Music producer Swizz Beatz, who is married to musician Alicia Keys, is on the run from federal prosecutors, according to the Associated Press. Beatz, real name Kasseem Dean, 33, is listed as the CEO on the website of the Hong Kong-based file sharing website,, which was shut down by feds today.

The Associated Press reports:

The indictment accuses the company of costing copyright holders more than $500 million in lost revenue from pirated films and other content. The indictment was unsealed Thursday, one day after websites shut down in protest of two congressional proposals intended to thwart the online piracy of copyrighted movies and TV programs.

Yesterday, Swizz Beatz was unmasked as the CEO/owner of the world's largest file sharing website by the NY Post, which alleged that Beatz got some of his celebrity friends to appear in a star-studded promotional vehicle for

High powered celebrities such as Sean "Diddy" Combs, Kanye West, Floyd Mayweather, Serena Williams and others are seen happily promoting the illegal service in the video.

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No wonder Alicia Keys is hanging on tightly to music producer Squid Beaks: he's worth untold millions!

According to the NY Post, Swizz is one of the owners (along with a German guy) of the world's largest file sharing site, Unfortunately, was shut down today -- and its employees were arrested and indicted by the feds for moving mass quantities of illegal music and movie files online.

Ironically, Swizz Beatz is exactly the type of shady individual that the anti-piracy SOPA bill is targeting. This means Mr. Beaks himself could be in handcuffs very soon!

Swizz Beatz has Sean “Diddy” Combs, Kanye West and in hot water with their label by getting them to promote his site, MegaUpload. The CEO of the Internet company, Beatz — also a recording artist, producer and DJ — persuaded the stars to appear in a “Mega Song” video promoting his service, intended to send large media files. The catch is the music industry has been fighting against file sharing, accusing the services MegaUpload offers of supporting piracy. Beatz’s wife, Alicia Keys, has also promoted the site with her picture and a quote. Swizz had also asked Mary J. Blige, Kim Kardashian, Lil Jon and Macy Gray to promote MegaUpload. Source

It's a shame that Negroes will do anything for money. :no:

A gay activist group is pushing a training video to teachers and parents featuring school children between the ages of 6-12 discussing what it means to live a gay lifestyle.

According to, The Human Rights Campaign, a homosexual advocacy group, has produced a “professional development film” through its website called the Welcoming Schools project.

On its home page, the Welcoming Schools project states that it “is an LGBT-inclusive approach to addressing family diversity, gender stereotyping and bullying and name-calling in K-5 learning environments. … Additionally, it offers a wide range of resources for school administrators and educators to support students who don’t conform to gender norms.” says questions to the Human Rights Campaign -- "including inquires about whether the training sessions are taking place in schools, how many schools are participating, and whether or not the video will be viewed by children -- were not answered before this story was posted."

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Whenever rapper T.I. hits the scene he's going to be sharp in anything he wears. We often receive emails from readers asking about T.I.'s gear. T.I. attended Dwyane Wade’s 30th birthday bash at Setal Hotel in Miami Sunday night. According to style connoisseur, Allen over at Upscale Hype, the 'Family Hustle' star wore a black Oakland Raiders cap, Dita Mach-One sunglasses ($700), a black wax coated denim jacket, grey cargo pants, and a pair of Nike Air Yeezy black/pink sneakers, first released in 2009 with a retail price of $79. Now they retail for $215.

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Comedian Bill Cosby and Civil Rights leader Jesse Jackson have more secret children than Joe Jackson.

Jesse Jackson, who is no relation to Joe, admitted he fathered a daughter, Ashley, by a woman he carried on an affair with in 1999. The girl is now 12, and Jackson owes her mother, Karin Stanford, $11,694.50 in back child support, according to the ENQUIRER.

Stanford was a top aide with Jackson’s Rainbow PUSHCoalition until The ENQUIRER exposed the affair -- and the love child -- in 2001 (how many of you are thinking at least she's black?)

After admitting paternity, Jackson paid the court ordered child support and visited Ashley (and Stanford) at their California home regularly over the past decade.

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The NYPD is developing body scanners which will detect concealed weapons on the streets. The technology is still years away but it is welcome news to citizens of New York.

According to NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly, the new technology will be mounted on police cars on the streets. It will detect radiation emitted from a person's body through any fabric or packaging except metal. The images will reveal the outline of the gun underneath the person's clothing.

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British tourists James Cooper and James Kouzaris were on their way back to their hotel after an evening of drinking at a bar in Sarasota, Florida last year. Unfamiliar with the area, the two friends took a wrong turn and ended up in the ghetto where they were ambushed by a criminal minded ghetto dweller who riddled their bodies with bullets fired from an AK-47.

A new and controversial Smartphone app probably would have saved the men's lives. The Microsoft app helps unsuspecting tourists (as well as longtime residents) avoid the ghetto in cities across America.

The name of the app -- 'Avoid The Ghetto' -- doesn't sit well with critics who fear the app will drive tourists away, thereby hurting the economy in impoverished areas.

"It's appalling," says Sarah E. Chinn, author of 'Technology and the Logic of American Racism.

"Of course an application like this defines crime pretty narrowly, since all crimes happen in all kinds of neighborhoods," she told AOL. "I can't imagine that there aren't perpetrators of domestic violence, petty and insignificant drug possession, fraud, theft, and rape in every area."

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Troubled singer Rihanna is losing weight, but for all the right reasons says her personal trainer Ary Nunez.

Rihanna, 23, has ben working out with her personal trainer in Hawaii to get back in shape for the start of her world tour in February. “Rihanna is so connected to her body,” said Nunez, who is on call with Rihanna 24/7 when she is one the road. “She used to work out because it was part of her responsibility, but now she works out because she loves it!”

Nunez doesn't mention the drugs or alcohol that RiRi reportedly consumes between workouts. But he does make sure she fuels her body with the right combination of protein and amino acids to promote muscle growth and tone.

“It’s more about feeding her to perform,” Nuñez says. “She is big on protein. She loves it.”

Once again, kids, ignore those rumors of Rihanna hooking back up with troubled singer Chris Brown. That simply is not true. Rihanna may be immature and hard up for a man right now, but she has way too much pride to share a man with another chick - especially not a moron like Chris.


Normally, superstar Kelly Rowland's style game is on point, but she decided to go for a more casual, dressed down look yesterday. The Destiny's Child singer was spotted climbing into a friend's SUV in Beverly Hills wearing a NIKE sweat suit and purple NIKE sneakers. Luckily she wore a headband to conceal her edges or the blogs would have been unmerciful.

Photos: Splash News and

Jay Z put his businessman face on to attend the Grand reopening of his 40/40 sports bar in NYC last night. Celebs such as billionaire Warren Buffet (pictured with Jigga), Ashanti, rapper Wale, producer Rico Love and others attended. The bar was closed last year for renovations because business was so slow. Jay Z hopes the bar's new facelift will inject life into the place.

The dapper Jay Z turned heads when he pulled up to the club with a mystery LSLH woman. Beyonce's surrogate, perhaps?

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They say if you want to get black people to join together in protesting a cause, just put it on the side of a bandwagon and we will all jump on board.

Yesterday, a few of your favorite urban blogs "went dark" in protest of 2 anti-piracy bills that has the Internet in an uproar. Urban bloggers, who certainly meant well, blacked out their blogs yesterday while the TMZ's and the YouTube's -- websites that these bills would most likely affect -- stayed in business as usual.

We never take the 10 minutes to research anything. We just jump on the first bandwagon that comes along because everyone else is on it -- or because Russell Simmons tolds us to.

HELLO! The government already has the power to shut websites down. They're doing it every day.

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That Monica Brown is NOT recording a song with stripper-turned-singer Amber Rose. Mo's producer Rico Love, who produced half of Monica's much-anticipated album, New Life, is outraged that a certain blog "misrepresented" his hard work based on a photo.

"Monica was in the studio last night when La La [Anthony] stopped by and they took pictures," Rico explained.

"[Amber] was just passing by and they took a picture together," he said of Mo and Amber, who released her first single, "Fame" last week.

"They are not recording no song together!" said Rico via phone from his seat at Madison Square Garden where Mo's husband, Shannon Brown, and the Phoenix Suns are taking on Carmelo Anthony and the NY Knicks.

"I'm losing my patience with this sh*t," said Rico as he tried to be heard above the roar of the crowd in the arena.

Rico continued: "The only duets that Mo has is with Brandy, which is due out Feb. 6," he said. "There are no duets with Monica and any other females, period!" He also revealed that the music video is slated to shoot next week.

"I know how sensitive these chicks can get, but we take our artistry very seriously," said the producer who has worked with Usher, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and others.

"We're not trying to act nasty toward anybody. But that was totally wrong information to put out based on a picture that was taken in passing."

Monica's album, New Life, is scheduled for a March 26 release.

Yesterday the Internet was abuzz when Kanye West's former beard Amber Rose tweeted a pic of herself posing with legenday R&B singer Monica Brown in a studio. Monica is busy recording her much-anticipated album, New Life, set for a Feb. 21 release (which we hope will rocket her into the stratosphere). We really hope Amber was just passing through the studio and that Mo obliged her with a photo? We would hate to hear Amber shrieking on a Monica track.

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Remember when rumors about Jay Z and Beyonce paying $1.3 million to rent an entire floor at NY's Lenox Hill hospital turned out be a lie? Well, they didn't clear up that rumor like they did with the other rumors about the birth because they want you to believe that they spent that cash. Why? Because the money isn't rolling in like it used to.

Both Beyonce and Jay Z haven't had million selling hits in some time. And you know what happens to celebrities when their endless cash supply stops rolling in but they are still living beyond their means.

According to documents filed at the New York Department of Labor, 28 of the 56 workers at the fashion label were let go on January 6. That's the day before the couple's daughter, Blue Ivy, was born.

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Queen Latifah was the guest on The Wendy Williams Show yesterday. The Queen stars in the gospel musical “Joyful Noise” which is in theaters now. Latifah recently split up with her longtime girlfriend, Jeanette Jenkins. But the 41-year-old still wants to have children with her new lover.

I am not a big Estelle fan at all, especially after she came for your auntie on I have been very supportive of this broad, especially since she's British like your auntie. But when she showed me such utter disrespect, I unfollowed her right then.

Luckily for Estelle, I happen to really like someone in her camp who has been very supportive of in the past.

The music video for Estelle's current single "Thank You" premieres tonight on BET's 106 and Park at 6pm EST.

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When media mogul Nick Cannon was hospitalized two weeks ago, his worried wife, singer Mariah Carey-Cannon, took to her Twitter page and tweeted a photo of her husband in a hospital bed. She tweeted that Nick was in "mild kidney failure" and she asked her millions of followers to pray for him.

In my Medical Minute post on Acute Renal Failure, your auntie wrote: "Nick might not be in kidney failure at all (Nick and Mariah are such drama queens)."

Since we had no real information to go on -- other than the photo and Mariah's tweets -- fans were left to guess what was really ailing Nick. I guessed that Nick might have compartment syndrome (a consequence of intense weight lifting which can lead to kidney failure), or kidney stones.

Yesterday morning Nick returned to his radio gig at 92.3 WXRK, and he finally came clean about what caused his illness: a urinary tract infection.

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If you planned on visiting today to look up celebrity discographies or birth dates (like I often do), forget about it; Wikipedia has gone dark for 24 hours to protest Obama's proposed web piracy bill.

The online encyclopedia ranks up there with Google, Yahoo and other high traffic websites as the most visited online. Wikipedia, and other websites, took a stand against 2 bills: the Protect Intellectual Property Act and Stop Online Piracy Act, which are under consideration in the Senate.

The bills, backed by the motion picture and recording industries, intends to put a stop to online piracy and copyright infringement by infringing upon the rights of visitors to popular websites.

If signed into law by President Obama, the PIPA and the SOPA bills would require ISPs to block online access to foreign websites which supply many of the bootleg movies and CDs that are now available for download online.

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) claims the online piracy costs as much as $250 billion per year and costs the industry 750,000 jobs.

But critics of the bill say the SOPA act would infringe upon "free expression while harming the Internet" and "severely inhibit people's access to online information."

Wikipedia says the bills would place "the burden on website owners to police user-contributed material and call for the unnecessary blocking of entire sites."

Critics say smaller websites (such as "won't have sufficient resources to defend themselves" against a shut down for hosting content that may be considered pirated (such as Beyonce's new album).

Wikipedia went offline at midnight on Jan. 18, and plans to stay dark for 24 hours.

The real estate market is still in a slump, so why would Canadian rapper Drake drop almost $2 mil on luxury condos in Miami? Probably because he believed the real estate broker's pitch that the housing market was hot again, and his 2 investment properties would increase in value.

Now Drake is trying to cut his losses, and he hopes one of you will love him enough to want to tattoo his name on your forehead take his 2 condos off his hands.

According to

Drake put the properties up for sale last week -- located right next door to each other in Miami's ritzy Marquis highrise -- listing one for $1.9 million and the other for $599,000. Drake combined the two into one MASSIVE condo, and lived in both simultaneously.

The larger one is a sprawling 3,800 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. The "smaller" one-bedroom condo is still gigantic ... at 1,675 square feet.

Drake purchased the properties together in January 2011 for a combined price of $1.903 million. So, if Drake gets his asking price ... he'll make $596,000 in profit (even though no one ever gets their asking price).

About 4 years ago, Louis Vuitton announced its plans to discontinue the custom orders division of its luxury brand. This meant they would no longer accept custom orders for bags or clothing from celebrities or the public.

This news came at a time when Kanye West's custom $6,300 LV backpack was all the rage on the blogs.

I wanted a smaller version of that backpack, but a rep at the Louis Vuitton corporate office assured me that LV would "probably" resume accepting custom orders "in the future" (this was 3 years ago).

So imagine my surprise when I saw the pictures of Justin Bieber wearing what appeared to be a custom made Louis Vuitton jacket to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week.

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If you thought Beyonce was going to give us a break after having that baby, you thought wrong. Beyonce was recently tapped to appear in L'Oreal's "Find Your True Match" makeup commercial.

"Today was all about being honest," says one of the most dishonest celebrity's in entertainment history. "There's a story behind my skin; it's a Mosaic of all the faces before it," she says as the words 'African American, Native American and French' appear on the screen.

In the ad, Beyonce pretends to be mixed with Black, Indian and French -- and the L'Oreal marketing people fell for her blatant lies! If Beyonce had any French or Indian in her why would would she need a walk-in closet full of custom made lacefronts?

True Match™ Super-Blendable Makeup shades are now cleaner, truer and even more natural. With the new patented color technology, True Match Makeup precisely matches your skin’s tone and texture. With 9 NEW & 5 improved shades, True Match is the first complete makeup collection to precisely match your skin’s tone and texture. 33 Shades organized into our exclusive warm, neutral and cool collections for your truest match!

Watch the videos after the break, if you care:

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According to gossip blog Radar Online, Khloe Kardashian has been offered a whopping $250,000 to take a paternity test to determine if she really is a full-blood Kardashian, or O.J. Simpson's spawn.

The mystery surrounding the real identity of Khloe Kardashian's biological father can be solved with a simple DNA test, and has learned there's a $250,000 offer on the table.

Sirius XM Satellite personality Gregg 'Opie' Hughes of The Opie & Anthony Show announced on Tuesday morning that he would ante up a quarter of a million dollars if Khloe, 27, would take a DNA test to prove that the late Robert Kardashian is her father.

If Khloe accepts, the $250,000 will be donated to a charity of her choice.

We're not sure if O.J. Simpson was offered money to take a paternity test, but he sure could use the cash. His $500K Miami home is in foreclosure and it looks like he might lose the house while he serves his prison sentence.

McDonald's is back in the news again.

This time, a Philadelphia McDonald's restaurant is in the news after a former employee released a cell phone video showing live rats scurrying over and around hamburger buns.

According to Fox News affiliate in Philadelphia, Karrium Demaio said he frequently saw mouse droppings on bread, and was told by the restaurant manager to brush the droppings off the bread, throw out the chewed bread and serve the rest to customers.

“There hasn’t been a time when we couldn’t go in the back and see mouse droppings on the bread,” said Demaio who was fired for missing a shift.

“That wasn’t the first time. That was about the sixth or seventh time,” he said. “That’s what made me like, I got to get video of this," he said.

Demaio added: “I was going back there to get something else and I heard some rustling, so I turned around, and I look, I seen a mouse inside the bread. Not on top of the package, but inside of the package.”

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In her first interview since daughter Blue Ivy was born on Jan.7, Beyonce gushed about motherhood, changing diapers and justifying the absurd, over-the-top security measures.

“He will change diapers, of course he will,” said Beyonce, referring to Jay Z, who announced he would stop using the word "bitch" in honor of the child.

“He is going to be a very hands-on father,” Beyonce told UK Star magazine. “He has already said publicly that providing isn’t love. Love is being there. Love is doing little things for your child.”

Jay-Z, who grew up slinging crack cocaine on the streets of Brooklyn, was in the delivery room when their first child was born.

“He would not have missed it for anything,” Beyonce crowed. “He is a very protective and loyal guy by nature. He is a very protective husband, and since we have found out I was pregnant I have seen the protective father in him.”

Beyonce's chose of words is very interesting. In fact, she mentions variations of the word protection as if she feels unsafe subconsciously.

The 30-year-old first-time mom also defended the ultra-tight security surrounding the baby's birth at Lenox Hill Hospital.

“Security was very tight, not for the sake of it,” she said. “It was for the security of our daughter.”

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Since the series premiere of VH1's popular hit reality show T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle, each episode has centered around one of T.I.'s 6 children: Zonnique, Messiah, Domani, Deyjah, King and Harris.

Last night's episode was 7-year-old King's turn.

Tiny's mother, Dianne Pope, aka "Mamaw", pretty much raised King (and his 3-year-old brother Major) from birth -- although the producers would have you believe that Dianne just took King in to help out Tiny after T.I. went to prison.

“Upon my return, King has not been able to wean himself off of Mamaw’s house,” Tip explains.

Tiny takes her mom to dinner to discuss the situation. During dinner, King, who is staying at Mamaw's house, calls to see what's keeping her. "Tell her to bring her butt home early. It's 7 o'clock," he says.

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During Monday night's GOP debate in Myrtle Beach, SC, presidential candidate Newt Gingrich once again spoke on his much-derided plan to put school children to work. Sometimes it isn't what you say but how you say it. So Gingrich was careful to couch his controversial plan in more acceptable phrasing.

Gingrich insists that black kids don't need handouts from President Obama -- they need jobs. Gingrich says schoolchildren should be given janitorial jobs because, in his opinion, janitors in the NYC public school system earn way too much money.

The average annual salary for a NYC public school janitor is $80,000, compared to a teacher who earns $45,000 annually.

According to the NY Daily News, Gingrich argued the best thing public schools could do for students - particularly black students - was to give them a broom.

"Can't you see that this is viewed at a minimum as insulting to all Americans, but particularly to black Americans?" asked Fox News questioner Juan Williams, who is part Hispanic and black.

"No, I don't see that," Gingrich responded, with rousing applause from the majority white audience.

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Rap mogul T.I., real name Clifford Harris, Jr., 30, and his wife, Tameka "Tiny" Harris, 35, were photographed leaving Prime Italian restaurant holding hands after dinner in Miami yesterday. T.I. and Tiny dressed casually in warm ups -- T.I. in NIKE, and Tiny in Gucci from head to toe. Don't they look cute together?

Photos by: Momo/JCFL/Splash News

Rihanna's record label is still in damage control after photos of troubled singer Rihanna surfaced online Sunday showing her smoking a large spliff in Hawaii. More pictures surfaced online yesterday of the "We Found Love" singer still smoking what appears to be a large, hand rolled marijuana cigarette. But the new pictures tell an even bigger story.

It is clear to everyone who loves Rihanna that the 23-year-old superstar is deeply depressed and losing weight rapidly. Her legs bear the bruises, scratches and scars of a habitual alcohol and drug user (and we're not just talking weed).

Rihanna is teetering on the edge and she's in danger of falling off. Rihanna is a beautiful, talented young lady whose music has enhanced the lives of millions. We have all laughed and joked at Rihanna's expense, but the truth is none of us wants to see anything bad happen to her.

I've reached out to record label execs often to inquire about Rihanna's health and they all say the same thing: "She's fine. She'll be okay."

But these pictures tell a different story.

Photos: Splash News Online

Tongues were wagging about this Hollywood A-lister's bizarre behavior last night following the Golden Globes Awards. Insiders believe her hyperactive behavior is an indication that she might be back on drugs again. The stunning biracial actress recently starred in a #1 box office hit movie. She and her husband, a well-known R&B singer, admitted to using drugs off and on throughout their 18-year relationship. But the couple say they stopped using drugs when their son was born less than 2 years ago. Now tongues are wagging that the actress might be using street pharmaceuticals again. One insider tweeted:

Whatever [****] is on makes her hyperactive and grab every person that passes her chair. So seriously she grabbed ppl I almost think [****]'s on some type of mind altering substance. During her presenting she harassed the winners onstage. Insane.

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