Prince Harry was caught with his pants down -- literally -- during a randy game of strip pool in his Las Vegas hotel suite. Photos of Harry completely naked were leaked (read: sold) to TMZ by a guest in Harry's private suite at the Wynn hotel this weekend.

According to TMZ, Harry and his sizable entourage went down to the hotel bar and met a bunch of hot chicks who he invited up to his VIP suite. Harry and the ladies participated in a game of strip billiards -- and presumably, the prince lost the game.

The naked prince, who is third in line to the throne (behind the Queen of England and his brother Prince William), can be seen cupping his genitals in one pic and humping a naked female guest in another pic.

Britons have seen it all before, and they say they are not offended by the 27-year-old prince's latest antics.

CAUTION: The following photos contain graphic nudity.

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"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Nene Leakes just recently learned she is a grandmother. According to In Touch magazine, NeNe's son Bryson, 22, knocked up Ashley, 21, who gave birth to adorable little Bri’Asia in mid-June. Congrats to NeNe and Bryson!

From In Touch:

I only found out about everything because I ran into Ashley when she was more than six months along. I said, ‘You look pregnant.’ and she said, ‘Hasn’t Bryson told you?’ But he hadn’t because he knew that I wouldn’t approve of him having a child so young. I didn’t feel like he was ready for such a big responsibility. I was his age when I had him, so I know how tough it is. I didn’t want him to make the same mistakes that I did. I needed to let it sink in. I always wanted to have a girl and now I have one! She’s just adorable. I paid for everything in the nursery… the clothing, the diapers,little dresses, sparkly headbands, and Gucci shoes. I don’t want her to feel strapped. We just love her!

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    Family members of a slain Dallas woman are angry that the Dallas police didn't do enough to save her after she called 911 two days earlier to report her ex-husband was attacking her.

    Deanna Cook-Patrick, 32, was found dead in her bathtub on Sunday after family members kicked in her front door.

    Police say Cook called 911 from her cell phone, delaying the response time by 9 minutes. Once Cook's address was established, the dispatcher did not inform the officers in the field that Cook was under attack -- even though her screams could be heard during the 11-minute 911 call. Police knocked on Cook's door but left when there was no response.

    "In my personal opinion, I don't think they cared enough. I think they had already given up. Seen it was useless and didn't think it was worth their time or effort," the victim's sister, Valecia Battle, told Fox News.

    Police arrested Cook's ex-husband, Delvecchio Patrick, and charged him with murder. He is being held on $500,000 bail.

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    A 32-year-old Dallas woman was found dead in her bathtub 2 days after calling 911 for help, according to published reports. Police arrested Deanna Cook Patrick's ex-husband, Delvecchio Patrick, 35, and charged him with murder.

    The Dallas police department is conducting an internal investigation into the handling of Ms. Cook's 911 call on Friday, Aug. 17.

    According to police records, Cook, who dialed 911 from her cell phone, could be heard screaming for her ex-husband to stop attacking her. "Delvecchio, why are you doing this?" she yelled.

    "Red, please stop, I didn't do anything to you," she said, referring to Patrick by his nickname.

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    Rap troll Lil Wayne, 29, got up close and cozy with notorious author, and former pr0n star, Karrine Steffans at 1 OAK Nightclub in Las Vegas, on Monday. Wayne and Karrine reminisced about old times when she used to service him for chump change before he started earning major coins as the #1 artist on Cash Money records. Karrine wrote the book on gold digging, while most groupies only hint about the stories they would tell if they had a book deal.

    Pop quiz: let's see if you ladies learned enough from my posts to snag a baller. Can you name the brand of watch that Weezy is wearing in the pictures?

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    Monday night was the series premiere of TV One's "R&B Divas" starring (L-R) Monifah, Nicci Gilbert, Faith Evans, Syleena Johnson and Keke Wyatt. The show's story line revolves around Evans' plan to get the 5 women in the studio to record a blockbuster R&B album together.

    But actually 'R&B Divas' -- which is filmed in Atlanta -- is just another reality show that focuses on black women and their dysfunctional relationships with men and with each other. The premiere episode set the tone for the rest of the series by highlighting each woman's flaws.

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    According to lifestyle blogger Tami, of, talk show Diva Wendy Williams' new season will be coming to you live from Central Park. Filming of Wendy's new season of The Wendy Williams Show began last week. Wendy looked great in her orange dress and tan heels. I'm told the string on the chair legs makes it easy for the production crew to quickly pull Wendy under a tarp when it rains.

    Follow Wendy on at @WendyWilliams, and follow Tami at @Talkingwithtami.

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  • Tameka Foster-Raymond won a small victory in court on Monday. Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane found singer Usher Raymond, 33, in "willful contempt" of court for violating provisions of a 2009 settlement agreement concerning his two sons with ex-wife, Foster-Raymond.

    According to court documents obtained by Hip Hop Enquirer blog, Judge Tipton Lane found that Mr. Raymond traveled with their two boys outside of Georgia without Foster-Raymond's permission, and that he refused to inform her of the children's whereabouts.

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    Nike is selling LeBron James' new basketball shoes for $315. No, that's not a typo. Nike blames the absurd price on the "increased costs of materials" such as cotton and shipping costs. The 'LeBron X Nike Plus' shoes debuted during the USA vs Spain gold medal game at the 2012 London Olympics.

    LeBron's 1st sneaker release was in 2003. That shoe sold for $110. The price increase comes as Nike continues its free-fall in the stock market. Nike's margins are now lower than most of its direct competitors, including rival Adidas, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    Critics of Nike's price increases are taking to social networking websites to urge others not to buy the high-priced sneakers.

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    Loyal reader Asia asks an interesting question about the Smith family's youngest member, Willow Smith. Asia wonders what would compel young Willow Smith to post a handwritten letter on Instagram begging the late rapper Tupac Shakur to come back from the dead so her mother, Jada Pinkett-Smith, can be happy.

    Asia questions why a 5-year-old would be so concerned with her mother's past love life and not her current love life. If Jada is that unhappy with Will Smith maybe she should get a divorce and find someone -- who is preferably breathing -- whom she can be happy with.

    Obviously this is yet another shameful attempt by young Willow to bring attention to herself. Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith have failed as parents.

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    Over the weekend, R&B Diva Monica Brown tweeted pics from her husband Shannon Brown's Wood-Star Music Festival in Chicago. The 3-day Wood-Star music festival was founded by Shannon and includes entertainment, empowerment and culture with proceeds benefitting the Shannon Brown Foundation. Celebs taking part in the music festival included Fantasia Barrino, Slick Rick, Doug E Fresh, Ed Lover (Yo! MTV Raps) and more!

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    Loyal reader Omar writes:

    Hi Sandra, everyday when i get into the office, I have to check your site. Yes, I know, as a dude it seems a little funny that I check your site everyday but, you have all the good info and topics that I like to read about. I am an up and coming Actor from Brooklyn, NY and I'm hoping that you can post my pics as part of your "Morning Wood". I would appreciate it very much! I also have two monologues that can be found on my Youtube channel "Omartop1".

    MEN: If you would like to be considered for MORNING WOOD, please email 5-6 of your best studio quality photos, including shirtless shots, to sandra @ (remove spaces).

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    Tameka Foster-Raymond's frustrations boiled over on Saturday when she took to her Twitter page to attack ex-husband Usher Raymond's girlfriend/manager, Grace Miguel.

    Foster-Raymond -- who is locked in a bitter child custody battle with Usher -- tweeted: "Heck, if was barren, sterile, infertile, I'd probably want another womans sons too.." The tweet was most likely in reference to Usher's 40-something girlfriend, who reportedly controls every aspect of his life.

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    Superior court Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane is expected to return with a verdict in the bitter Raymond vs Raymond child custody case sometime today.

    My confidential source has uncovered a blockbuster revelation that may tip the scales of justice in singer Usher Raymond's favor. Apparently, Usher has an ace in the hole that his ex-wife Tameka Foster-Raymond doesn't know about. Read more after the break!

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    Let's face it: President Obama's 1st term in the White House falls just short of even the lowest expectations of him. Mr. Obama promised to create new jobs and to bring relief to homeowners who faced foreclosure. Instead, Obama spent billions bailing out the bankers and the auto industry.

    Still, the unemployment rate hovers over 8% -- another promise broken.

    The president covers the current Newsweek magazine, and the cover story, written by Niall Ferguson, pulls no punches.

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    Beyonce rushed this video into production to respond to Harry Belafonte's criticism that she and her husband Jay Z turned their backs on their social responsibilities. Beyonce was alarmed by singer Harry Belafonte's statements blasting the couple for not doing enough for minorities in Hollywood.

    Within hours of Belafonte's statements, Beyonce was posing for photo ops with with UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon, the day before shooting her video.

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    An enraged wedding guest brought his pitbull to a wedding reception and ordered it to attack the new bride, according to Denver police.

    Brittany Schults suffered multiple dog bites as her new husband attempting to fend off the animal.

    Police say Joel Neveraz (pictured above right) was upset about something that occurred during the wedding on Saturday in North Denver. He left the reception and returned with his pitbull, which he ordered to attack Schultz.

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    Comments Off on Meet the Sparkle Men: Omari Hardwick

    Fans of the late Whitney Houston have less than 24 hours to wait for the nationwide release of her final movie, Sparkle, starring Jordin Sparks and Derek Luke. Sparkle is loosely based on the 1976 film starring Irene Cara and Phillip Michael Thomas, about a 1960s girl group loosely based on the Supremes.

    The cast is rounded out with a bevy of beautiful women, and supported by handsome men, including Omari Hardwick, 38, who plays Levi. Hardwick says he "goofed around" with Whitney on the set.

    He said the set was filled with laughter due to Whitney's practical jokes. "Having fun was a big thing for Whitney," he said.

    Sparkle is in theaters today!

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    Comments Off on Morning Glory: Tamika G

    Loyal reader Tamika G writes:

    Hello Ms.Rose,

    My name is Tamika G. I am a native of Brooklyn. I am 25 years old, and I share my life with my fraternal twin. She encouraged me to share my photos. I am the second youngest of four children from a single parent and my Queen has raised a beautiful set of children. We've all graduated with a degree and are all debt free, and that task is not an easy one! With that achievement I am looking to become a Radiology Tech and eventually open my own diagnostic center.

    It's been a long dream of mines and I am close to it, and that is because of the guidelines and shelter provided for me and my siblings. I'd like to share my photos because while I was always shy as a young girl, I am a blooming young woman that no longer covers her mouth when smiling. I love to pass a smile through photos, you never know who it might reach!

    I'd also like to give some sunlight to my twin Tiffany on finding her first job as a Medical Laboratory Scientist right out of college. (I love sharing things I do with her, hate to leave her out) :)

    Thank You for your consideration

    Tamika G

    Please note: I am not accepting Morning Glory submissions at this time.

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  • The stars came out in droves to attend last night's Los Angeles premiere of Sparkle at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California. Sparkle was the late Whitney Houston's final swan song. Houston's only child, Bobbi Kristina Brown, attended the premiere with her adopted brother, Nick Gordon. Sparkle premieres nationwide in theaters today, August 17!

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    The judge presiding over the contentious Raymond vs Raymond child custody hearing called an emergency meeting after closing arguments today. This, according to my confidential source who was seated in the courtroom during closing arguments.

    The confidential source told there were two high points in the closing from both sides in this case: Tameka wants her child support to increase by 3k monthly, she also wants her nanny pay to be reimbursed to her in the amount of 34k. She doesn’t want Usher to have over night guests while the kids are with him, and she is adamant about having him return her Sak’s Fifth Avenue credit card back to her.

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