Loyal reader Tamika G writes:

Hello Ms.Rose,

My name is Tamika G. I am a native of Brooklyn. I am 25 years old, and I share my life with my fraternal twin. She encouraged me to share my photos. I am the second youngest of four children from a single parent and my Queen has raised a beautiful set of children. We've all graduated with a degree and are all debt free, and that task is not an easy one! With that achievement I am looking to become a Radiology Tech and eventually open my own diagnostic center.

It's been a long dream of mines and I am close to it, and that is because of the guidelines and shelter provided for me and my siblings. I'd like to share my photos because while I was always shy as a young girl, I am a blooming young woman that no longer covers her mouth when smiling. I love to pass a smile through photos, you never know who it might reach!

I'd also like to give some sunlight to my twin Tiffany on finding her first job as a Medical Laboratory Scientist right out of college. (I love sharing things I do with her, hate to leave her out) :)

Thank You for your consideration

Tamika G

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