What is wrong with these effeminate girly men who play for the Los Angeles Lakers? Don't they understand that being traded is a part of the game? First Lamar Odom acts like a cry baby about being traded to Dallas, and now Derek Fisher is boo-hooing after being traded to the Rockets.

As you probably know, the Lakers traded Fisher to Houston in return for Jordan Hill on Thursday. It seems that, just like his former teammate Odom, Fisher has taken his sudden trade very hard. Reportedly, even his former teammates, Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol couldn't console him.

Bryant, Gasol and Andrew Bynum all said they spoke to Fisher over the previous three days since the Lakers traded him, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

“I know it’s hard to go through what he’s going through,” said Gasol, who was almost traded himself. “We’ll see what ends up happening with him, but I’m not sure what he wants to do.”

“Derek’s desire to win a sixth championship is what drives him and will continue to drive him as he moves forward,” said Fisher's manager in a statement.

According to Yahoo Sports, Fisher was so despondent at being traded that he didn't even show up to be fitted for his new uniform. Instead, on Sunday the Houston front office announced an agreement to buy out Fisher's contract. If Fisher passes waivers, he could be a free agent next week.

No one knows what team Fisher will play for next. According to sports analysts, the Lakers might take him back eventually. But due to a clause in his contract, which runs through 2013, the 37-year-old point guard might not play in a Laker uniform until the year 2013.

Fisher was a workhorse for the Lakers. He played in 537 consecutive NBA games over the past five seasons. But the NBA players’ union leader was averaging just 5.9 points — his lowest average in 13 years.

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  • prynsexxx

    Isn't he still a virgin, or am I thinking about somebody else?

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    I'm happy he buying out his contract i mean cmon the guy have won all of his championships ring with the team I'm sure he wanted & wants to retire in a Lakers jersey

  • prynsexxx

    Oh sorry didn't see the pics. LOL :ashamed:

  • candibfly

    i wouldn't want to go to Houston either. and that's where I'm from :lol:

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    That picture :rofl: *Goes back up to read the story* :pc:

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    team ain't been good since 96 :(



  • Posche

    The Lakers are trying to get rid of

    everybody but Kobe and he's

    the BIGGEST crybaby.

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    :lol: @pic & title

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    In other sports news, looks like Tebow finally getting screwed, theyay be trading him in favor of Manning.

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    the babygirl is adorable :love:

  • Posche

    Are those his kids???

    He may want to get a DNA test.

    They look nothing like him.....

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    :blink: Some folks should just automatically cover their faces when they cry.

    Heyyyyy Folks!!! :waves:

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    Ole girl in the background, in the green dress, just knew they were takin her pic. :lol: She smiling hard as hail!! :lol:

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    I really did not need to see that pic of my other baby. I :heart: me some Derek Fisher :yes:

    I'm glad he's not going to Houston. :coffee:

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    LMAO @Pint-size peekin out ole girl in the green dress, heyyy Bew! :yahoo:

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    I hope that pans out for him and a team he is more interested in pics him up. Otherwise he just waisted good money.

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    annnd the ignorance begins :rollseyes:

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    He aint worried. He goin go play for Miami or the Thunder...

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    *scrolls back up to see those lil babies lookin just like their pappy :yes: *

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    (runs in)


    (runs right back out)

  • http://Www.yallaintchit.com Man, I just don’t care™

    Whose baby is he carrying?

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    @ lovezoe: I read about that last week when Manning sat down with John Elway. The crazy thing is Manning might not ever recover from that surgery. :no:

  • http://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    Man, I just don’t care™ says:

    He aint worried. He goin go play for Miami or the Thunder…

    Now that would be great if Miami got him! :yes:

  • !*LaKErCHiC@*!

    Once u a laker every other team is a step down... :coffee: OH N FUK LAMAR THAT'S WHY UR AZZ IN D TEAM :nana: Black momba :champ:

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Birdshu Bird

    Oh you said he bought out his contract, but your article says the Rockets bought out his contract. Antoine Walker tried that same thin with his last NBA team. He been making minimum wage every since.

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    Unpredictable says:

    Ole girl in the background, in the green dress, just knew they were takin her pic. She smiling hard as hail!!

    The shyt people point out. :hahaha:

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    I have a feeling that lady in the green dress is his Mother-in-Law.. she and his wife kind of favor each other.

    First pic is hilarious though!

    BOOOOOO the Lakers! :lol:

  • gbellab

    prynsexxx says:

    Isn’t he still a virgin, or am I thinking about somebody else?

    You're thinking about A.C. Green...

    I think he wants to stay in LA partially because of the medical care his youngest daughter currently receives for some form of eye cancer she has. He's said that before.

    Also,Once you play for the Lakeshow why would you wanna play anywhere else? It's a slap in the face to be traded, but these guys need to know that nobody is exempt.. well maybe Kobe is :)
    L.A. gives their team love, like no other place does..

    "I think over here they don't understand in L.A. they have fans with swag," Artest said. "We be laid back. We got our shades on. We got our Grey Poupon. I know some fans who travel with Grey Poupon. How many fans do you know who have Grey Poupon? They're on the front row on the floor with Grey Poupon with nice silverware, just in case they want to get a slice of steak or some caviar. We got caviar at Staples Center. We got ladies dancing. We got swag."

  • Tertra114

    :mad: Sh*t i don't BLAME HIM!!!! im mad as f*ck too this is MY TEAM And they are completely ruining them!!!! Who the f*ck wants to go from playing for the LAKERS to playing for the Rockets????? like who the f*ck are the rockets? i feel his pain LA is his home, now he has to move to whereever the rockets play, it's like going from being a The head of a store franchise to being a bag boy!