Despite what you may have heard from the Democrats or the White House, the love affair between black people and President Obama is over. Black people love Mitt Romney, as this campaign video proves.

In the video, titled “We Need Mitt Romney,” a sister states, "We need in our next president someone who will be honest, open and transparent."

President Obama received 95% of the black vote in 2008. But he promptly broke all the promises that he made, including the promises that his administration would be honest, open and transparent.

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There is always a dominant partner in any relationship, business or interpersonal. For example, a gold digger is always the one who's running things, even if the man acts as if he's in charge. You can easily tell who is in charge by the body language they display.

Take for instance this seemingly innocent kiss between NBA star Chris Bosh, of the champion Miami Heat, and his wife Adrienne in Venice, Italy today. See how she holds his face in both hands while guiding him to her? That's a sign of total domination and control. You see this often when a female takes away from the relationship more than she is giving.

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Troubled singer Chris Brown partied with his long-suffering girlfriend, Karrueche Tran and Paris Hilton at Gotha Nightclub in Cannes, France Wednesday morning. Despite the fact that Karrueche never leaves CB's side, the media continues to entertain stories of Brown slipping away to be with ex-girlfriend Rihanna. It may be true, but word is that Brown is sleeping with other women, too -- and Karrueche knows that. But she refuses to leave. Yesterday Brown tweeted, "I'm trying my best to be the greatest person I can be (not just artist)." Good luck with that.
Photos: CelebrityVibe / Splash News

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  • Jackson family matriarch Katherine Jackson returned home just hours after a judge suspended her legal guardianship over Michael Jackson's 3 children.

    Katherine left Arizona by car Wednesday and arrived at her Calabasas, CA home around 1 a.m. Thursday accompanied by a police escort.

    Michael's daughter, Paris Jackson, 14, tweeted "grandma's here ! #thankyougod." Middle son Marlon Jackson also tweeted his mother was home, adding that his siblings joined her on a television interview without notifying him.

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    More Hate mail. This one is from one of my supposedly loyal readers.

    Hello there,

    To answer your question "who moves to Toronto"? The people who no longer wants to live in a racist, backward, gun toting, broke ass, no health car country like America. That, Sandra, is who moves to Toronto. You have pissed me off many time before but those dumb statements was just you talking out of your ass and not worth a response. You're still talking out of your ass but I was born in Toronto so I had to respond.

    Before you make foolish backward statements you should do your research.

    Anyhow, I still like your blog, even though you are very rude and crude at times.

    By the way.leave Beyonce alone, your jealousy shows whenever you write about her.also Barack Obama is the best thing that America as ever had and you know it!

    Take care,

    One of your undercover readers who's too ashamed to say it loudly J

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  • If the Jackson drama was a publicity stunt to promote the Jackson brothers' tour, it has backfired badly.

    A California judge has suspended Katherine Jackson as the legal guardian of the late Michael Jackson's 3 children. In an emergency hearing today, the judge appointed TJ Jackson, son of Jackson 5 original member Tito Jackson, as the children's temporary guardian. TJ Jackson was a member of the 1990s music group 3T.

    According to TJ's uncle, Jermaine Jackson, Katherine Jackson suffered a mild stroke months ago which left her physically unable to care for the children.

    "This is not a power play by TJ Jackson," L.A. Superior Court Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff said at an emergency hearing today. "This is based on the allegation that Katherine Jackson is being prevented from acting as guardian."

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    After two days of shooting, tons of creativity, one star rapper, and everything in between, emerges the video for the summer’s go to song, “Jingalin” off of Ludacris’ new album Ludaversal coming later this year! Luda has deemed it his craziest video of his career. Care to see why? Watch the official behind the scenes footage here. Tune in to MTV this Sunday to watch the premiere of “Jingalin” on MTV Sucker Free and on

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    According to celebrity photographer Thad of, model Tocarra Jones partied with her new man Bryant Mckinnie (offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens) at Cameo's on South Beach Tuesday night. Apparently Bryant and Tocarra have been an item for months. Tocarra was previously paired with Jason Newsome, winner of Ultimate Merger 2.

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    Singer Frank Ocean's new album, Channel Orange, weaves a tapestry of triumph over unrequited love. The public's acceptance of Channel Orange, with its flood of emotions and quiet angst, helped the album debut at #2 on the Billboard charts.

    Announcing his homosexuality prior to the release of 'Orange' was a well-calculated marketing strategy. Now Ocean, 24, is ready to make his next big move -- to Toronto -- where his rumored lover, Drake, 24, was born and still resides.

    I mean, who moves to Toronto?

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