Now Mirlande Wilson Says She ‘Lost’ the $105M Lottery Ticket

Mirlande Wilson must be the unluckiest woman in Maryland.

Imagine winning part of a $640 million lottery and telling your work lottery pool that you refuse to share the winnings with them because you bought the ticket on your own — only to end up losing the ticket.

Wilson, a McDonald’s worker who claimed to be one of three winners of last week’s historic Mega Millions jackpot, now says she can’t find the winning ticket.

She told the New York Post: “I have no idea where it is. I’m not sure I have it. I’m still looking for it. I haven’t even looked in my uniform pants yet.”


Wilson made headlines when she came forward claiming to be one of the holders of a winning ticket. But Maryland officials doubted her story from the very beginning.

Her daughter Stephanie also revealed that her mother would not even allow them to look for the ticket. “I wanted to look for it, I was crying. She wouldn’t let us. It’s a lot of money,” the 15-year-old said.

So far, none of the three winning Mega Millions winners have come forward to claim their jackpots.


84 Responses to “Now Mirlande Wilson Says She ‘Lost’ the $105M Lottery Ticket”

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    gbellab says:

    I believe her. Would she still be walking around with that ratchett ass weave if she indeed had the winning ticket?

  3. 3

    I think this bytch a few cards short of a full deck.

  4. 4

    Something very fishy is going on with this chick…methinks she is hiding it and will come forward when shyt cools down…

    But ummm, what’s up with NONE of these folks coming forward? This shyt is rigged! :cuss:

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    Man, I just don’t care™ says:

    I think this bytch a few cards short of a full deck.



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    YSoSrs says:

    This lying ass rat…She ain’t never gone to be able to enjoy a penny of that money now. She’s put herself in a corner and will have people coming for her head if she suddenly “finds” the ticket and tries to cash it in. Dummy. :no:

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    spongebobfan says:

    i believe her too cause a ticket was brought there and noone else came forward.
    if she lost that ticket after shunning her co workers…..i cant help but laugh

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    Vanguard Reese says:

    I highly doubt she won it. Someone won it in Baltimore but it wasnt here. Whoever won it is sitting back somewhere laughing at her.

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    NaijaGal says:

    Does she still work at Mickey D’s

    @lashelle :waves:

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    YSoSrs says:

    I think she is afraid for her life. She should be. :coffee:

  13. 13

    this sum BS tho! ion thin the hoe won nuffin but worst dressed mickey d’s employee award :trophy:

    LaShelle :cheer: dont kill me! :ashamed:

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    @NikkeMinxx says:

    <– doesnt think she ever had it.. Anybody who dresses/looks like that would have been sleep outside the lottery office and demanding they paper. A chick around here just hit a lottery lick for $250K and done posted all sorts \of FB pics and sent text pics to folks showing her and all her cousins holding on to the check at the lottery office. Thats not even a lot of money… :shrug: House, car, sew in, boyfriend, broke.

  15. 15

    How u “lost” something if u aint even looked for it?
    She aint go no dayum ticket. Then lying to her own kids about it.
    :no: <<<SMH

  16. 16

    again I ask…why hasn’t ANYONE come forward in ANY of the other states…??? :think:

  17. 17
    spongebobfan says:

    What the winners waiting for? that money woulda been half spent by now, my life be looking like Beyonces Tumblr

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    Vanguard Reese says:

    @feline, in 2 of the 3 states that had winners a winner doesn’t have to go public. They can just
    claim their money and keep it moving.

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    JustB says:

    I’m still looking for it. I haven’t even looked in my uniform pants yet.”


  20. 20
    lisaROSE says:

    she has it….. she playing games. how else will she pay for her lawyer?

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    NaijaGal says:

    Anybody watch Kerry Washington’s show…was it good? I came home too late and missed it

  22. 22

    :dead: @Nikke

    “House, car, sew in , boyfriend, broke.” :rofl:

  23. 23

    The REAL lottery winner. oulda paid her dumb azz to claim to have won so the vultures come after her.

  24. 24


    Yeah I know that, but Sandra said that they haven’t even come forward….to me that means they haven’t claimed their winnings yet… :shrugs:

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    mure_noire says:

    This chick claims she isn’t looking for attention but why is her a$$ all on the tv and internet then????

  26. 26

    I wanted to see Kerry Washingtons show too. It looked good and I dont even watch tv dramas. (Except cor Law and Order)

  27. 27
    Twilight says:

    oh well you win some and lose some. You can’t win whatcha never had any ways. Greediness gets you no place and yes Karma is a biotch.

  28. 28
    Vanguard Reese says:

    @Naija, I watched it and it was pretty good. It was kind of too much going on, tho.

  29. 29

    Hahaha, serves her right. Hope she isn’t looking for sympathy cause she won’t get it from me! I bet she gave it to someone close to cash it in for her…

  30. 30
    gbellab says:

    She’s rockin the hell outta that Sweet Swine cap tho!

  31. 31
    JustB says:

    @Naija..It was good. An unexpected twist at the end.

  32. 32
    ELove says:

    THIS Post is Just TOO MF-ing EASY (I CAN’T and I WON’T !!!) :nono: :nono:

  33. 33
    @NikkeMinxx says:

    @man, It wasnt that good but I will watch next week to give a fair chance…

    The smart lottery winners are getting their ducks in a row. You dont just claim a hundred million dollars without a plan in place. Thats why I dont think she ever had it… She looks like she would be standing out front the lottery office demanding her paper…

  34. 34

    :hi: and :hug: Naija & Fe Fe.
    How’re you ladies doin’??

    @ Fay Fay- Ummmmm. What you done did? :waiting:

  35. 35
    Cocoabana says:

    Her face is HURT and that wig looks like its attached to that hat. Why is the media still allowing to lie?!

  36. 36
    NaijaGal says:

    Law & Order and The Practice are hands down the best court shows ever on tv

  37. 37
    Ni ni says:

    Is this woman um..special? I saw her in extra the other day and all the different stories. I cant believe the others at mcdonalds would trust her with their money. The had to have known she kinda off.

  38. 38
    Vanguard Reese says:

    @Feline, oops my bad I didn’t read the story. But most people when they win that kind of money they take their precious time because they need to get their team together and get their mind right. I know a lady who won about 74 mil she waited until right before her ticket expired to claim it.

  39. 39


    I’m mad I missed it too…I’ve been talking about watching it all week, but I’ve been a bit under the weather so I passed out early last night… :mad:

  40. 40

    :think: it ILL fishy that not one winner has claimed the prize… C-O-N-Spiracy :coffee:

  41. 41
    WUT-IZ-SWAGU says:

    Man, I just don’t care™ says:

    I think this bytch a few cards short of a full deck.
    :no: that bish is missing everything but the fukin Jokers….

  42. 42
    Phrozen1der says:

    She lying… :coffee:

  43. 43

    LaShelle if uon know i plead the FIF :whistle: :D

  44. 44
  45. 45

    Didn’t I read that this chick had like 7 kids???

    The question of the day is how the FUKK did she get knocked up 7 times??? :think:

  46. 46

    bc i got 1:11 mins left in the workday, it wanna drag & chit :rollseyes:

  47. 47
    WUT-IZ-SWAGU says:

    How you aint gone check your work pants? My house would look like an episode of hoarders trying to tear up that house looking for that ticket! She is lying!!!!

  48. 48
    ELove says:

    LAW & ORDER BEFORE Jeremy and Anthony came aboard was The BEST TV Drama SERIES EVER Though :coffee:

  49. 49
    Cocoabana says:

    Feline Feminine says:

    Didn’t I read that this chick had like 7 kids???

    The question of the day is how the FUKK did she get knocked up 7 times???

    Seriously. Ewl.

  50. 50


    I loved “The Practice” like an athlete love a yt girl!
    Im STILL mad that show stop comin on. Bobby was my nigga.

  51. 51
    I Go There says:

    Feline Feminine says:

    Didn’t I read that this chick had like 7 kids???

    The question of the day is how the FUKK did she get knocked up 7 times???

    Blame it on the goose
    got you feeling loose


  52. 52
    Sassy! Muthaf**king, Sassy! says:

    This bish NEVER had the ticket!! She is LYING!!! You do not LIVE in Westport and buy tickets in Milford!!

    She did NOT lose the ticket! If she lost the ticket, how would she have known she won- the numbers were a RANDOM pick!!

    What I think is that she won one of the SMALLER jackpots (the 319k, 50k or something) and opened her big azzed mouth and now is scared to collect because she’ll have to split that little bit of money about 7 ways, but she did NOT hit the jackpot. And I even doubt she won anything. Either she’s lying about hitting the jackpot or lying about losing the ticket she did win on.

    Either way, she was NEVER 105 mill richer. And in MD, you don’t have to “come forward” to claim anything. You can set up a trust and STILL have it claimed anonymously through a lawyer’s office. Don’t even have to step foot in the Md Lotto Commission Office.

  53. 53

    Fefe she told them all she couldnt get pregnant bc she lost her uterus and they believed her :coffee: #victims

  54. 54
    Ni ni says:

    Naija I watched it for about 20 min and then said fck it and changed the channel. It was too fast and I couldnt keep up

  55. 55
    brownskin A.K.A Creamy says:

    Man, I just don’t care™ says:

    I think this bytch a few cards short of a full deck.


    ***THINK*** :coffee:

  56. 56
    ELove says:

    @FeFe (Comment #45) :rofl:
    Naaawwww the REAL QUESTION IS “How MANY People were in The POOL” Though :think:

    And SHE’S a Manger at McDonald’s Though (Right ?!?) :coffee:

  57. 57
  58. 58

    @ Fay Fay-

    My spidey sense is tellin’ me what’s goin’s on.
    You got til the end of the weekend ma’am!!

  59. 59
    brownskin A.K.A Creamy says:

    Feline Feminine says:

    Didn’t I read that this chick had like 7 kids???

    The question of the day is how the FUKK did she get knocked up 7 times???

    the only logic I can think OF is she had seventuplets if that is even a word :coffee:

  60. 60
    spongebobfan says:

    man…. id be on tiki hiki right now getting massaged by the finest of men
    id be getting my weave from the fairest Malaysian in all the land
    id be breaking ground on my 1000 room mansion on the moon
    id be getting Audi to build a car that flys


  61. 61
    Fated4Greatness says:

    I was thinking about this story this morning and came to the conclusion that she is not the actual winner. Somebody she knows won and is using her to divert attention away from them so they can claim their money, break her off a few dollars and escape bmore from all their extended cousins and long lost friends.

  62. 62
    NaijaGal says:

    @E-luvah you’re right…before Jack McCoy the show was dry…and after Jesse Martin left the show went limp but for about 15 years that show knocked

    :love: me some Bobby from the Practice…LAWD

  63. 63

    LaShelle yes ma’am i pwomise! :ashamed: :kona:

  64. 64
    Sassy! Muthaf**king, Sassy! says:


    She was NOT the manager, just the chick on the fry grease. :coffee:

  65. 65

    Mannnnnn, when greed takes over. SMH :no:

  66. 66
    only1cass says:

    That woman never had the ticket. Quick scheme to claim money. Who ever has the ticket needs to wait it out all this blows over then claim their money.

  67. 67

    That bytch ain’t lose that damn ticket. Heffa tryna find a way to cash it in and disappear.

  68. 68
    Long Time Lurker - H.O.G. says:

    Why is it always the one hardest on the eyes that seek the most attention? :shrug:

  69. 69
    Shereezy says:

    She LYIN…who in their right mind would lose a ticket worth that kind of money…especially living in or around Baltimore??? I knew this chick was lying by that rat-tat-tat-tatched ass wig she got on!! FOH ION even know why the media is even entertaining her! :coffee:

    Good day to you all :waves:

  70. 70
    GP says:

    The real winner can choose to be anonymous is Maryland. :waves: Happy Good Friday!

  71. 71
    GAGIRL87 says:


  72. 72
    heavn_sent says:

    I just logged in to say I HATE ALL OF Y’ALL..especially FAYLA, NIKKE, and Cocoa..hell everybody! I am lughing so hard, people keep looking at me!

    @Man: The Practice was da bomb! I also loved Boston Legal. And Mariska Hargitay is my Boo..for sure!

  73. 73
    ELove says:

    Sexxy-Sassy SAID:
    She was NOT the manager, just the chick on the fry grease. :coffee:

    MF-ing :dead: !!!

  74. 74
    Lady_L says:

    And her her 15min is now….5min….

  75. 75
    free says:

    i was gonna call her a lying hoe but pillow pet’s words are still in my brain….

    this lying woman never had the ticket in the first place.

  76. 76
    deedeegirl says:

    This woman is mentally ill. She never had that ticket. First, why would you call everyone and tell them that you won but they didn’t? And now she can’t produce the ticket. She never had it. She’s a nut case.

  77. 77
    CD FENTY says:

    Life aint been no crystal for that bytch for real :no:

  78. 78
    CD FENTY says:


    Is she trying to look homeless chic on purpose or is that her REAL look? :coffee:


  79. 79
    ELove says:

    LQQKS Like She’s Wearing HER KIDS Clothes (They Seem Real Worn-Out Too…) :coffee:

  80. 80
    Henny Blaque says:

    Even if she does have the winning ticket she couldnt even do shady right…

    All she had to do was keep her mouth shat and claim that ticket anonymously ————> her to the other folks in the pool “we ain win yall”:no:

  81. 81
    Henny Blaque says:

    So let me guess when the REAL winner claims her “lost” ticket she’s going to sue?

  82. 82
    goat76 says:

    I hope she didn’t win, cause she ain’t gonna do right.

  83. 83
    Ms. Everything says:

    Poor thing ain’t got a lick of sense but you don’t do people dirty and expect to continue to come up so if she lost that ticket :no: Now she gone be out of a job and probably still gonna have folks after her

  84. 84
    MzDetermined says:

    This broad is a few fries short of a happy meal.why would they even let her be in charge of purchasing the ticket in the first place.

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