Create your own ‘Wizard Obama’ meme

According to, New York Magazine was the first to spot this photo of President Obama taken by AP photog Carolyn Kaster at an Obama rally in Iowa. The photo of the president, seemingly holding the sun in his bare hands, has gone viral online, and turned into a Wizard-themed meme.

See the original photo here, and create your own “Wizard Obama” meme at the meme Generator.

See my “Wizard Obama” meme after the break. Thanks to loyal reader Ernest O. for the tip!

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      cosign with @ Yall


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      agreed w/everyone above

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      yeah…wtf is this :lame: shat??

      :obama: beeyotch :lolsign:

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      All I know is I strongly dislike the word “meme”. Carry on. :coffee:

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      :lame: agane

      :lolsign: <–looks like he's carrying an ax :lol: #redneckstyle #nooffense

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