New Music: Monica – “Take A Chance” ft Wale

R&B Diva Monica dropped a new single from her much-anticipated CD New Life titled “Take A Chance”, featuring rapper Wale. New Life is available in stores Apirl 10. But readers will get a chance to own New Life before you can buy it! Stay tuned for details.

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53 Responses to “New Music: Monica – “Take A Chance” ft Wale”

  1. 1

    Iono if I feel like listening now…maybe when I get home…

  2. 2

    that’s a purrty pic of Mo though… :yes:

  3. 3
    MRSJONESK says:

    Not interested. Monica music does nothing for me anymore.

  4. 4


    :dead: :dead: :dead: and :vomit:

    with that I gotta log off!

  5. 5
    £ the commenter formally known as Hershey says:

    CD :wtf: why in da heyull were you watching gay porn?

  6. 6
    £ the commenter formally known as Hershey says:

    Not feeling this song, at all, and I love Wale :shrugs: so far today there are two artists CDs that I won’t be purchasing, the comic strip rapper downstairs and Mo’s…

  7. 7

    i just cant with gay porn

  8. 8



    :hug: & :kiss:

  9. 9
    Smonae80 says:

    Mo looks purty here
    @ CD :vomit:

  10. 10
    CFREE says:


    folk just get curious nah mean :shrug:


  11. 11

    @CFREE who’s in the pic?? (your gravi)

  12. 12
    Gigi26 says:

    Yeah Monica….try again. Song sucks.

  13. 13
    CFREE says:

    @French, that is Trayvon and his dad :sad:

  14. 14
    BCinKS says:

    I haven’t checked for a Monica album since After the Storm. I think I liked her music better when she had backup singers like Toni Braxton used to have. :shrug:

  15. 15
    JMO says:

    CD, I can’t with you …. I just fuggin can’t anymore :rofl: :rofl:

  16. 16
    69 says:


    Yes, finally. :yahoo:

    I knew you had it in you :clap:

    Simple and refined. Let that voice continue to reign supreme. :yes:

  17. 17

    Y’all are the biggest bunch of haters, Monica SLAYS! Have you ever seen her live? She slays. she out did Ghey Songz on tour, her back up singers were crazy, it was like 2 shows within her set! Imma need for y’all to admit you don’t like Monica for personal reasons despite the fact NONE of you have ever met her.

    Team Monica… I really need for Sandra to get back on team Monica, I really miss when she was a cheerleader for Mo.

  18. 18
    YSoSrs says:

    Huh. I’ll pass. :coffee:

  19. 19

    monica is grown women music. she is what you listen to while sipping wine, if you been through something, going through it or getting over it. Sorry she is not going around :buttshake: I will be getting the album as well as seeing her in concert.

  20. 20
    luVn_liFe... says:

    Monica has a very nice voice,
    Bad song

  21. 21
    brwnbutafly says:

    hey ya’ll! back from seeing momma O and Iyanla. Do ppl not like the song b/c it’s “simple” It’s ok but I can hear another artist singing this. Hopefully this is just one of those songs you skip on the album but the rest is great. let’s hope!

  22. 22
    69 says:


    :waiting: You will listen. It’s ok. Just do it sweetheart.


  23. 23
    brwnbutafly says:

    that’s a very nice pic of Mo Denise…clean/neat not over beat!

  24. 24
    nine4ya19062000 says:

    luVn_liFe… says:

    Monica has a very nice voice,
    Bad song

    Great vocalist… but the production of all these songs that have leaked simply isn’t doing her justice. I’ll buy to support REAL TALENT but… well… :thinking:

  25. 25
    YSoSrs says:


    Nope. Not gonna. :no:

  26. 26
    69 says:


    I like Mo too.

    I stated that I thought that she was the best female in R&B and they ate my ass alive on here. :hahaha:

    People hate her so much that some we’re saying Kelly Rowland and Ashanti were better singers. I just :kona: and :no:

  27. 27

    Sandra, I can tell by this post you are dedicated to the success of your blog!

  28. 28

    “I stated that I thought that she was the best female in R&B and they ate my ass alive on here.

    People hate her so much that some we’re saying Kelly Rowland and Ashanti were better singers. ”

    Well, Kelly Rowland in the same boat as …. :chickenhead: <<whoever you think this person to be

    But Ashanit is underrated!

  29. 29
    Smonae80 says:

    Man are u saying that Ashanti has a voice comparable to Monica, or u just like the way she looks

  30. 30
    Smonae80 says:

    @ 69
    I just can’t wrap my mind around that 1, Mo can sang

  31. 31
    69 says:


    I like Ashanti, but she nor anyone but nor anyone else can fck with Monica when she brings her A game. Alicia is over all more talented, but she takes the back seat too.

    And then someone said Jill Scott? :ghost:

    Jill Scott & Angie Stone are not mainstream R&B :lol:

    I understand how it is though when you hate a person. To give credit would be like a hard hit to thy own face. And no one wants to punch themselves. :shrug:

  32. 32
    69 says:


    Man HATES Monica. :lol:

  33. 33
    Usual Suspect says:

    What up Hershey and Yso :waves:

  34. 34
    YSoSrs says:

    :waves: @CALI

    YOU. :coffee:

  35. 35
    Riri_2484 says:

    Mo is cool her voice slays but her songs as of late do nothing for me…However, I still enjoy her older music

  36. 36
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    Im all up in that other post abt the lame ass broad who put the bag on her baby head….

    #1… if you have sex, man OR woman, YOU KNOW there is a RISK of a child coming from the situation. YOU are ALLL THE WAY IN at THIS POINT.
    #2… if you dont want no baby, you DONT have SEX because aint NO BIRTH CONTROL 100%…PERIOD. It dont take a genius to figure #2 out.
    #3… if the woman ends up pregnant, DEM SPERMS you shot off are IN HER BODY, and your ass is a fukkin daddy now and she a mama. SHE aint GOTTA hoover YOUR child outa HER BODY bc you PRETEND to not KNOW the PURPOSE of sex and the RESULTS. Selfish LOSER
    #4… It is the responsibility of BOTH to take care of the child. A man aint somehow less responsible. His fukkin tadpoles hit the mark. CONGRATS NICCA. If you aint want that hoe swole up, you should found a tramp to blow you or wacked urself off.
    #5… DUH! Niccas kill me. Wana blame “hoodrats” for everythang but they still keep them hoes bent ova and in the nail shop. Be over there eatin up all them food stampalicious groceries, then wana cry.#chileboo

  37. 37
    Ni ni says:

    I love Monicas voice. I cant listen to this song right now but I hope its good. I dont like the song her and brandy has out, yet. I was surprised to see that people were saying brandy voice sound better than monica. I guess she had lessons since 15 years ago so im waiting to here her new stuff so I can decide. Anyway Sandra im off to read about the hoodrat you posted about earlier..had to do a little work today and couldnt read all the whats happenings

  38. 38
    Flawless says:

    I like this song by Mo, its nice & laid back i’ll always root for Mo !! I don’t think she gets the credit she deserves :coffee:

  39. 39
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    But Ashanit is underrated!

  40. 40
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    Monica is cool. Idk how anyone can NOT like her. IJS :lol:

  41. 41
    EB says:

    She has an album coming out next week? I didn’t know that

  42. 42
    TPtotalpackage says:

    Rico Love needs to be put out to pasture. I am so sick and tired of his hit or miss overrated a**

  43. 43
    YSoSrs says:


    It’s not that hard. Really. :coffee:

  44. 44
    BRENDEN aka Queefer Sutherland says:

    @SOY where do you see Cali? Did the heffa change her name again? :think:

    @Suga I wouldn’t mind seeing Khlomar get down. I heard Khloe uses ancient tantric techniques that help her to prolong her stroke. In other words, she’s not a minute man. Seeing her d*ck down Lamar would be a learning guide to all us premies (premature ejaculators) out here :pigsfly:

  45. 45


    I agree with all usaid about CREATING a baby. All dat. Two people make a baby, thats on THEM.

    BUT, like with everything else on the fluckin planet, if YOU ALONE decide to fo something, THAT CHIT ON YOU ALONE!

    but like I said, I wouldnt expect the people stealing money legally to want to change that. All criminals rationalize their thieving ways. :yes:

    Two people make a mistake but the nigga GOT to abide by what te chick say rven though they bih make the mistake. Gtfoh.

    The funny part is, hoes dont even put the niggas with umpteen kids on. hild support. They only do it to niggas they know would take care of they kids anyway. SMh.

  46. 46

    @69 Monica is queen of modern soul!

  47. 47


    Yes, Ashanti has a BETTER voice than Monica! People just dont like Ashanti personally and hild that agaibst her.

    If u were blindfolded and to listen to Ashanti vs various singers you would say she is the best!

  48. 48
    nine4ya19062000 says:

    But Ashanit is underrated!

    A****ty I mean Ashanti and that above whisper voice need to take a serious sabbatical… Why even mention her in the same post with Monica about vocals… That’s like Precious in a string bikni… chit just ain’t right! :karate:

  49. 49
    Riri_2484 says:

    As a female and mother I agree…it does take two to make a baby but if the decision isnt mutual the female must then be prepared to take of the child…dudes who aint imo is my birth control…its proven dudes aint turning down cooch…the female should be selective

  50. 50
    nine4ya19062000 says:

    Man, I just don’t care™ says:


    Yes, Ashanti has a BETTER voice than Monica! People just dont like Ashanti personally and hild that agaibst her.

    If u were blindfolded and to listen to Ashanti vs various singers you would say she is the best

    @ MAN I usually agree with you but on this one EYE KAIN’T…

  51. 51


    THANK YOU! And women dont want us turning down cooch. As a female, if u feeling a nigga, do u wanna “wine an dine” that nigga fir him to be ready to fluck? You wanna hear a grown man talkin bout “he need more time to get to know you…” and chit like that?

    Or u want him ready at all times???

  52. 52

    Look, I aint madnat u bout Ashanti. I wish they could have a singing contest where they had to display their range and pitch and ability to hold a note.

    :chickenhead: (<<<whoever u want it to be) would want no parrs of Ashanti!

  53. 53
    mizzdallas says:

    :waves: at SR family, I survive 2 tornandos!!! #thankgod!!

    I dont like the new single .. :no: …. Mo look nice in the promo pic tho !!! I was surprise that I like Still Standing!! But I havent heard anything from her upcoming album and personally Im just not interested!!

    s/n: Im waiting on 211 #MyFaveBrandy

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