Accused pedophile Jerry Sandusky will no longer prey on innocent children in Pennsylvania. After hearing nine days of testimony, the 12 member jury deliberated 23 hours before convicting the 68-year-old retired Penn State football coach of 45 of 48 charges of aggravated child sex abuse in Bellefonte, PA on Friday.

Sandusky was originally charged with 52 counts of sexual abuse of young boys over a 15-year period. The judge presiding over the case dropped 4 of the charges Friday.

Sandusky used his status as a Penn State coach to molest young boys inside Penn State sports facilities for over a decade due to the culture of silence that prevailed among school officials and coaches at Penn State.

The sensational case attracted news media from all over the country who camped outside the courthouse awaiting the verdict. Sandusky will die in prison.

Photo: Reuters Pictures

  • Manuel Mexico

    Finally! Wish the bastard would have did something to a child of mine. He wouldn't have lived to see the courtroom!

  • MochaT

    So happy to hear this!!! His a$$ needs to be treated like he treated all of the children he violated!!!!

  • mizzdallas

    I betyou he wont have that funny azz smirk on his face when his tooted and booted for pookie & nem getting butt rapped in prison population...

  • mizzdallas


    I said the samething, I dont have any kids and thank god I dont, I would have took matters in my own hands..

  • Ms. Everything

    :claps: :claps:

    But for real, no amount of time served, no punishment or torture given him in jail will replace the childhoods, innocence, dignity and respect he stole from those children. So while it's great to see justice served for once at the same time it's not really cause for celebration either

  • Ms. Everything

    But uhmm Ms. Sandra? You can drop the accused from his name. He's now "convicted piece of shit pedophile jerry sandusky"

  • MochaT

    Ms. Everything says:

    But uhmm Ms. Sandra? You can drop the accused from his name. He’s now “convicted piece of **** pedophile jerry sandusky”

    I agree!!! and @mizzdallas, you are right, they won't get their innocence back, but I pray this brings some sort of closure to this nightmare. I honestly feel as though death would be to good for him!!!

  • lady_cn

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm :pray: for all of the victims and victim's families.

  • lady_cn

    His azz won't last in jail. Then again he might like it. :coffee:

  • BigCityGirl

    Wonderful!!!! Whats done in the dark eventually comes to light... Sorry it took so long, but he is going where he belongs... Confined and away from innocent children. Praying for the victims and their families... May they find peace

  • Sandra Rose

    mizzdallas says:

    I betyou he wont have that funny azz smirk on his face when his tooted and booted for pookie & nem getting butt rapped in prison population…

    He had a look of disbelief on his face when they walked him out of the courthouse tonight.

  • Sandra Rose

    @ Ms. Everything: He was accused before he was convicted. I couldn't write that convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky was convicted by a jury. That wouldn't make sense.

  • Ms. Everything

    You're right, it's been a long week and my reading isn't being fundamental right now :lol: or maybe I just wanted to read that he's a convicted piece of ish pedophile

  • Sandra Rose

    @ Manuel Mexico: In reality, the men who molest your sons are trusted family members, teachers and coaches -- none of whom you would be inclined to kill. In fact, you are more likely to be in denial about the accusations.

  • butterfly197420

    Justice! Finally! Now he needs to start greasing that :buttshake: since he's so attracted to boys! :vomit: BASTARD!

  • Necelove

    butterfly197420 says:

    Justice! Finally! Now he needs to start greasing that :buttshake: since he’s so attracted to boys! :vomit: BASTARD!

    No Comment :tape: Well Said!

  • Selle

    No one told me there was a posting party going on! This is sickening, always worries me about sending my daughters anywhere with males and females. He better get life, just like that black man just did for molesting children.

  • missmiami

    :shotsfired: I will go to jail over mine if I have to.

  • kingstonn

    i hear they asked him if he liked boys, to which he replied "i cannot lie".. smh. :shotsfired:

  • bashword

    This is disgusting and he gives the positive male figures that are really helping children a bad name

  • Paige

    It's just so sad nobody said ANYTHING to the police years ago.

  • BayMami_de4

    He deserved the life sentence he got! He is a predator and would continue to molest if he ever got out.
    I so agree with you Sandra, these predators are most of the time trusted people and that is how they get away with it.
    As for Sandusky's wife...........she will answer one day for turning a blind eye and ignoring what she KNOWs is truth.

  • Fayla aka IWhipIt..WhipItRealGood:)

    :cheer: :clap: :yahoo:
    i love it when the justice system actually works!
    may the victims heal :heart:

  • Ni ni

    I wonder if sanduskys son is going to bring separate charges for his assaults. I wanna see the wife go down, the school officials, the school counselor that told the student sandusky wouldnt do domething like that. All of em should go to jail.

  • charleybrown

    "Sandusky will die in prison." GOOD! His sorry, low down, disgusting ass deserves to. They need to have a trial now for that trifling ass wife and that red head Archie MoFo that walked in the locker room and didnt do a damn thang!

  • BoogieNites

    yesyes, justice served :yahoo:

  • butterfly197420

    Best believe there will be some sorry azz women out there writing him and whatnot, proclaiming his "innocence". I can't stand dumbazz females! That's the same ones that will leave their kids with just anybody. Not I! :cuss: @ ALL PEDOPHILES and the WOMEN who support them! :shotsfired1: