A handsome, charismatic preacher was busted recently for allegedly passing the HIV virus to unsuspecting female church members during sexual liaisons.

Pastor Craig Lamar Davis, who is married, is the former pastor of Full Gospel Baptist Church in Atlanta, where he preached rousing sermons and dispensed advice to lonely women. But Pastor Davis was allegedly passing on more than advice and counseling in his role as a spiritual leader.

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Bad girl Rihanna couldn’t resist kissing a hot female on the lips outside her London hotel earlier today. Rihanna kissed the fan smack on the lips as her screaming fans looked on. Meanwhile, Rihanna’s labelmate, singer Rita Ora, was on the other side of London busy promoting her new album Ora.

But Rita is certainly wondering what was going through Rihanna’s mind when she went on a secret rendezvous with Rita’s alleged boyfriend, Rob Kardashian. Rihanna and Rob were spotted riding go karts together in Burbank, California over the weekend — and later, Rob tweeted a photo of his name tatted on Rihanna’s back.

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In addition to her well-documented drug and alcohol problems, actress Lindsay Lohan might also be a kleptomaniac.

According to gossip website TMZ.com, Lohan is being accused of the theft of $100,000 in jewels and sunglasses from the home of Sam Magid, a friend of hers.

Magid told cops Monday that 2 of Lohan’s friends handed him several pieces of his own jewelry wrapped in one of Lindsay’s t-shirts. The men told Magid that Lohan gave them the jewels, but some of the pieces are still missing.

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A reader emailed to express her disgust at singer Jennifer Hudson for allowing her sister to appear on Oprah’s Next Chapter. The segment of Oprah’s Next Chapter was taped at Jennifer’s home, and will air on Sept. 9.

The reader criticized everything about Julia Hudson — from her quick weave and morbid obesity to her casual attire. Everyone grieves differently. Maybe Julia has not completed the grieving process for her son, and maybe she wanted to appear on camera as herself (a grieving mom) rather than a fake, Hollywood image of herself?

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CAT FIGHT! In the Season 2 finale of Single Ladies, LisaRaye McCoy’s character Keisha handles her business when she discovers the identity of her stalker is Sean‘s ex. And when the deranged ex accidentally knocks Malcolm out cold, Keisha goes HAM! What Keisha does next is typical of women who have no clue what love is. Keisha dumps Sean, who proves his love to her through his selfless actions, and she goes back to Malcolm — the dog who never hesitates to cheat on her!

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Comments Off on Morning Glory: Ashley Buckhalter

Loyal reader Ashley writes:

Hi Sandra,

My name is Ashley Buckhalter, I am a loyal reader…I love your post and how you keep it real! I read your blog because its always accurate and filters out the rumors and if you find something to be untrue you will correct it. I’m a former Ebony Fashion Fair Model, single mother of a 7 year old, and entrepreneur. I own a hair extensions company called Victorian Couture. www.victoriancouturehair.com.

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Over 20,000 people are expected to attend Muslim prayers before the start of the Democratic National Convention on Friday in Charlotte, NC.

Jibril Hough, a spokesman for the Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs (BIMA), said Friday’s prayers are to hold the political parties accountable, and to “anesthetize” Americans who harbor anti-Islamic opinions.

There is no word on if President Obama — who was raised Muslim — will speak at the prayer meeting which will “target the Patriot Act, the NYPD, the National Defense Authorization Act, and anti-Shariah sentiment,” according to The Blaze.

The Blaze points out that a request by a Catholic Cardinal to say a prayer at the 2012 Democratic National Convention was denied. But the DNC is partnering with the Bureau of Muslim Affairs for Friday’s 2-hour Muslim prayer event.

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