Parents of two murdered British students lash out at Obama for not sending condolences

The parents of two murdered British students are lashing out at President Obama for not responding to their letters or sending a public message of support. Friends of the two men say their deaths were “not worthy of ten minutes of his time.”

James Cooper, 25, and James Kouzaris, 24, may have been looking to score drugs before returning to their hotel after a night of bar hopping in Sarasota, Florida last April.

The two tourists were both drunk — and 12 miles from their hotel — when they stumbled into the Courts public housing projects in a seedy, drug and crime-ridden neighborhood in Sarasota.

A witness who lived in the housing project said he saw Cooper and Kazouris stumbling down a side street, with two black men stalking them in the dark.

The British tourists didn’t find drug dealers that night. Instead, they encountered 16-year-old Shawn Tyson, and another man who has never been identified.

Tyson demanded money from Cooper and Kazouris. When they told him they didn’t have any money, he reportedly replied, “If you ain’t got any money, I’ve got something for yo’ ass” — before opening fire on both men. Cooper and Kazouris were shot multiple times in the back as they attempted to flee.

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Charles Barkley dresses in drag for Weight Watchers commercial

Who else thought Charles Barkley dressed in drag was Serena Williams at first glance?

In a visual that can only be described as disturbing, Hall of Fame power forward Charles Barkley dons a dress for his next Weight Watchers commercial, USA Today reported.

The theme is to “Lose like a man,” with the message being that making an effort to drop weight is not just a female thing to do.
The Round Mound of Rebound said in December that laziness led to him gaining 100 pounds.

But Barkley is getting less round by the week, claiming to have already lost 42 pounds. The commercial, which sees Barkley in full catwalk attire, will begin running April 8. Source


Lindsay Lohan is a free woman

It looks like actress Lindsay Lohan’s legal troubles are behind her. Earlier today, Judge Stephanie Sautner, who is apparently a big Lohan fan, declared, “She did it!” after the 25-year-old successfully completed her probation requirements.


The judge took Lindsay off probation altogether in what herhonor called “the endless” 2007 DUI case. If Lindsay had not completed the terms of her probation, Judge Sautner could have sentenced her to 270 days in the pokey. When the judge terminated probation, Lindsay cracked a big smile and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

As Lohan walked out of the courtroom and into the bright California sunshine, she was mobbed by a crush of paparazzi and reporters asking her how it feels to be free.

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Rihanna Doesn’t Care What You Think…

Rihanna, 24, was seen arriving at Mandarin Hotel to attend a press conference for her new movie “Battleship” in London early this morning. Because she’s Rihanna, the “Birthday Cake” singer wore her favorite silk pajamas to the press conference. No one dared to ask Rihanna if she was wearing pajamas, especially after RiRi dissed a hapless reporter at another press conference yesterday.

Photos: Splash News Online


Chris Bosh celebrates his 28th birthday 1920s style

Miami Heat center Chris Bosh celebrated his 28th birthday with friends and family in Miami on Wednesday. Bosh was joined by his pregnant wife Adrienne Bosh, and Miami Heat teammates Lebron James and Dwyane Wade, who held an impromptu jazz session. The party was hosted by Rémy Martin, and the theme for the celebration was 1920s style.

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Celebs Out & About: Beyonce (Video and Photos)

Beyonce was spotted leaving a doctor’s office on the upper east side of New York city with her 2-month-old daughter Blue Ivy yesterday. Everyone knows that Beyonce will do anything for attention. Everyone, that is, except her family and her adoring Stans. This morning I received an email from loyal reader Munchosgirl. She sent a video which she says explains why Beyonce smothers the infant’s head under a layer of blankets and clothing — something babies don’t like at all.

Muncho claims Bey covers the baby’s face to protect her from all the camera flashing and screaming by the paparazzi. So why doesn’t Beyonce leave the child at home — or better yet, stay home with her? Don’t doctors make house calls? I think we all know the answer to that question.

Watch the video after the break.

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New police video shows no blood, bruises on George Zimmerman

ABC News has obtained police surveillance video of George Zimmerman’s arrest the night he shot and killed Trayvon Martin in cold blood. Despite his lawyer’s claims that Zimmerman was beaten to a “bloody mess” by the 17-year-old, who broke his nose and slammed his head on the sidewalk — the police video shows no evidence of such injuries.

Zimmerman is shown hopping out of the back of a police cruiser with no assistance from the police. He walks under his own power, and holds his head down, despite the report that his nose was supposedly broken.

In light of this new video footage, Zimmerman’s supporters, which includes Casey Anthony’s former attorney Jose Baez, now say that Zimmerman doesn’t need physical injuries to prove a case of self defense.

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