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Neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, 28, was released from the Seminole County Jail after posting bail in Sanford, Florida, early Monday morning. Zimmerman, wearing a brown Pittsburgh Steelers jacket and blue jeans, walked out of the jail and climbed into a white BMW before speeding off.

Zimmerman will stand trial on second-degree murder charges in the death of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin later this year.

He was granted $150,000 bail by a judge on Friday. During the bond hearing, Zimmerman apologized to Trayvon's parents despite their refusal to meet with him.

Zimmerman's attorney, Mark O'Mara was praised for urging his client to take the stand. But in a surprising reversal today, O'Mara apologized for Zimmerman's apology, saying the apology was "ill-timed."

After the hearing, Martin’s parents said during a news conference they didn’t appreciate Zimmerman’s public statement of remorse.

"To be honest, had I known that -- maybe had I seen the press conference -- I'm not sure that we would have done it at the bond hearing, because the purpose of it truly was to get to the family and to respond directly to the family's request,” O’Mara told CBS’s “The Morning.” Source

Also today, former Sanford police chief Bill Lee officially retired from the police department. Lee stepped down in March after he was widely criticized for not filing charges against Zimmerman the night he shot Trayvon to death. Zimmerman claimed self defense having had a 9mm handgun, while Trayvon was unarmed.

At the time, Lee arrogantly said he was only stepping down temporarily and he fully expected to be exonerated.

Update: just moments ago, the Sanford city commissioners voted, 3-2, to reject the resolution to accept Chief Bill Lee's resignation, saying it seemed as if he was being forced out when he broke no laws. This according to USA Today.

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  • Man, I just don’t care™

    Good riddance! He should have been fired when his son beat that homeless man!

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    This weekend I kept grabbing my bag when a white woman walked by. As if I was scared of her grabbing it or attacking me. :hahaha:

    Yall shouldve seen the way them heffas was rolling they eyes and whispering to their husbands. :lol:

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    Um yeah Fluck da police :tea: and Im off ----> :pigsfly:

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    They should charge him with trying to cover it up. The police claimed all along the DA didnt want to press charges. The DA denied that.

    He should have been arressted right then for a cover up. They paying him to go away. SMH.

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    I was wondering why they even had him speak

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    I do chilt like that too. When they hurry up and lock their doors when you walk by.

    I get on my phone and fake like Im
    calling about an "old" yt woman that looks like shes on drugs and looking in peoples cars and chit. :lol:

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    bastid :coffee:

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    I grab my purse like they may snatch it, walk faster if they are behind me. If they park by me...I walk back to my car and grab the handle and make sure it's locked. Fluckers.

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    OTB whatchu know about locking ur car door when u see 'em at the light tho??

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    Resigns my azz. :rolleyes:

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    :rofl: CALI i love fluckin with yt folks like that! fluck a stereotype yo!

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    So :mad: they had them speak. The country bama lawyer of the Martin's should have scremed objection. Unprecedented to have a mofo talkn bout he sorry. We not at trail and your sorry is not welcome here. Talk to GOD.

    The mother should have passed out....and started having a seizure.

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    @Fayla - Does that for errybody :shame:

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    Let me :pc: over to CNN for the full story, Sandra never went into detail about her subject

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    when Killaman "apologized" it made me hate him > < much more :kona:

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    *emails Hershey* $5 to change her gravi*

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    I walk back to my car and grab the handle and make sure it’s locked.

    Oooooh new one. Thanks Cali! :lol: I do hit the alarm twice. :lol:

  • OutsidetheBox

    The mother should have passed out….and started having a seizure.

    :rofl: Yes. That wouldve trumped his half ass apology.

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    I found it funny today when I was watching my local ABC news station that they kept referring to Zimmerman as the man, "accused" of killing Trayvon Martin... No one is accusing Zimmerman of killing him, he actually killed him. Currently it's the circumstances surrounding the killing that are being charged upon. Last week, he was referred to as, "The man who shot and killed and unarmed teen..." Just goes to show you that the media shakes it's azz for whomever has the most votes.

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    OutsidetheBox says:

    This weekend I kept grabbing my bag when a white woman walked by. As if I was scared of her grabbing it or attacking me.

    I should do that! That is hilarious :rofl:

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    "We not at trail and your sorry is not welcome here. Talk to GOD."