Bad girl Rihanna couldn't resist kissing a hot female on the lips outside her London hotel earlier today. Rihanna kissed the fan smack on the lips as her screaming fans looked on. Meanwhile, Rihanna's labelmate, singer Rita Ora, was on the other side of London busy promoting her new album Ora.

But Rita is certainly wondering what was going through Rihanna's mind when she went on a secret rendezvous with Rita's alleged boyfriend, Rob Kardashian. Rihanna and Rob were spotted riding go karts together in Burbank, California over the weekend -- and later, Rob tweeted a photo of his name tatted on Rihanna's back.

Sure, Rob (in green jacket) is not Rihanna's type by a long shot, but Rita is still questioning Rihanna's ulterior motives. Sources tell that Rita is so angry she could kick Rihanna's [expletive deleted].

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    • nine4ya19062000


    • yanibunny02

      :coffee: :yawn:

    • dancerbee93

      No one is checking for you Ora boo boo..wat?? You jelewiss?? Wuh da pruhblem? **joseline hernandez voice**

    • Victoria

      That first pic of Rita looks real Paralympic-ish...

    •!/Birdshu Bird

      Oh please. Why would he cheat on his woman in the open? Why would Rihanna want this boy for anything other than a friend boy? Why does Rita want him anyway? Chile boo.

    •!/Birdshu Bird

      And by the way, Rih is not kissing that girl. There is a hat bill between them. We all know is damn near impossible to kiss with hat in the way and they are not in an awkward position.

    • MzDimplez1123

      Ain't nobody checking for Rihyance' or her man(Rob)! :rolleyes:

    • BCinKS

      I listened to Rita's album and it is not it. I don't foresee her being all that big in the states.

      That said, Rob and Rita just bffs anyway. Decipher that how you will. :coffee:

    • Native New Yorker

      I cant get into Rita's style at all or her music either. And she doesnt seem all that relatable either like a real girl. She seems like someone's pet project. Like every detail about her was carefully planned and staged.

      Robs kinda cute, but he's too short n he looks like he wears dem pointy shoes (like that guy wit the piano in that episode of sanford n son)

      Rih....I got nothin

    • Ms.Fashion

      BCinKS says:

      I listened to Rita’s album and it is not it. I don’t foresee her being all that big in the states.

      That said, Rob and Rita just bffs anyway. Decipher that how you will.


      BFF- BEST FAWK FRIEND :shrug:

    • sassyshe

      Umm would all the media outlets stop fetching for a story with this, why dont everyone post the pics of Rih go-carting with Lauren London. Rih went out with Lauren that night and Rob happen to be there, however everyone wanna claim that him and Rih dating. Ummm Rih gives claim to scrubby rappers and wanna be pop singers not lames as Rob

    • sassyshe

      Dear Rita,

      Rob K is the one Kardashian no one is checking for, point blank period. Stop tryna get an angle with him and Rih for you to get some fame by being attached to some love triagle. You tried it in the beginning of the year when you had had folks gassed up that you was coming for Rih and now you tryna again cause no one checkin for your album. please scurry back into obscurity where you came from. Thanks

    • DeevaC

      yeeeeea.....if we were taking bets i would put my money on rihanna i'm sure she'd beat the dog piss out of rita. rihanna doesn't want rob, she's still pining after Chris.

    • amatrex

      "Sure, Rob (in green jacket) is not Rihanna’s type by a long shot"

      Not saying they're seriously dating, but Rob seems to fit the mold of dudes Rihanna has dated in the past: White or high yellow. :shrugs:

    • anw_rootbeer

      Who is Rita Ora?!???? Anywho, love Rih!!!