Troubled singer Rihanna has found a new love, according to the wire services. Rihanna, 24, embarked on a much-needed vacation in Sardinia over the weekend — but she wasn’t alone. Instead of her normal crew of lonely single ladies, Rihanna was accompanied on a boat by a muscular Pittbull look-a-like (Pittbull is a Latino Miami rapper, in case you’ve never heard of him).

No word on who her new paramour is, but judging from Rihanna’s ecstatic tweets, she seems to be smitten by him. A jubilant RiRi sang his praises in a series of tweets on her verified Twitter page this morning.

Update: Loyal reader Zoi M. writes, “Sandra, those are the words to Mary Marys, gospel group, song Be Happy that Rihanna tweeted. So yes she is talking about finding God. When you gone let me join!!”

None of this has been confirmed by my rock-solid source within Rihanna’s record label. The media has speculated — incorrectly — about Rihanna’s love life recently, but the paps seem to be sure that this guy is the real thing!

I will update this post with details on Rihanna’s new man as soon as they are available!

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