How often do you hear about a police department editing a 911 emergency call audio before releasing a copy of the audio to the media? Almost never — unless the subject of the call is a well-known celebrity.

According to celebrity gossip site, the LA police edited — or redacted — certain portions of the recording of that emergency 911 call made from actress Demi Moore’s house the night she was stricken with seizures.

TMZ clearly indicates that portions of the redacted audio pertained to any mention of drugs that Moore may have ingested or consumed that night.

Being a celebrity has its benefits. If that were you or I, the embarrassing tape would have been released unedited.

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Yesterday, Michael Jackson’s children Prince Michael II, 9, Prince Michael, 14, and Paris Jackson, 13, attended Michael Jackson’s Hand and Footprint Ceremony at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Jackson’s children made hand impressions in cement, as well as impressions using Jackson’s shoes and the white sequined glove once worn by Jackson.

Justin Bieber, Melanie Fiona, Chris Tucker, Smokey Robinson and other celebs and dignitaries attended the ceremony. Paris Jackson was beside herself when Justin gave her a hug. In her intro, Paris said, “We are all very big fans of [Justin] and his music” — and then, with a coy smile, she added, “I know I am.”

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Last night on ‘Braxton Family Values,’ the sisters meet with their therapist Dr. Sherry to discuss their emotional conflicts with each other. Toni Braxton irked her sister Traci’s Soul by suggesting that Traci lose “20 to 30 lbs now. And stop thinking that her tummy sticking out like that is hot, ’cause it’s not.”

Toni added: “You’re too cute of a girl not to care about… to let herself go like that.” Toni also said Traci’s tummy wasn’t always like that “so that lets me think she’s comfortable.”

The nerve of Toni to decide when another woman is comfortable with her body when Toni is sooo uncomfortable in her own skin!

Toni was extremely insensitive to suggest that her sister Traci lose weight to fit Toni’s jacked up standard of beauty. Toni, with 20 lbs of weave on her head and a face that is surgically altered beyond recognition, is not so perfect herself! Isn’t it funny that people who think they are so perfect always see their flaws in others but not in themselves?

Clearly, Traci is happy and comfortable with her weight — which upsets her sisters who hate the fact that Traci accepts her beauty. Traci probably has no problems keeping a man, unlike her thin sisters who think they’re so perfect.

I realize that this is just a reality show, but Toni irked me with that comment. I’m shocked that Towanda (the more level headed sister) didn’t speak up for Traci. And what kind of therapist is Dr. Sherry to day Toni was “just being honest”?

Dr. Sherry should have turned that mirror back toward Toni so she could see the hurt in herself. Because only hurt people hurt others.

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Normally I wouldn’t waste my time with this, but some of you ladies still don’t understand that this fake beef between Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams is manufactured to drive up ratings for the upcoming season of ‘Basketball Wives.’

Even professional sports groupie Jill realizes something in the milk ain’t clean:

Basketball Wives returns to VH1 on February 20th. I’m going to start with that because I really hope that’s what is behind the public back and forth between Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams. The grown-up in me hopes that’s all this really is. Williams recently gave an interview where she explained what she feels Evelyn’s beef is with her. Jennifer claims Evelyn is jealous of her friendship with Nene Leakes of Real Housewives of Atlanta fame and that Evelyn is always in competition.

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Oscar winner Sandra Bullock was all smiles as she picked up her adorable son, Louis Bardo Bullock, from his private preschool in beautiful Los Angeles today. Little Louis threw a serious side eye at the paparazzi for getting too close to his mommy.

Sandra always dresses Louis appropriately and his diapers are not soggy and sagging like they once were. Plus the fact that she picks him up from school herself every day rather than sending her nanny like Halle Berry does. Good for you, Sandra!


Word has it that VH1 is developing another fully scripted TV series after scoring high ratings with ‘Single Ladies‘.

VH1 discovered that dealing with amateurs (such as NeNe Leakes and Sheree), who think they’re celebrities, is really difficult because after awhile they start thinking they’re too good to toss water on each other and call each other bitches every week.

Besides that, VH1 knows that more and more of their viewers are catching on to the fact that these reality shows are 100% fake.

So following the success of fully scripted ‘Single Ladies‘, VH1 is developing another fully scripted series — this one is based on a fictional cheerleading team, according to celebrity groupie Jill.

“Bounce” will center on the fictional L.A. devils and their dance team, the Devil Girls; specifically, one young lady who dreams of being a part of the Devil Girls (following in her disapproving mother’s foosteps), and works her way onto the team, only to learn just how cut-throat and competitive it is.

Sanaa Hamri is the director, she also directed the basketball themed film Just Wright and a pilot is scheduled to shoot in March. Source

The way I understand it, real cheerleaders are forced to sign strict contracts that calls for professionalism on and off the field. I’m guessing it was difficult for VH1 to find real cheerleaders who were willing to toss water on each other and call each other bitches every week.

One of Pooch Hall’s followers on social networking website is questioning his marital status after he sent out flirtatious tweets on his Twitter page.

Loyal reader Tricia writes:

Hey Sandra, can we find out if Pooch Hall is still married. It disturbs me on twitter how he just flirts with these women. And he NEVER mentions anything about spending time with his wife and kids. She must be a good one, couldn’t be me.
Thanks Tricia

After checking Pooch Hall’s Twitter page, it seems Tricia is right: Pooch is conducting himself as if he’s a single man — at least online. In one tweet to a female follower, Pooch wrote: “…my breath smells like fresh sex wit a hint of cinnamon and crest!”

For any other married man, this type of tweet would be inappropriate and disrespectful to his wife. But does his fame make a difference? Does anyone know if he’s a single man?

Exhibitionist Rihanna left nothing to the imagination yesterday when she left home wearing nothing but a teeny white tank top tucked into her black pants. Rihanna, 23, was seen out and about in LA last night — one day after getting her fingers tattooed with the words “THUG LIFE” in pink ink.

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