LeBron James Jr. may be youngest NBA exec in history, according to USA Today. The 7-year-old, nicknamed “Bron Bron” by his parents, was given a front office job with his dad’s Miami Heat NBA franchise. The distinction was awarded with a court side seat in the NBA executives’ section of the American Airlines Arena.

Junior was sitting court side when his dad, LeBron, accepted his Most Valuable Player trophy during the game 1 victory over the hapless Indiana Pacers in the 2nd round of the playoffs on Sunday. The youngster who turns 8 on October 6 looked snazzy in a tailored suit and tie. It still isn’t clear what Bron Bron’s title is (or his pay scale), but it probably involves a lot more than just pushing paper clips around his desk. Good for Bron Bron!

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    Aww! Lol…He looks so happy for his pops! Even though I’m not a fan of Lebron, I love how he interacts with his family

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    LeBron :cheer:

    Awwwww isn’t he adorable in his wittle suit! :heart:

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    Ok, I am SO done with comments 2-4!


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    :kona: I am about to make these brown sugar cupcakes, they are SO SO yummy!

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    Good for Bron Bron!

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    Damn shame all three of them :yawn: at the same time :lol:

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    Choco aka Hippie says:

    Damn shame all three of them :yawn: at the same time :lol:

    Why did i read this in Future’s Voice with the music in the background


    Damn Shame
    All Three of them
    at the


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    I need some entertainment…Someone tell some sess stories… :yawn:



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    Please be on the look out in the near future. Beyonce and Jayz are plotting to break this record with Little Bo Blue. :coffee:

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    NOT impressed!!!! How many MVP awards is LaBron going to PURCHASE?!!! We ALL know that KD (Kevin Durant) should have won the MVP for this season. Just plain sad:-(.

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    @ hell_on_heels: I’ve seen Kevin Durant play and I was very unimpressed. LeBron has carried his team on his back throughout the season. The Heat do not have a deep bench, and LeBron has played every position on the floor.

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    Whelp, a big azz :yawn: for Lebron, his old lady, and his kids :shrug:

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    Great Job!..