Loyal reader Bazaaria writes:

Hi sandra, Im Bazaaria.

I visit your site so much and i look at your 'Morning woods". I always wondered how you find them . Guess i wasn't looking close enough. lol . I decided to take a chance and send you my photos. I've been on so many blogs, but none as amazing as yours . (:
Hope to hear from you soon ! bazaariaRoman

Ladies, submit your photos: If you think you have what it takes to be considered for a Morning Glory post, please email your best studio quality photos and bikini shots to sandra @ sandrarose.com (remove spaces).

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    • Xena68

      Sandra now y u leave the comments on they gone have a field day

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTen239uHTU&feature=fvwrel DownBottom

      She's Pretty! :thumbsup:

    • Ms.Fashion

      Aww Shiat!!! Who in the heyuhl left the gate open???? :lol:

    • Bad Influence

      she is cute...looks like she got a lil hood in her but u did good this time sandy...

    • Trendsetter


    • xamayca _Iza_Bacchanalist

      Cute girl nice lips.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcWvL-LZO08 AWESOME

      :applause: <--- Baby from Cash Money hand rub :thumbsup: @Sandra

    • OutsidetheBox

      Bazaaria get you a MUFA artist hunty! :thumbsup:

    • http://chokolatemilk.blogspot.com Choco aka Hippie

      @Morning Glory
      You have a pretty enough face to promote that instead of flesh like a lot of others models do...

    • http://chokolatemilk.blogspot.com Choco aka Hippie

      She reminds me of what Willow will look like as she matures into a woman

    • xamayca _Iza_Bacchanalist

      @outside whats mufa?

    • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/db78ef2b213fd6958c1aa6773fe9a6dc?s=80 jeniefrumdabloc

      Pretty girl :thumbsup: No shade here!!!

    • FTP

      She gets a :yes: from Me cute face nice bouncy :boobs: and nice lil azz.. I love them purrty lips too :thumbsup: Sandra you finally doing right by us :hug:

    • xamayca _Iza_Bacchanalist

      Yea she does resemble willow

    • OutsidetheBox

      pretty enough face
      Choccccc. :lol: Thats like when dudes tell girls they pretty for a fat girl/black girl/etc.

      She too thick for high fashion..I think she in the right lane. King, Videos, etc.

    • Such A F’n Lady

      She's cute. That shave side of the head thing is played out, but she's cute. Dare I say she might be one of the nicest looking ones we've seen in a while?

      See, I can be nice. :yes:

    • Bella’s Master – Dont Taze me Bro

      Just checked out her twitter pics and she really is a pretty girl.

    • OutsidetheBox

      MUFA: Make Up For Ever Academy pro makeup artist

    • Bibi

      She is a pretty woman...pretty eyes... I like the last pic..

    • xamayca _Iza_Bacchanalist

      Ohhh ok i couldnt figure out what the A was lol MUFE is the shyt tho. Have a chic face looking 'beat ta def'

    • Such A F’n Lady

      Bibi says:

      She is a pretty woman…pretty eyes… I like the last pic..


      You too can have those 'pretty eyes' with acuvue. :coffee:

      No shade though. Still pretty. Carry on.

    • OutsidetheBox

      Essactly :yes: I think it wouldve made her pics more top shelf.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wad0O9X-txo <—You Are Here

      Pretty...The last 3 pictures are the better looking ones. The cartoon eyes should be left alone. Anyone who insists on wearing colored contacts should get some believable ones. :tea:

    • http://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

      Such A F’n Lady says:

      See, I can be nice. :yes:

      Thanks hun. :)

    • Iheart

      Very pretty and nice body :thumbsup:

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7je-DEQgPJk&feature=related ELove

      Really nothing to SAY or ADD... I just wanted to COMMENT in a "Morning Glory" post (THIS is a VERY RARE Occasion Though...) :coffee:

    • Bibi


      I thought they were hers :no:

      I wore purple contacts back in 96 :lol:

      Folks be all them ur eyes :shocked: no dummy... :rofl:

    • Ididntreallymeanit

      she's cute

    • http://SandraRose.com Keesh

      Shes nice...The hood dudes that frequent my club would luv to tap that for a good drunk Saturday night. Soooooo whos video is she auditioning for Benzino...She look like a young Karlie Red.

    • Ty

      She is cute with nice features :applause:

      I got nothing...no shade :coffee:

      @ Keesh she does not look like Karlie with that uneven :bootyshake: and twisted azz legs :rofl:

    • MzTisch

      She kinda puts me in the mind of Vanessa Del Rio.........especially the first pick.

      Hellooooooooooooooo........... :waves:

    • http://SandraRose.com Keesh

      Im just saying tho..I just say NO to some of the sexy azz pics these girls send. Are modeling, auditioning for a rap video or going for porn. We can be beautiful without showing azz and titts.

    • yerkesbabe

      She's cute. :heart:

    • Cha Cha

      So you saying thats Karlie Redds daughter..oh :coffee:

    • missmiami

      She is very pretty and has potential in modeling :tea:

    • missmiami

      :offtopic: 9 more days til my booty. So auntie lay round fa my pics later lmao NOTTTTT :rofl: sending pics to this blog takes courage cuz we are critical


      I think she's pretty, and gutsy because this crew up in here!!!


      Ms.Fashion says:

      Aww Shiat!!! Who in the heyuhl left the gate open????

      September 12, 2012 at 1:58 pm


    • Destinee

      She's pretty. I wish I had fuller lips too :crying: