Coroner: Whitney Houston had cocaine in her system

The LA County coroner’s report lists cocaine among the drugs in Whitney Houston’s system when she died, according to The coroner’s report also cites “accidental drowning” as the cause of death, which might have been precipitated by a heart attack.

The L.A. County Coroner has just released the singer’s official cause of death — accidental drowning … but the report also notes heart disease and cocaine use were contributing factors to Whitney’s demise.

A source connected to the investigation tells us it is “very possible” Whitney had a heart attack that caused her to lose consciousness and drown. The heart attack may have been triggered by hardening of the arteries as a result of cocaine use. Source

Whitney, 48, was found unresponsive in a bathtub in her hotel suite in Beverly Hills, CA on Feb. 11. Investigators found no cocaine in Whitney’s hotel room.

Whitney had a long history of drug abuse and alcohol problems dating back to the 1980s.


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    MsOnederful says:


  2. 2
    nine4ya19062000 says:

    My Lord…

  3. 3
    scorpio says:

    So Sad to know she was utimately not able to kick the drugs.

  4. 4
    Daisy says:

    May she rest in peace

    I wonder if Bobbi K is really prg?

    :pray: for all the addicts and recovering addicts

  5. 5
    Ol' Sarge says:

    :no: Damn

  6. 6
    brownskin A.K.A Creamy says:

    so why the pills to make the photo :coffee: folks and their messages

  7. 7

    Yeah like I said the drugs eventually took her which is sooooo sad IMO sorta makes one annoyed!

  8. 8

    I just started AA I’ma keep going cause this shows the powers of addiction yet again. I’ll comment on the Mike n Ikes in the pic of whitney later in the post…

  9. 9

    I just think it’s art is all I don’t think all of it are pills

  10. 10
    TerranceAllen says:

    Well damn! ……………….miss U Whitney! @neosoulrocstr

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    brownskin A.K.A Creamy says:

    @Choco Thanks looks like!! well Ok :shrugs:

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    MzTisch says:

    Choco aka Hippie says:

    I just think it’s art is all I don’t think all of it are pills

    I took it as candy…..could be pills tho?

  13. 13
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    yallcrazy says:

    Such a tacky azz picture yo! :cuss:

  15. 15

    pills? i thought they were jelly beans

  16. 16
    MzTisch says:

    I think Imma go with C N N coverage on the issue. Whitney had a gang of ish in her sister which could have all contributed to her death.

  17. 17
  18. 18
    MzTisch says:

    TheRealAshland says:

    pills? i thought they were jelly beans

    Me too. And Reese’s pieces.

  19. 19

    Yeah its just candies and chit Im not reading anymore into it we all Sandra sense of humor or lack there of :lol:

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    MzTisch says:


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    yallcrazy says:

    If I’m wrong, so be it, but I see pills, capsules, and the round pills.

    SR you thought this was cute huh?

  22. 22
    brownskin A.K.A Creamy says:

    Most prescription pills have line in the middle of them like in the picture, candy dont look like that, it looks like motrin 800 etc… but ok I will let it go its not that serious, :shrugs:

  23. 23
    yallcrazy says:

    The shiny taupe colored ones look like capsules.
    But anyhoo :coffee:

  24. 24
    MzTisch says:

    Now, that yall and Cream mention it…………I see it now! Wtf?

  25. 25
    EB says:

    Is that picture made out of jellybeans or pills?

  26. 26
    Kingtmo says:

    Ion know bout this right here…I smell a rat! Something bout this whole thing still not adding up. :think:

  27. 27

    The pic is made out of a combination of both but I honestly just think the artist was simply making art and not mocking her I would hope!

  28. 28
    yallcrazy says:

    Who’s the artist? Why aren’t they cited? This shouldn’t be hard to decipher :shrug:

    EB, they look like pills to me.

  29. 29
    West Coast Chick says:

    I thought they said she didnt have enough fluid in her lungs to have drowned…..I dont know what to believe :no: smh

  30. 30
    yallcrazy says:

    I don’t like the throat area or down her neck (de collete’).

    There are a million beautiful pics out there and auntie (yes, no caps) chose this one here :coffee:

  31. 31
    yallcrazy says:

    WCC, the m.e. report said drowning :shrug:

  32. 32

    They look like Mike and Ikes to me. (The things the pic are made of). :shrug:

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    West Coast Chick says:

    yallcrazy says:

    WCC, the m.e. report said drowning


    oh okay, wasnt sure, I thought they initally said she died of a zanax and alcohol mixuture and not drowning, but I could be wrong

  34. 34
    Daisy says:

    Yall notice everything I didn’t even pay the pic any attn but I had to scroll back up and look

  35. 35
    yallcrazy says:

    Cousin, look closer and stare. Perception is a m’fer I know, but as soon as I saw the pic I saw pills, about 10 different kinds of pills. I see my Granny’s pills laid out on the table all the time. #whatevs :shrug:

    What’s more likely SR to put up candy or drugs? Yall already know…

  36. 36
    yallcrazy says:

    West Coast Chick says:

    yallcrazy says:

    WCC, the m.e. report said drowning


    oh okay, wasnt sure, I thought they initally said she died of a zanax and alcohol mixuture and not drowning, but I could be wrong
    No, you heard right, but they just said that that was the “preliminary” one and to be for certain they’d have to see what else was in her system. If the heart stopped then the breathing stopped IMO and that’s why not that much water was in her lungs IONO :shrug:

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    KyCakes says:

    From The Thirty Mile Zone
    Crack is whack, but pills are … a work of art?

    A portrait of late singer Whitney Houston made up entirely of pills has been created by mosaic artist Jason Mecier. In the past, Mecier has made similar portraits of Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson and Courtney Love among others.

    Ibuprofen, Xanax, Midol and amoxicillin were some of the pills found in Whitney’s hotel room when she died last month.

  38. 38

    That’s some tacky shyt.

  39. 39
    yallcrazy says:

    Thanks ky

    This shyt is tacky! jason mecier can kick rocks!

  40. 40
    yallcrazy says:

    I see there’s a :newpost: up and ish now :coffee:

  41. 41
    KyCakes says:

    Anytime…I aspire to be a Sandy Mae Jr. :thumbsup: :lol:

  42. 42

    I dont believe nothing that is being reported on My Whitney :coffee:

  43. 43
    West Coast Chick says:

    Whitney Houston Did Not Drown, Reports SayBy Andrea Devaro on February 13th, 2012

    File- In this Oct. 28, 2006, file photo, musician Whitney Houston arrives at the 17th Carousel of Hope Ball benefiting the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes in Beverly Hills, Calif. Houston died Saturday, Feb. 11, 2012, she was 48. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)
    Whitney Houston did not die as a result of drowning, L.A. County Coroner officials have reportedly told her family.

    According to TMZ, family sources said that the singer did not have enough water in her lungs to have drown, and died from a lethal ****tail of alcohol and prescription drugs. Officials said that it was possible that Houston died before her head even became submerged in water.

  44. 44
    LiberianJewels7 says:

    So sad….Just bought Whitney s Greatest Hits. You will never be forgotten. RIP Whitney :(

  45. 45
    Ms. Everything says:

    I knew it was possible but I was really hoping they wouldn’t find any illegal drugs in her system :no: damn shame but nothing we can do now but remember her for the person she was.

    TMZ is so effing disrespectful with their headlines

  46. 46
    FuturedocDonte says:

    Cissy probably at home cursing Bobby Browns name as we speak :no:

  47. 47
    YSoSrs says:

    Knew those were pills of some kind. Classy. :coffee:

  48. 48
    GAGIRL87 says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Oh my goodness :no:

  49. 49
    GAGIRL87 says:

    That artwork of her is beautiful who did it Sandra?

  50. 50

    Her inlaws are shady. Coverong up scene. :-[

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    trenee says:

    i like that mural of her.

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