• Victoria


  • mayrenest

    I agree with Victoria!!!!! Ha indeed!!

  • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/013bffe071b9d51be965232a15d2fbae?s=80 blkboytn

    Wow really?! I'm so over this man.

  • yallcrazy

    :welcome: V, Mayne, and bboy :D

  • yallcrazy


  • YSoSrs

    :shrugs: :obama:

  • Smonae80

    :obama: I will be volunteering next week making calls to make sure our youth are registered & voting

  • EB

    Text JEEP to #5999 to donate $5 to my Jeep fund.

  • West Coast Chick

    Obama on my momma :yes:

  • Ni ni

    Im gonna start looking at independents this year. The repubs and dems have both had it too long.

  • charleybrown


  • Ty

    Have a great weekend Roses!!!! :obama:

  • Ms. Everything

    3 things:

    1. :obama:

    2. Romney is probably kicking himself for not thinking of this first

    3. :obama:

    and before I go :obama: again

  • peanutbuttercup

    He can't be serious.

  • BoogieNites

    it's called fundraising. hellooooooo :hi:

    :obama: 4 more years ! ! ! !

  • butterfly197420

    Dayum! Fa real!? That's some ????...I done heard it all.