Unlike Sean Combs, I bet rapper 2 Chainz pays his bills. The rapper was wrongly detained by New York's finest when they mistook 2 Chainz's rap accessory for a dangerous weapon at NY's LaGuardia airport.

2 Chainz, formerly Tity Boi, was released after the po-po examined the 4-finger ring chain, which police assumed was an illegal pair of brass knuckles.

"They tried to assassinate my character, they tried to assassinate my swag," 2 Chainz told MTV News in an exclusive telephone interview. "It was just a negative dilemma earlier where someone misconstrued a piece of jewelry for a weapon and stuff."

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Gossip tabloid The National Enquirer has published photos of a cross-dressing John Travolta in this week's issue. In the photos, which weren't snapped on a movie set, Travolta, 58, wears full makeup, a pink dress and a blond wig pulled back into a ponytail.

According to The Enquirer, the photos were taken at a party in 1999 -- six years after he married his long-suffering wife of 23 years, Kelly Preston.

Now comes word that Preston has left Travolta after enduring years of Travolta's cross-dressing fetish, and other bizarre behaviors.

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Hollywood's reigning Royal couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith attended the 'Men In Black 3' After Party on the U.S.S. Intrepid in NYC Thursday night. I love the gown, but Jada looks like she's dressed for the prom.
Photo: Richie Buxo/Splash News

The one good thing to come out of this Kanye West/Kim Kardashian publicity stunt is Kanye convinced Kim to stop wearing those ridiculous super-sized butt pads. I guess Kim doesn't think we notice that her pads are now 2 sizes smaller? It seems that Kanye is has successfully advised Kim on how absurd she looks with those butt pads. Kim and Kanye attended the 'Kanye West hosts 'Cruel Summer' event during the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, Wednesday.

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No one can call Tamika Scott a hoodrat or baby mama. Tamika's daughter, O'Shun (who knows her daddy) graduated from high school this week, according to Tameka "Tiny" Harris's digital media director, Crystal, of Xscapesightings.com.

I remember when O'Shun was a baby! They grow up so quickly! Congrats to Tamika and O'Shun! And thanks to Crystal for the pics!

Crystal writes:

I don't know if you want to post these but I know ______ ________ posted pics of Shar Jackson's daughter who graduated from HS. Tamika Scott of Xscape daughter O'shun graduated this past Tuesday with honors. She is going to college to become a occupational therapist. This is O'shun with her longtime boyfriend Aaron.

Superstar Rihanna debuted her new natty dreads hairstyle Wednesday night during the 2012 American Idol Final Results show. Rihanna whipped her butt length dreads back and forth while performing her hit single "Where Have You Been" during the Finale.

Earlier, Rihanna tweeted a pic of her new dreads extensions, shocking her fans who doubted she was really making the transition to dreads.

Rihanna told her fans on Twitter.com she long wanted dreads since she was 14, but her mother wouldn't allow it. Another follower asked Rihanna if her new hair was heavy. Rihanna responded: "as Goliath's balls."

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Singers Fantasia Barrino and Joshua Ledet brought the house down with their rousing rendition of "Take Me To The Pilot" during Fox's 'American Idol 2012' results show at Nokia Theatre L.A. on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Georgia's own Phillip Phillips was named American Idol winner after a record 132 million votes were cast.

Fantasia, who retained her baby fat after giving birth to her son, wore outfits that accentuated her voluptuous curves. Rather than appreciate the gift of Fantasia and Joshua's amazing talents, social network users were more concerned with what Fantasia was wearing. Just messy.

Watch the performance after the break!

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Update: Police have contacted the mother of a 1-year-old baby boy who was seen trapped inside a washing machine on a viral YouTube video.

The video was uploaded to YouTube where it garnered millions of hits.

The mother, Sakia David, 24, told NBC10 she left her son, Saimeir Bush, in the care of a babysitter earlier this month.

The babysitter, along with an acquaintance whom Sakia says she did not know, took Saimeir to the Federal Laundromat in Camden a couple of weeks ago.

Sakia told NBC10 had no idea what had happened to her son until she saw the video footage on the evening news. Sakia said she asked the babysitter about the incident but the babysitter denied that was Saimeir in the video.

Sakia said she believes the incident was an accident and that the unidentified male was playing with her son when he put Saimeir in the washer.

All the same, Sakia says she won't use the unidentified baby sitter again.

“Nobody should ever put a child in a washing machine,” said Saimeir’s grandmother Doreen Bey.

The Prosecutor's Office told NBC10 they have spoken with the babysitter and her male acquaintance but no one will be charged.

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One blogger shares my sentiments that singer Willow Smith is crying out for attention from her superstar parents.

Crushable.com is convinced that the 11-year-old's bizarre outfits and nonconformist hairstyles are actually a desperate plea for attention.

While I give her major props for her unique fashion choices and her determination not to blend in with the crowd, I can’t help but wonder if this latest extreme outfit is actually a plea for her attention from her parents.

According to the Lucy Daniels Center, kids who cry out for attention usually suppress intense feelings of anxiety, depression, sadness and frustration.

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More exclusive details from the ongoing Raymond vs Raymond child custody hearing.

According to Dennis Byron, of HipHopEnquirer.com, Tameka Foster's attorney Lisa West resumed her grilling of singer Usher Raymond on the witness stand today as the media was allowed back into the courtroom.

Usher lost his cool when Tameka's attorney asked him a question about a deposition. "I'm not finished speaking," said Usher, interrupting West's objection. But the judge set him straight, saying "You have to stop talking when the attorney objects."

"I'm sorry," said Usher sheepishly as he lowered his head.

Watch the Exclusive video, courtesy of HipHopEnquirer.com, after the break!

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