as a maid in a Spanish-speaking country where she did not understand the language. After months of searching, Jakadrien’s grandmother found the girl working in Bogota, Columbia. She is 15 now, and pregnant.

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