Police responded to a domestic disturbance call at Katherine Jackson’s residence in Calabasas, California Monday evening.

According to published reports, Janet Jackson faced off with her niece, Paris Jackson, who was spilling family secrets to the world via social networking website Twitter.com. A surveillance video shows Jackson repeatedly attempting to snatch Paris’s cell phone out of her hand. Janet apparently attempted to discipline the impulsive 14-year-old, who thinks she’s grown, but Paris refused to hand her phone over to Janet.

At some point Paris tweeted “Gotta love fam.”

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Singer Christina Milian and her daughter Violet Nash were spotted splashing in the surf on Miami Beach Saturday. C-Mili showed off her rock hard abs that made her the envy of every pot-bellied man on the beach. Speaking of pot-bellied men; Violet’s daddy is music producer Terius “The Dream” Nash.

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Imagine a world without color, where the landscape is stark black and white with muted shades of gray. Imagine a world where everyone looks the same, where there is no creativity or originality; we all dress the same and wear our hair the same. How boring would life be?

Women look to celebrities like Tameka “Tiny” Harris for their fashion inspiration. Others tear her down because they lack self esteem, and Tiny has a life that they can only dream about.

Over the weekend, Tiny’s mom, Dianne Pope, emailed me her response to this poison pen post on a little known blog. The post was written by a miserable chick with too much time on her hands — who shamelessly admits that she lusts after Tiny’s man, rapper T.I.

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What are the odds that HIV/AIDS spokesman Magic Johnson would run into both Chris Brown and Rihanna in the same weekend? Brown, 23, and his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, 24, are in St. Tropez, France, where they bumped into Johnson, 52.

Rapper Ludacris and music producer Swizz Beatz are also hanging out in France. Luda and Brown went up in a helicopter to do a little sight-seeing.

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Colorado mass murder suspect James Holmes made his first appearance in a Colorado courtroom moments ago. He is being held without bond in the shooting deaths of 12 film goers and injuring 58 others during a midnight screening of Batman: Dark Knight Rises early Friday. Holmes appeared to be heavily medicated as the judge explained that his case qualifies for 1st degree murder charges.

Holmes wore prison-issued clothing when he was escorted into the courtroom by armed guards. He appeared to nod off many times during the court hearing. At other times he struggled to keep his eyes open. Formal charges will be brought against Holmes on Monday.

Psychotic detainees are sometimes medicated if they are combative or pose a threat to others prior to a court hearing.

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  • Androgynous rapper Tyga allowed himself to be photographed with his pregnant muse, former stripper Chyna Blac. As you know, Tyga knocked up Chyna just minutes after he met her in a Miami strip club months ago. Meanwhile, according to my west coast connect, Tyga is telling friends that he can’t stand the sight of Chyna. My source tells me that there is a lot of screaming and plate throwing in the Tyga household lately.

    In fact, the air is so charged with static that Tyga has reportedly taken up temporary residence with someone else……

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    Critics and child advocates called for the NCAA to levy the so-called “death penalty” on Penn State. But just moments ago, NCAA president Mark Emmert hit Penn State with a $60 million fine and a 4-year suspension during a press conference.

    Saying Penn State was too big to fail, Emmert spared Penn State the dreaded “death penalty.” Instead, he stripped the school of its football wins from 1998 through 2011 — which places Joe Paterno behind football legends Eddie Robinson and Bear Bryant as the most winningest coaches in football history.

    In addition to losing 1 year in football revenues, the NCAA also imposed a 4-year bowl ban on Penn State. The NCAA will allow Penn State football players to transfer to other schools where they will be eligible to play immediately.

    The announcement came one day after demolition crews tore down the Joe Paterno statue on the Penn State campus. Paterno, who died in January, is accused of turning a blind eye toward the child molestation charges lodged against his former coach Jerry Sandusky.

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