Is there trouble in paradise for Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon? The superstar couple hosted the Project Canvas Charity Event at The Opera Ballroom at Crest in New York City on Friday. But take a look at the photos from the event. If you are a student of body language it is easy to decode Mariah's signals.

Look at the way Mariah is standing next to Nick. It is easy to tell which one is in love with the other more.

Nick's body is pointing toward his love interest, while Mariah stands in every picture as if she is alone.

These images are a perfect example of a woman who has lost interest. Even in the photos where they are standing in close proximity, it still looks like Mariah is in the photo alone. They're heads are not touching and Mariah leans away from her husband.

No part of Mariah's body is pointed toward Nick.

An uninterested woman stands like Mariah, with her legs close together or closed and her arms on her hips or folded across her chest.

That last sign is a classic "I'm not interested" signal. Arms folded across her chest means she is shutting you out symbolically. It means she is either uncomfortable with you or with something you said. You have no chance of getting to 2nd base with her if her arms are folded.

Being aggressive with an uninterested woman by telling her to "relax" or touching her arms is the worst thing you can do. The mere suggestion on your part that she isn't relaxed will put her further on the defensive.

An interested woman will stand with her legs apart and her arms relaxed and by her side. She will gesture with her hands while she's talking to you. She will touch some part of her body, ie, her hair, neck, face, ear or chest. Her body will be turned toward you. If she's aggressive, one foot will point toward you while the other foot is extended outward. The extended leg is meant to be a barrier to keep other women (her competition) from approaching.

But other aggressive women will ignore that barrier if they too are interested in the guy.

The other woman will approach and say "excuse me" to the woman he's talking to, forcing the woman to retract her leg so she can walk by.

This also has the added benefit of grabbing the guy's attention to let him know in a subtle way that she's available in case the chick he's talking to doesn't work out for whatever reason.

I hope things work out for Mariah and Nick. Judging from Mariah's body language it doesn't look too good for Nick.

Photos: Jason Kempin/Getty Images North America

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    • Adair

      Sandra, I think Nick realizes, understands, and accepts Mariah's diva antics. That's probably the reason they are still together. Mariah seems to love attention and Nick gives it to her. But, since I'm not a student of body language, I may be wrong.

    • Adair

      BTW, Mariah is looking pretty good. And Nick looking like "Dang, I can't wait to get her home!" Lol.

    • Hershey

      Hrm, I saw these pics and a lot more on another site and amazingly, you chose these to post and comment on. Nick stepped back and looked at his wife like "this is all mine". Body language between them says nothing in the few pictures you posted. Maybe its just me, but you need tmore experience with a man before yu can read between the lines with a straight couple. Stop wishing bad things for them all you're doing is keeping them together. :coffee:

    • therapist1911

      Students of body wtf I cant

    • EB

      Mariah :heart: Da Brat

    • BoogieNites

      Dont see it. At all. :no:

    • Sandra Rose

      @ Hershey, you're blocked until you change your Gravatar. You were warned.

    • Ni ni

      Nick doesnt look well in the pics up. I hope mariah lose some of the diva attitude. I like them together, hope it works. Nick is a smart man and a very involved father.

    • Ms. Everything

      For not being a body language expert you sure did manage to pick up on a bunch a "body language" from these two Sandra :coffee:

      I don't see trouble in paradise, I see a woman posing for the camera and a husband admiring her in one and looking at something else in another. I'm willing to bet that these shots were snapped by an opportunist while she was posing for someone else as well. People have been forecasting trouble for these 2 since day 1 yet they've managed to outlast quite a few hollywood marriages between people who dated a long time and are closer in age. All I can do is :claps: for them and say keep up the good work

    • elykyeznad

      Sandra, once again you show that you have no idea what you are talking about. This is just foolish you need to stop posting topics that continue to downgrade any credibility you may have.

    • DownBottom

      :happy: I am glad Nick's outward appearance seem to be in better health! Mariah looks nice as well! I :love: her music!

    • Ms. Everything

      @Down Mariah looks good!! I love how she lost the weight but still managed to keep her thickness :thumbsup:

    • Ididntreallymeanit

      Mariah looks good love the dress and shoes :yes:

    • Byrde01

      Ok, Ms. Sandra I guess I'm missing something because I only see one picture where Mariah isn't turned toward Nick. In the picture where he's holding a shoe in each hand he's not turned toward her either. They are both facing straight ahead. I don't now and have never felt there was trouble in paradise or a lack of interest in this relationship. Now, if you wanna talk about body language let's talk about Lala and Carmelo. I'm a fan of both and I love the show, but he doesn't seem the least bit interested in her at times. In a previous post someone said he may not be a fan of PDA, but if your wife sits in your lap you don't push her off and when she tries to kiss you you don't pull away. Anytime they have a conversation, he's more into the TV than what she's saying and he one-word's her to death -- yeah, ok, if you say so (ok that's four words but you get my point).

    • YepIsaidIt

      Sandra Mae Bullock you know that that is nothing but Mariah's trained and practiced photography pose. Please let this couple be. Though they initially seemed like the odd couple to me, I never wished or thought they wouldn't last. But for some people's mind were made up from day one. :no:

    • Zuley

      Forget body language of Mariah and Nick. Am I the only one peeping the S-Curl in Nick Cannon's hair? Look at this pic and tell me I'm tripping Sandra please --->

    • Tainted_Love

      I still don't like them together.... Mainly because I dislike Mariah! She does the absolute most and has the worst style! I still hope there is not trouble.... I hate to see marriages fail, especially with young children involved!

    • dopedillema

      I hope nick is ok. My nurse instincts says nick is not healthy yet. Go spurs

    • zurishay

      That picture looks photoshoped to death.


      She better hold onto that man as long as he wants to make it work, no pun intended Mariah is a Lil cray & every man isn't into that at least not enough to want to marry you-Lol!

    • YepIsaidIt

      I'm mad that Nick has the etch-a-sketch, Sharpie hair line with an S-Curl. :no:

    • ELove

      SIGNALS about Mariah which doesn't have A DAMN THING to do with Nick...

      SHE'S a DIVA !!!
      SHE Luvs her Some WINE & Alcohol
      SHE adores being the CENTER Of ATTENTION
      SHE'S Mariah MF-ing Carey THOUGH !!!

    • LadeeA

      Um the only signals I see is that Mariah is goofy as heck and Nick looks run down. :shrug:

    • scorpio

      Not sure if body language is saying that there's trouble in paradise, but it does look like Nick needs some rest, he looks tired, and Mariah is the type of person that requires a lot of energy, energy he probably doesn't have right now. Hope his health turns around, you can see that he's not the same person as he once was, he looks worried.