According to, Kim Kardashian allegedly invited herself backstage at Beyonce's Revel concerts in Atlantic City last weekend.

Kim, who is reportedly banned from Beyonce's inner circle, strolled backstage with her friend, socialite Brittany Gastineau, who started taking random pics as if to prove they were indeed backstage.

But Gawker is adamant that Beyonce did not invite Kim backstage -- as evidenced by the lack of pics with Beyonce in them.

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Add Mary J Blige's name to the long list of celebrities who blame their management for mismanaging their money. The aging R&B star is being sued by TD bank for a $250,000 loan that Mary and her foundation has neglected to pay back.

Blige's Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now (FFAWN) took out the loan back in June 2011. So far the foundation has paid back a mere $368.33, less than seven percent of the total loan.

The bank filed the suit this month to recoup the $250,000, plus late fees and costs.

It sounds like Mary used the foundation to take out a personal loan to pay her rumored mounting debts, and now she can't afford to pay the loan back. She needs a hit record.

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The 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' cast made an appearance at Pearl Bistro in Atlanta Tuesday night. The spin off of the Love & Hip New York show is set to premiere on VH1 on Monday June 18 at 8 p.m.

Grand Hustle GM Hannah Kang is handling the promotions for the show in Atlanta. Hopefully she will add a touch of class. I'm hoping LHH Atlanta isn't going to leave a black mark on Atlanta that will be difficult to erase.

Pictured above, Lil Scrappy's mother, Mama Dee with Mimi, who owns (or used to own) a celebrity house cleaning service that catered to celebrity clientele. I bet she has some great stories to tell.

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Remember that job offer that director/playwright Tyler Perry extended to Bobbi Kristina to guest star on one of his shows? Well, according to Radar Online, Bobbi Kristina walked off the set and quit the show last week.

BK, who is still dealing with the sudden death of her mother, Whitney Houston, is still filming her family's reality show for the Lifetime network, but she apparently doesn't have the acting skills to handle a role on Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse.

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Two weeks after a DeKalb County police officer's wife was brutally assaulted and robbed outside their home, he was arrested for obstruction while a search warrant was being executed on his girlfriend’s residence.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the unidentified wife of DeKalb Police Sgt. Jerry Banks was enjoying an evening out with a friend on May 13. She called Banks around 2 a.m. to tell him she was on her way home after dropping her friend off.

At 3 a.m. the couple's daughter remembered leaving the garage door open and went to close it. She alerted her father that her mother's car was in the driveway.

Banks, who was at home with his daughter and her boyfriend, said he followed a trail of blood from the garage to the spot on the front lawn where his wife lay critically injured. She was transported to Grady hospital where she remained in intensive care on Monday.

The 3 occupants inside the home say they heard nothing outside, according to police reports.

Police do not consider Banks a suspect in his wife's attack -- despite the fact that he was taken into custody on Friday for being "boisterous" and "disobedient" when he was ordered to leave his girlfriend's home.

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Classmates of Rudy Eugene are describing the man accused of mauling a homeless man's face as "a nice gentleman with a warm smile and funny."

“This is not his character,” said Cassandra Metayer, who went to middle school and high school with Eugene.

“This type of behavior is very unexpected,” she added. “He was a good person, a true friend. He was a nice, outgoing ready-to-help-anybody kind of guy."

Eugene, 31, the son of Haitian immigrants, was shot to death on Saturday by a Miami officer who saw him "eating" the face of 65-year-old Ronald Poppo on the MacArthur Causeway just south of Biscayne boulevard.

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Cabaret singer Beyonce gets up close and personal with her Stans as she lays on stage inches away from them on final tour date in Atlantic City! Beyonce's Stans acted like returned triumphantly to the stage after having open heart surgery or something. The girl was babysitting for the past 5 months. What's so special about that?

Beyonce's live sets at the Revel Resort and Casino in Atlantic City was her first since late last year when she performed within days of supposedly giving birth to her first daughter, Blue Ivy.

Many celebrities took to their Twitter pages to remark on Beyonce's performances. Including rap producer The Dream who tweeted: "Beyonce Knowles May very well be the Baddest MFkr on stage Live Since MJ! Period! Point Blank."

And Beyonce's husband, Jay Z, tweeted:
"I'm gonna say this and then I'm gonna end mine." BEYONCE is the best performer in the world. Period.

But not everyone was impressed.

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According to celebrity blogger Thad McAdams of, last night Mike Gardner and Headliner Market Group, who brings you the hottest party in the world LIV On Sunday, held South Beach's Biggest Memorial Day Finale, featuring Trina, Trey Songz, Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, JR Smith, Bryant McKinney and Red Cafe. Club Amnesia closed out the Memorial Day weekend with the sounds of Stevie J on the 1's & 2's!

If you missed the party, don't worry, Exclusive Access has got you covered!

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By now you've all heard the horrific story of the naked Miami man who mauled another naked man's face with his bare teeth.

According to Miami law enforcement officials, the cannibal might have been under the influence of common household "bath salts" when he ate the flesh of an unidentified homeless man on the MacArthur Causeway in Miami on Saturday.

Rudy Eugene, 31, (pictured above) was shot and killed after a Miami police officer was flagged down by a bicyclist who happened upon the gory scene. Eugene continued to eat the man's face even after being shot once in the chest. He reportedly growled like an animal as he swallowed pieces of flesh.

According to the Miami Herald, Eugene was shot six times by the cop who is being hailed by his superiors as a hero.

The victim was taken to Jackson Memorial Ryder Trauma center where he remains in critical condition. The man's face is reportedly unrecognizable as human after Eugene ate part of his nose, cheeks, ears, and gouged out his eyes.

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