The NY Daily News exaggerates a surveillance video showing a teacher restraining a troubled 15-year-old boy in a New York school.

Using misleading language describing security dean Steven Hudson’s actions as a “severe beating,” the newspaper showed the video to student Kristoff John’s mom.

The troubled 15-year-old was restrained at Technical Education High School in Brooklyn.

“Oh my god!” she gasped when she saw Kristoff John being restrained during the March 6 incident at school. “No! No! No!”

“They lied to me!” the betrayed mom said tearfully when The News showed her the clip for the first time. “No one wants to see their son taken advantage of and beaten like this.”

After uniformed police arrive on the scene Kristoff continues to fight them as he is restrained.

“I was fearing for my life,” he said. “I was surprised he hit me. I didn’t have time to think,” said Kristoff.

In fact the boy is the aggressor. But you can’t tell that by reading the Daily News article.

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Update 3, 10:29 am ET: The chief justice ruled that ObamaCare is unconstitutional under the commerce clause, but the court justified the law under the tax clause. This means ObamaCare is justified as a tax. So Uncle Sam will get more of our money.

We will all be forced to purchase health insurance just as we are required to buy car insurance. Those who choose not to purchase health insurance under the law will be taxed $695 or 2.5% of your income, whichever is greater.

The IRS will have to hire a lot more people to enforce the law.

If you lose your job, you will still be required to buy health insurance just as you are required to pay your car insurance.

The United States is now a socialist country.

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Well-respected music producer Quincy Jones joins the long list of people wondering why rapper Sean Combs is still relevant musically.

“P. Diddy wouldn’t know a B-flat” if it hit him in the face, said Jones to singer Bruno Mars at an event to launch a new music app on Tuesday. “P. Diddy has a doctorate in marketing. He’s got clothes companies and Ciroc vodka,” said Jones after telling the audience to “learn your craft.”

Most so-called “producers” actually depend on real producers who create the music but see the credit go to the bigger name producer, such as Sean Combs.

Case in point: An unknown Stevie J languished behind the mixing boards in the studio crafting music for Puff Daddy, who then took all the credit in the 1990s.

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A Chicago judge today ruled that Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife can’t visit her sons in the Chicago area where she owns a home. Siovaughn Funches-Wade must travel to Florida to visit her sons under supervision.

The judge deferred her final decision on Funches-Wade’s custody rights until July 9.

The temporary ruling comes less than a week after Wade and the Miami Heat won the NBA title against the OKC Thunder in Miami.

Funches-Wade was arrested and charged with child abduction for allegedly failing to return their sons, ages 10 and five, to Wade in a timely manner over the Father’s Day weekend.

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A Hispanic man who was freed in a controversial Stand Your Ground ruling in the death of a car thief was shot and killed Tuesday.

Greyston Garcia, of Miami, was shot in the neck late Tuesday by a stray bullet as he drove his truck through the rough Liberty City section of Miami.

The Miami Herald reports that Garcia was caught in the middle of a gang shootout when he was killed.

An unidentified 16-year-old male was also shot and killed during the shootout.

In a controversial decision in March, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Beth Bloom ruled Garcia acted in self-defense when he chased Pedro Roteta several blocks and stabbed him to death.

Click here to read more posted the new single cover for Keyshia Cole’s next hit “Enough of No Love”. Doesn’t she look hawt?! The midtempo single will be released via iTunes on June 10. But you can here a snippet of Keyshia’s much-anticipated track right here on this Friday! So make sure to check back!

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  • Voice samples of murder suspect George Zimmerman were released today as part of the discovery in the Trayvon Martin murder case in Florida.

    Zimmerman, 28, can be heard yelling “Help, help,” repeatedly in voice reenactment audio samples recorded on March 22. The voice samples were used by investigators to be compared with the male voice heard crying on a 911 call.

    Zimmerman told police he called out for help before shooting and killing the 17-year-old high school student on Feb. 26. But 2 independent voice analysts hired by the Orlando Sentinel determined that Zimmerman’s voice did not match the voice heard crying on the 911 tape.

    You can judge for yourself by clicking HERE.

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    Jennifer Hudson was so stressed out after the murder trial of her brother-in-law William Balfour that she called off her wedding to fiance David Otunga, again.

    Balfour was convicted of murdering Hudson’s mother, brother and son by a Chicago jury in May.

    According to an insider, “Jennifer started feeling like it just wasn’t right. So many bad things have happened since they got engaged in 2008 that have prevented them from finally getting married, and she was worried that she was just trying too hard to make something happen that wasn’t meant to be.”

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