A French tabloid has published shocking topless photos of Kate Middleton, the future Queen of England, reports the NY daily News.

Closer Magazine's paparazzi were hiding in the bushes when Prince William and his bride Kate, also known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge -- vacationed in a remote area of Provence, France last week.

"Alone in the world or almost ... because Closer was there!" the magazine writes on its website. The issue, which hit newsstands all over the world today, features photos of a topless Duchess of Cambridge rubbing sunscreen on her husband William's back.

"And to avoid tan lines, Kate thought it all the way through ... and took off her bathing suit," the magazine writes.

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In the early 1990s the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) began affixing "Parental Advisory" warning stickers to rap albums in response to an avalanche of complaints from parent groups. The stickers warned unsuspecting parents that the albums their children were buying contained excessive profanity and/or sexual references.

Chris Brown's fifth studio album, Fortune, is being sold in London HMV stores with a warning label of a different kind.

According to Digital Spy, the stickers affixed to Brown's albums reads: "WARNING: Do not buy this album! This man beats women."

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A Nashville drag queen who was convicted of felony theft in 2011 is suing for $20 million dollars after prison officials sent him to two women's prisons. Carla Brenner, who was born a man but dresses in women's clothing, claims he was sexually assaulted in the showers by female prisoners when they discovered he had male genitalia.

"The big hair, the makeup, I am an entertainer -- a drag queen," said Brenner. "That basically means a man who enjoys dressing as a woman. It's not a woman. I have no intention on being a woman... never, ever have."

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Yesterday, pop singer Ciara released her much-anticipated music video for her sultry ballad "Sorry" off her upcoming album, One Woman Army. The alluring music video features Ciara's energetic dance moves that blends seamlessly with her lush revamped vocals. There's a little eye candy for the ladies, but he's more or less a prop, like the bathtub that Ciara soaks in. The visual effects of the Christopher Sims-directed video are mouth watering. The long hours Ciara worked with her vocal coach has paid off for her. She sounds like a real singer! We can't wait to hear more!

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Remember when tennis superstar Serena Williams said she was resting her vajayjay for the next 10 years? Well, it seems she has had a change of heart.

After trying her luck with black men without much success, Williams, 30, is dating her tennis coach, Patrick Mouratoglou.

According to OnthegoTennis.com, Mouratoglou has been coaching Williams since her loss at the French Open.

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Rap legend Tupac Shakur died 16 years ago today from injuries he suffered in a hail of gunfire on the busy Las Vegas strip. To commemorate the anniversary of Shakur's death, writer Chuck Phillips launched a website today that will focus on the unsolved deaths of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.

Beginning today, Philips will use Twitter to promote an exclusive 1,200 word news story, which will be published on his new site and released via Twitter, 140 characters at a time.
According to a press release issued to media outlets, the first story will focus on Sean “Diddy” Combs and his relationship with late Harlem drug dealer Eric “Von Zip” Martin.

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It seems tickets for an upcoming Obama fundraiser with Beyonce and Jay Z in NY aren't selling quickly enough. So singer Beyonce sent out a personal email to well-heeled President Obama supporters begging them to plunk down $40,000 for a ticket to attend the fundraiser.

"I usually don’t email you," writes Beyonce in each personalized email to Obama supporters. "but I have an amazing invitation I have to share."

"Jay and I will be meeting up with President Obama for an evening in NYC sometime soon. And we want you to be there!," she adds.

It isn't like the email recipients don't know that Obama will be holding a fundraiser in NYC with Beyonce and Jay Z -- they just don't want to pay $40,000 for a ticket to attend.

Read the email Beyonce sent to Charlie Sperling, a writer for the Washington Examiner after the break.

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Comments Off on Morning Wood: Nique!

Loyal reader Nique! writes:

Nique!'s Bio.

A Savannah GA native. Nique! is an up and coming model/actor who is looking to break into the entertainment industry. He's a 5ft 9in 1/2, 160lbs, brown-skin, bald gentlemen with an athletic build. A junior biology major with an old soul for music appreciation, Nique! is a genuinely kind hearted being who possess charisma great enough to make anyone smile.


Dress Shirt: 17 1/2 (neck)
T-Shirt: Medium
Waist: 33in
Inseam: 32
Shoe: 13

I greatly appreciate you for the opportunity Ms. Rose.

Savannah, GA

MEN: If you would like to be considered for MORNING WOOD, please email 5-6 of your best studio quality photos, including shirtless shots, to sandra @ sandrarose.com (remove spaces).

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Fantasia Barrino's estranged baby father, Antwaun Cook, has apparently gone back to his wife again. Gossip website RadarOnline.com reports that Cook signed an affidavit admitting he slept with the singer while he was still married to his wife.

By admitted he committed adultery, Antwaun paves the way for his wife, Paula Cook, to sue Barrino for "alienation of affection" under North Carolina law.

Barrino and Cook have a toddler son together. They reportedly split up last year amidst allegations of Cook cheating, according to gossip mongers.

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Loyal reader America writes:

Hi Sandra,

My name is America, yes thats my real name. I am the youngest of 6 and the only one born in America. I am 24 years old and a single mother of a beautiful son. I have worked in the financial Industry for over 5 yrs and just because you are a business woman doesnt mean you still cant be sexy. I love your blog and it's the first site i visit every morning. I think it is amazing that you give exposure to everyday people. Your morning glory/wood section shows women/men that you dont have to look a certain way to be beautiful/handsome. After thinking about it for a while i decided to just submit my pics to see if i would make the cut. The pictures that i am sending some are professional and some are candid shots that has not been touched up in any type of way. I just want people to see that photoshop doesnt make you look better it only removes your flaws to make you seem perfect. Here i am flaws and all. No one is perfect. Thanks for doing this.

Twitter - @chynadoll336

Ladies, submit your photos: If you think you have what it takes to be considered for a Morning Glory post, email your best studio quality photos and bikini shots to sandra @ sandrarose.com (remove spaces).

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