Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina doesn't think much of R&B singer Bobby Brown as a father. In fact, she despises him so much that she wants nothing to do with his first or last name.

According to TMZ.com, Bobbi K. wanted to change her name to "Kristina Houston" when her parents filed for divorce in 2000, but her mother talked her out of it. Now that Whitney has passed away, the 19-year-old will go ahead with her plans to sever all connections to her father.

According to TMZ.com, the last straw came when Brown made a scene at his ex-wife's funeral last month over seating arrangements for his entourage of 9 -- including his 4 children by past relationships.

Bobbi K. reportedly made the decision with a sober mind and is in a "better place" than she's been in a while.

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    She's still hurting, and not from just her mother dying. I'm willing to bet he hasn't been a father to her in a long time. While folks defending him the mere fact that it took him two days and the urging of other folks to come off tour to go be with his daughter sealed that deal for me that he ain't getting the "Father of the year" award anytime soon.

    Happy Sunday folks.

  • Daisy

    I don't recall him having to be urged to leave the tour and it was one day and they still wouldn't let him see her OR she didn't want to see him which may have been why he didn't leave ASAP. Bobby is far from perfect but who isn't.

    IF this is true it explains a lot that being said if my mother didn't want me to do something while she was alive and then she died I wldnt go against her wishes. I do not want her coming back to haunt me.

    They were all together the week before Whitney died. All of this is sad either way.

    I will be watching the interview tonight :popcorn:

  • http://twitter.com/liberianjewels7 LiberianJewels7

    Good Afternoon Sandra Rose ...

    Well, if this is what makes her happy than that's all that matters. I've been in her situation before, so I understand. I just hope she forgives him and moves on. Just remember, changing your last name will not take away the anger or pain. :cry:

    I'll be watching Remembering Whitney & Oprah's Next Chapter interviewing “Kristina Houston” tonight. Im rooting for you girl. Stay focused & think about applying to college to get your mind off things for awhile. :hug: and prayers

  • deedeegirl

    No sense blaming her father for her mothers mistakes.

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    Hey @Daisy :waves: I remember reading that his bandmates had to urge him to leave and go be with his daughter. He was at the show when he found out she died and the next day he had another show that he did according to TMZ. The next day or so is when he flew out.

    I think she should change her name. It would be part of the healing process for me. I'm sure she 'loves' her dad but as she said, the straw that broke the camel's back was when he acted up at the funeral, which we all suspected.

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    @deedee I'm, personally, not blaming Bobby. There's no winners or losers here. All I'm saying is, this girl needs to heal and if that's part of the healing process (changing her name and distancing herself from Bobby) then so be it. Noone knows HER pain but HER.

  • Daisy

    @msKay yes he was on tour and I read all the stories on TMZ too but I don't recall that I recall them trying to help him decide to do that show or leave that night and he decided to stay and left the next day. I also recall his band mbrs saying they were going to hold him down and make sure he was ok until he left to go be with Bobbi K.

    We may not know her pain but if changing your name took the pain away then we would be some name changing people as a whole. Plenty of people have the last name of a father or mother they can't stand for one reason or another if it were that simple they would change their name but we know its not that simple. I do want her to take the journey she needs to in order to heal and now she may think thats changing her name but as she gets older and wiser she will realize healing has far less to do with a name.

  • Daisy

    Also, I think emotions are still raw and fresh and a decision like this shouldn't be made like this IF this story is true. I :pray: that they can find a way to be in each others lives at some point.

  • deedeegirl

    I disagree, it's a losing situation all around. But I understand her acting out, A friend of mine did the same after losing her mother, she turned all her anger towards her father and it lasted for years. She'll get through it but she's gonna have to accept that Whitney was her own downfall in the end.

  • Daisy

    @DeeDee I tend to lean your way in this situation esp that last line, thats why I said emotions are still high and very raw. I will say Bobbi may just have her own issues as well with Bobby as a father and not just for all the "Whitney/Bobby" drama. I def. think some people have to have somebody to blame at least in the beg. until they go through the healing process. I tend to always look internally 1st to see what I did right/wrong/what I could have done diff before I start trying to blame anybody for anything.

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    @Daisy That's why I said that her pain is HER pain and noone knows how hurt she really is. We all can imagine but noone knows. You may lose your father or mother or whatever but everyone's pain is different. She may have been civil with her dad only at the urging of her mother. Now that her mother is gone and the way he's acted in the past and at the funeral was enough for her to believe he wasn't looking out for her best interest. Hopefully, later on down the road she may forgive her father but who knows. I also think her emotions are still very raw.

    Btw, noone would have to tell me to leave although I do know everyone deals with grief differently. JMO

  • deedeegirl

    Unfortunately for their daughter, I think both Whitney and Bobby have been poor examples for Bobbi Kris and as a result, she's really going to struggle to find her own way, especially with her mother being gone. I don't know what she's going through but I do know that you sometimes have to love people from a distance so that you can live a healthy life and maybe that is what's going on here. I wish her the best and I hope she finds a healthy way to work though this situation.

  • AprilRain

    No one but Bobbi knows the real. She could be turning her anger towards anybody else right now, but she's not. Its towards her father, and only she knows why. If Whitney talked her out of changing her name in the past, that says a lot about her past with her dad. Imo, if changing her name is gonna make her feel better, then by all means she should. Bobbi is a young woman, and woman have strong intuitions. Who are we to justify why she should keep her fathers name if she don't want it? She obviously feels some kinda way about her dad. Poor baby, I pray that she stays strong, especially when it comes to everyones opinion. She should do her, and stay up. Its her life.

  • Daisy

    @MsKay I wasnt bothered that Bobby didnt leave ASAP and this may just explain WHY and like I said earlier when he did get to LA he still wasnt allowed to be with her so it really didnt matter at the end of the day.

    Yes, her pain is her pain it goes w/o saying but changing her name isn't going to take all that pain and any other emotion away. He didnt do anything at the funeral to me that whole situation was beyond crazy and wack IMO I didn't blame Bobby for any of that. IF Bobbi K set the rules that he ONLY agreed to so he could attend anyway that's diff BUT if the fam set all those rules its BS IMO. I don't think Whitney would have been pleased w/how Bobby was treated at the funeral but again that is my .02.

  • EB

    I just :pray: for her

  • Daisy

    @April I agree its her life she has the right to do her like everybody else. Others opinions may be why she feels the way she feels as well :shrug: Not to say she doesnt have her reasons for blaming her father BUT lets keep it real everybody around her has always blamed him (except Whitney) and Cissy never liked him so she didnt have to look far to pick somebody to blame. I wish her the best all the same though.

  • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/db78ef2b213fd6958c1aa6773fe9a6dc?s=80 jeniefrumdabloc

    :rolleyes: This shat is getting old with Bobby Kristina :no:

  • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/db78ef2b213fd6958c1aa6773fe9a6dc?s=80 jeniefrumdabloc

    Daisy says:

    @MsKay I wasnt bothered that Bobby didnt leave ASAP and this may just explain WHY and like I said earlier when he did get to LA he still wasnt allowed to be with her so it really didnt matter at the end of the day.

    Yes, her pain is her pain it goes w/o saying but changing her name isn’t going to take all that pain and any other emotion away. He didnt do anything at the funeral to me that whole situation was beyond crazy and wack IMO I didn’t blame Bobby for any of that. IF Bobbi K set the rules that he ONLY agreed to so he could attend anyway that’s diff BUT if the fam set all those rules its BS IMO. I don’t think Whitney would have been pleased w/how Bobby was treated at the funeral but again that is my .02.

  • anw_rootbeer

    I don't believe this story!!

  • AprilRain

    U could be right @ Daisy, and u make some very valid points, but,,,,, all we can do is assume, because again none of us live with her, talk to her, or kick it with her. What is portrayed in the media can be twisted at times. I never believe what I see or hear in and from the media.

  • Daisy

    @April I agree which is why I said IF this story is true. I always say I need to hear the source say xyz (although TMZ is pretty accurate) Only they know the real deal but my comment about the name change was a gen comment not just for Bobbi K if changing a name took the pain/hurt/anger away we would change our name daily...oh maybe that's just me :lol: IF this story is true and Bobbi K feels this is what she needs to do to progress then God Bless her.

  • http://twitter.com/jetsetdeeva DeevaC

    Changing her name could very well make her feel a little better, and start the healing process. While everyone knows he is still her father it may make her feel better. I don't see why everyone is assuming she is blaming her father for her mothers sins, if anything she probably always had a strained relationship with him and the funeral was the last straw (like so many others have said). I changed my last name in high school right before graduation, and that was the beginning of my healing process (in reference to my father). I know he is my father, but the fact that I no longer carry his last name was symbolic in cutting the strings that attached me to him. I didn't feel he was worthy of me having his last name as he was never a father to me, and Kristina may feel the same way. And just because he was around as se grew up doesn't mean he was a father.

  • Daisy

    I have my mothers last name and still ended up with "daddy issues" :shrug:

    @Deeva Not everybody cause I acknowledge she may have issues with him as a father as well.

  • FuturedocDonte

    Bobbi Kris is apparently mad at her father. Lets just be glad that she didn't pull a MONTANA FISHBURN :coffee:

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    She wanted to change her name since before her mother died so she may have had problems with him from long ago. This isn't something new that just popped up out of the blue. Everyone grieves and deals with death differently. If she wants to change her name to make feel better then go for it. Maybe this is just a starting point for her journey to heal. Her journey is not our journey and who are we to tell her how to feel and heal.

  • Daisy

    @MsKay Who told her how to feel and heal??????

  • Daisy

    I will be back tonight after the interview. So much TV tonight Amazing race, RHOA, Army Wives and Oprah thank God for a DVR

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    Daisy, I know you're smart and can read that it was a general statement. "we"= people period, not just SR members.

  • trallen75

    Many teenagers hate their parents, for no apparent reason sometimes.She may be jumping on the bandwagon and blaming her father for her mothers death.Anywho, she may need to focus on her own addictions instead of worrying herself with Bobby.She may be an adult chronologically ,but we all know you're not a true adult until u take responsibility for yourself and your actions.

  • organicgrl

    I think she needs to change her surroundings and who she has in her life. It seems like the family is giving her bad advice. I just can't see her making this decision with a sound mind. Just a week before WH passing she was laughing and hugging her dad and constantly talking to him on twitter. I am starting to believe that her mother's family is helping her with these crazy decisions. Unfortunately, I hope she is not faulting her dad for her mother decisions when clearly her mom's sister in law is just as fault for being with her all of these years and promoting her bad habit. We are not going to talk about Ray J because I believe he was helping her on this roller coaster as well. It is well known in Carson Ray J visits his old stumping grounds for drugs.

  • TamMyCEO

    I find it very hard to believe that in 2000, when she was ONLY 7 years old, she wanted to change her name and her mom talked her out of it. Soooo this CHILD had the authority to do so if not persuaded by Mommy? Rightttt

  • http://twritingexperts.wordpress.com StillB3lieve

    As many others have said, if this helps her to begin the healing process, then that's what she should do. Only she know what has gone on over the years, we can only speculate.

  • Yardgirl

    I pray for this child!! :pray: I am soooo glad that Whitney had the foresight to put Krissy's inheritance in a trust fund that has a final payout at age 30. Too much money at such a young age will bring out the vultures and hangeron crew. I hope she makes it, there are many moms out here rooting for her :pray:

  • BayMami_de4

    She needs and will do what is in her heart. I feel for anyone who goes thru tragedy and can't judge someone from the outside looking in.

  • binks

    Personally I don't see how changing your name will help you grieve :shrug: whether her name is Bobbi kristina brown or kristina Houston she is still going to be grieving for a long time for her mom and it won't resolve the issues with her dad if she has them but to each their own I guess....

  • http://www.vevo.com/artist/whitney-houston?source=instantsearch cdamification

    She can change her name but she can't change her face. Looking like Bobby Brown.

    I take that back. She can change her face too. Plastic surgery.

    Girl leave well enough alone and keep your name. Bobby did not kill Whitney. It was her time to go. It was her own downfall.

    Move on.

  • Crickett

    Whitney's family doesn't like Bobby Brown, he was never good enough. Now that Bobbi K ,is older she probably has been listening to the media that made a villian out her father for ruining Whitney- the All American girl. She's torn, and it's a shame that the same media that had her mother taking anxiety meds before she went out in public is clawing at her soul. Bobby stayed away because for the 15 years he was married to Whitney, Cissy made it known that he was the devil. But on the flip side, BK is angry that Bobby wasn't there to protect Whitney in the end.

  • screwball69

    @cdamification :wtf: you're talking reckless as hell.

    If that's how you feel though :shrug:

  • GP

    Maybe she always wanted to change her name? :shrugs:

  • 69

    I don't think anyone ever calls her last name anyway, we all know her as Bobbi Kristina. :lol:

  • LittleBigMouth

    I don't believe that her decision to want to change her name have much to do with Bobby B but more so the love she has for her mother, if this story is true. Bobbi k's relationship with her mom was one that she clearly treasured and I think it might be as simple as her just wanting to have her mother's maiden name. Why she doesn't just want to add it to her name instead of change it entirely is interesting, but I won't speculate. This whole situation is a bunch of he/she said and I'm not about to pick sides and point the finger like I know these people personally :coffee:

  • daninicole

    I have absolutely nothing to add in regard to what BK should do. We don't know what her life was like, so we are not qualified to give out suggestions. I will say this to each her own. My mom and dad had me while in college (unmarried), got married a few years later, had my little sister. I never had my dad's last name and he is the BEST daddy in the world. So again I say to each her own.

  • RIP: Pillow-pet (9/11 – 01/12)

    I don't believe this, Sandra. You know why? There aren't any direct quotes coming from her. Just generalized speculation. They do this to get more eyes to their site.

  • RIP: Pillow-pet (9/11 – 01/12)

    Little girls love their daddies. And this one is clinging to the only parent she has left.

    Whitney and Bobby buried the hatchet, and were often seen dining with one another---Bobbi K. and his fiance included.

    Whitney even sang at Bobby's mother's funeral last year. Check it out on youtube. It was beautiful.

  • editorialgirl

    I think someone on Twitter said it best, "Bobbi Kritina is so mad she wants to change her name. Many on Twitter see him as blameless, & being INSIDERS they should know, unlike Bobbi."

    We know how all of ya'll were there. WHITNEY may have forgiven Bobby but who is to say the child that was there EVERYDAY, ever forgave him? Her mom obviously wanted her to have a relationship with him. That doesn't mean Bobbi K wanted, too. When you're adult, you get to make those adult decisions and that includes distancing yourself from a toxic parent.

  • editorialgirl

    @Tammy, actually Bobby and Whitney split around 2005 and divorced was finalized in 2007, I believe, which would have made her an angry teenager. And, if any of you watched the Whitney interview, then you know she talks about Bobby not following through on plans with her daughter.

    Considering Whitney PAID the child support for the other kids, I could believe this to be true.

  • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/a19fc5b0a5b0a826c0a201b8ac191b35.png mzwhang90210

    Can't wait to see the interview. Poor little Bobbi K has to be in sooo much pain. I lost my mother suddenly and unexpectedly, and unfortunately, the folks who surrounded me at that time (especially siblings) behaved deplorably!! So I pray Bobbi K has at least ONE person she can count on.

  • Daisy

    @MzWhang That's sad and sorry for your loss.

    SN - In general this is a celeb blog that we all comment on and we do not know these celebs (well East knows a few :lol: ) that goes w/o saying we still give our .02 all the same good/bad or indifferent. #ijs

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Birdshu Bird

    I can relate. My dad was MIA for most of my childhood. He came back into my life on a half assed basis when I was 14 and I did everything I could to nurture that fragile relationship. When I got married he said he would walk me down the isle and he stood me up. He was also supposed to be the photographer so we have no professional pics. I was sooo happy to be rid of his last name til I didn't know what to do with myself. I don't even use it on Facebook knowing people from my past won't be able to find me. Obviously she has issues with her dad that are likely his fault. If he were doing any better she wouldn't be thinking about changing her name.

    On the other hand, who knows if this story is even true. I'll see if Oprah asked her about him in about 20 minutes.

  • I Run New York

    Kristina Houston has a nice ring to it.

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    She looks good!

  • Ms. Everything

    That disturbs me to no end. And Whitney made sure she kept a relationship between those two even after the marriage ended. Say what you want about Bobby but no one has ever accused him of being a bad father. Yeah he had his child support issues but not one of his kids has ever spoken against him or any of the mama's (as far as I can remember). If she goes through with it, she will regret it one day because you only get one father in your life and drug addict or not, that man loves her just like her mama loved her. Whoever is in her ear because of their personal issues with him needs to stop it. My dad was on drugs my whole life but no man has ever loved me as much as he did and I would give all that I have outside of my kids just for the chance to hug him and have him in my life again for just a minute out of a day. :no: she has no idea what she is doing

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    What did she mean when she said Mary said "I told her to stop"referring to Whitney when she found the body?

  • OutsidetheBox

    Pat seems like good people..

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    @OTB She does seem genuine.

  • Secret

    Bobby cannot contact Bobbi K on his own? Why does he have to do it through Pat. Nothing wrong with it if he is trying to give her some space but hmm...

  • OutsidetheBox

    Yah..that was interesting. I guess BK and dad aren't too close. Whitney mightve been the glue.

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    Oh my damn! Gary!

  • OutsidetheBox

    Great interview. :heart:

  • OutsidetheBox

    Right?!?!!! @MKM. Beautiful.

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    I can't imagine knowing my child was not going to be with me long. I.CANNNOT.IMAGINE.

  • OutsidetheBox

    One last thing...Pat pretty much confirmed the RayJ love thing...right? What other young guy was Whitney linked to?

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    *tears* That was a great interview. I'm glad Oprah did that interview. Noone else could have done it.

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    @OTB Yea, she pretty much summed it up and said Ray J was not good for her. I think she was more into Ray J than he was into her.

  • yallcrazy

    I hope BK gets into counseling and begins healing. It can take yrs/decades before you begin healing... If this story is valid, then she must have reasons or she's not thinking clearly :shrug:

    Cdramif, too bad there isnt brain replacement, you are stupid to log in just to comment & show us you're stupid... :coffee:

  • yallcrazy

    :huh: this stupid bish said "move on"

  • Ms. Everything

    @Yall it's always that one person who ain't never experienced a damn thing harder than breaking a fingernail that's quick to try and be cute by telling someone to move on when they're grieving... I ignore them or tell them to kiss my emotional black ass :shrugs:

  • BayMami_de4

    Great interview. RIP Whitney.

  • http://youtu.be/EyiYdrc2e9Y tierraboo618

    I think if she is changing her name, it is for professional reasons. I think she does love her father, but when you have a lot of people in your ear, you tend to only think of the negative & not the positive that a person brings into your life. Pat told the truth about a lot of things, except who really took the picture & sold it to the tabloids, which I think it was a relative of Whitney's. I just :pray: that Whitney's family stops isolating Bobbi K. and get her help for her drug use. Turning a blind eye to everything & blaming everyone else will not bring Whitney back, nor will it curb Bobbi K.'s habit.

  • http://www.landofpure.net Fayla aka IWhipIt..WhipItRealGood:)

    :crying: that interview tore me up! soon as i saw BK i just broke down. Whitney is still there for her babygirl in spirit. :heart:
    i take back my previous bad vibe abt Pat. she seems pretty genuine. i still pray for this family :pray:

  • http://www.vevo.com/artist/whitney-houston?source=instantsearch cdamification

    I was not talking reckless. I was just saying the girl should not change her name. That is her father.

    @yallcrazy AND Ms. Everything:

    This is a BLOG. I have every right to voice my opinion just like you all are doing. MOVING ON does not mean any harm. She should not be angry at her father. She needs him.

    I :pray: for you all that do not let people have a word in edgewise. Always quick to judge whats on others blog.

  • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/a19fc5b0a5b0a826c0a201b8ac191b35.png mzwhang90210

    ty @ Daisy.

  • Tertra114

    i don't mean to be out of line but :yahoo: i just NEVER liked the name Bobbi-Kristina, and im sure she didn't either , she just kept it out of respect at that time, but YES now that she is a grown woman, Kristina Houston sounds SOOOOOOOOOOO much more elegant & beautiful, and it will help her heal by caring on her mothers name directly, so i am NOT mad at baby girl at all!

  • free

    so she first made the decision when she was 8?

  • free

    if bobbi kris, or kris, or whatever she wants to be called, gets into the industry, she damn sure better have her father at her side. it's a nasty business and she needs him to guide her through the wolf pack.

    the FIRST thing she need to do is stop smoking though. looks like her lips are turning black.

  • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/db78ef2b213fd6958c1aa6773fe9a6dc?s=80 jeniefrumdabloc

    I am not believing anything in the media :no:

  • Nthabi

    Funny how people have some opinion about EVERYTHING!!

    She is an adult. It's her name. It's her decision. It's her life to live. Let her live it!


  • pointhimout

    uh when did they file for divorce again? it def wasn't 2000...dang show didn't air til 2004 and they were definitely still married.

    I hate hearing this, but I can understand. I thank God I dont have my father's name because I would've changed mine too. She's making choices for herself and so far, I can't see where she's going wrong.

    when she made that comment about where were these people when whitney needed them, i'm sure there was dead silence in the living rooms of all the "friends" her mom had. Pebbles kept posting how empty she feels or the sinking feeling, etc. She prolly aint talked to Whitney in years. I understand things change as we get older, people marry, but if your friendship didn't withstand those changes, it's not safe to say we're friends. Friends go through things together...there shouldn't be much of a break in true friendships. imo.

    Where's Cherelle? She allegedly used to get high with her...