R&B singer Jarvis has gotten rid of his boyish braids and now he is back and ready to make room for you in his bed, his head and his heart.

Now 24, Jarvis just leaked a brand new single, "Make A Little Room," from his upcoming mixtape titled Heartache scheduled to drop Summer of 2012.

Jarvis was originally signed to So So Def Recordings where he released the single and video for "Radio."

His days at So So Def were short lived though, due to the fact that So So Def lost its major distribution deal and went belly up.

Jarvis re-evaluated his situation which led him to a brief partnership with Ludacris' Disturbing Tha Peace Imprint which yielded the popular single "Pretty Girl" ft. Ludacris.

With those missteps behind him, Jarvis is poised for his return, this time as an independent artist.

Currently putting the finishing touches on his DJ Scream & Sense hosted Heartache mixtape project where he is in the studio with the likes of Waka Flocka, Bow Wow, Pitbull, The Runners, Tha Bizness, Rock City, Ester Dean, Adonis Shopshire, Daron Jones of 112, Dre & Vidal and Static/Major to name a few. Jarvis is finally ready to show the world his talents and deliver a solid offering to his fans. "Make A Little Room" video coming soon!

LISTEN "Make A Little Room"




TWITTER: @JarvisTheArtist

Kadife Sylvester
Management for Jarvis

  • Bad Influence

    who dis nugga?

    :woohoo: <---me running around saying this..

  • Hershey

    Why are there two different people up there? ^^^^ he must be local talent in the A cause I've never heard of him :yawn:

  • Cha Cha aka Ms Nae Nae If You Nasty

    PINEAPPLES @ HERSHEYS GRAVI :no: I dont like it!


  • Hershey

    Cha Cha she's very flexible isn't she? :lol:

  • Tertra114

    Awww he's cute with the ceasar, i hope this time around hes more successful!

  • KyCakes

    I like it :whistle: "Make a lil room...."

  • Bad Influence

    Cha'Bellaaaaa *wraps my all around u* hey bebeh :hump:

  • http://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    Hershey says:

    Why are there two different people up there? ^^^^

    One is a picture of him at 16 and a current picture of him.

  • DownBottom

    :whistles: "Make a lil room"....is pretty catchy! :thumbsup: Never had heard of him before now...sounds cool!

    @Sandra, Thanks for the weekend posts for us "weekenders" :biggrin:

  • Ididntreallymeanit

    I like it :)

  • Zuley

    Did the same person who produced "I'm a Flirt" beat do this song? I mean it's nice, but his video is going to have to be excellent to catch people's attention. I wish him the best any who. Sandra is going to kill me for saying this, but when it comes to R&B males Chris Brown is the man to beat (no pun intended).