Celebs Out & About: Rihanna, Halle Berry, La La Anthony

Carmelo Anthony’s wife La La Anthony was spotted dining with friends at Toast in West Hollywood on Friday. La La, who started her career deejaying at Hot 107.9 in Atlanta, has joined the cast of the new film “Baggage Claim” starring Paula Patton, Derek Luke and Adam Brody

A sulking Rihanna was seen leaving a Los Angeles stduio where she’s been holed up for the past week recording her upcoming album, Unapologetic.

Halle BErry is just as bad as actress Katie Holmes who carries her grown daughter, Suri Cruise, 6, everywhere she goes. Halle and Nahla Aubry were spotted out shopping in LA.

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    34 Responses to “Celebs Out & About: Rihanna, Halle Berry, La La Anthony”

    1. 1
      3halos says:

      I like LaLa’s weave… seriously.

    2. 2
      Eazy says:

      Saturday post??? :blink:

    3. 3
      Eazy says:

      Lala’s pants look like mine. As in, I dont iron them so the thigh area is smooth from being tight and the bottom wrinkled. :lol:

    4. 4
      missmiami says:

      Halle need to put that child down she about her weight :mad: and Laila always has a nice weave :biggrin:

    5. 5
      missmiami says:

      Lala must have lost weight cuz her tummy look a lil flat. She looks nice :tea:

    6. 6
      belindammp says:

      There’s nothing wrong with carrying your 6 year old especially when you have a lot of hungry camera men around all in her face

    7. 7
      MsChavo says:

      Yayy!!!! Saturday Post!

    8. 8
      MsChavo says:

      Not sure how much I like LaLa, maybe this movie will help me decide.

    9. 9
      hell_on_heels says:

      Saturday post, Auntie? I just do NOT like La La (not even when she was on MTV). She just seems very artificial…and she did the same thing as most “rats” got pregnant by a “baller” and then held on tight, then married him. I view her in the same light as all of the other thirsty females who pull that mess. Not mad at Halle, I still carry my niece around (and she’s 6). Rihanna….no comment (oh wait that was one).

    10. 10
      MsChavo says:

      Rih Rih has been sulking big time lately.

    11. 11
      hell_on_heels says:

      MsChavo says:

      Not sure how much I like LaLa, maybe this movie will help me decide.


      I doubt it…..”that’s the bytch I don’t like”. :rofl:

    12. 12
      MsChavo says:

      LOL after all these years I dont know whether I like her or not, maybe thats a sign

    13. 13
      Flawless says:

      I like La La’s outfit

    14. 14
      DoesItEvenMatterToYou says:

      I carry my 5 yr old daughter, one reason why is IT SPEEDS UP THE WALKING…

    15. 15
      TeaIsFinallyHere says:

      I see Halle is getting her upper body workout on. LaLa is soooo….blah. I see she is thickening up in the leg area they don’t look like chicken legs. I guess artificial hips and butt does the body good. Rhi Rhi looking cute and casual i’m loving that shade of red.

      Speaking of #walking I’m ready to watch THE WALKING DEAD tomorrow. They did alot of filming in my hometown so i’m excited to see Newnan and Grantville GA on primetime.

    16. 16
      TeaIsFinallyHere says:

      Hey Sandra mind if I call you Sandy? I’m glad to see a new post today. I’m at work waiting on my client (she is late). At this point i’m hoping she doesn’t show up so that I may take a nap until 2:30. #Perks of being a massage therapist.

    17. 17
      Yardgirl says:

      Happy Saturday!! :waves: It is 72 degrees in the North East and I sure could rock LaLa’s outfit today as I make my way up to Six Flags! :steer:

    18. 18
      lovezoe says:

      It’s my birthday weekend!! Whoop whoop! My day is Monday!

    19. 19
      Yardgirl says:

      Happy Birthday lovezoe! :happybirthday:

    20. 20
      MsChavo says:

      Random: I need some food on my tummy!

    21. 21
      MsChavo says:

      Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :woohoo:

    22. 22
      69 says:

      Lovezoe :happybirthday:

      La La is on point as usual (despite the haters saying otherwise) … but if Halle don’t put that big ass child down and make her walk. Child is bigger than she is and she wrapped around her neck like a baby monkey :mad:

    23. 23
      Daisy says:

      Carmelo chased LaLa for the record

      LaLa’s shape looks cute in these jeans

      Still loving RiRis short hair

    24. 24
      luVn_liFe... says:

      LaLa Looks good from the neck down her :eek: throw me off
      Rhi Rhi Looks good

    25. 25
      DownBottom says:

      Nice :tea:

    26. 26
      luVn_liFe... says:


    27. 27
      Bad Influence says:

      i mean, :eek: looks kewt if i pretend she matching…
      ..all those colors are uncalled for.

      im not even understanding what Rihanna is doing. i wanna burn that outfit, with her wearing it…so stewpid. :no:

      Im not even gna comment on Halle dragging :blink: that pre-teen around :nono:

      @Down that gravi! :hahaha: i uploaded that pic on IG a few weeks ago and er’time i pass it, i die. :lol:

      Happy Bday LoveZoe! :2dance: enjoy i doll!

    28. 28
      Bad Influence says:

      omg Sandy forgive me! for some reason, as i was typing that, it was 2 separate comments in my mind. :lol:

      forgive me bew :hug:

    29. 29
      San says:

      I lke when ppl aren’t matchy matchy all the time. She looks cute

    30. 30
      Daisy says:

      I will go see Baggage Claim just to see my boo D Luke I missed seeing his name when I read this post earlier.

      SN – These sisters on “Iyanla Fix my Life” are off the chain

    31. 31
      Tainted_Love says:

      LaLa is built so awkward. Baggage Claim sounds whack from the title but I love Derek Luke , he’s a talented guy.

      I’m sure Halle was just shielding Nahla from the paps

    32. 32

      Whew :yawn: shat! What day is it

    33. 33

      Not at all impressed with Lala she sucks and I am still loving Rhianna :tea: Have a great Sunday folks :bye:

    34. 34
      Yardgirl says:

      I just did a 5K walk for Breast Cancer’s Race for the Cure. So many of us are touched by this disease!! I was shocked to see the variying ages of the survivors, some were very young. Dear Lord, I hope to see a cure in my lifetime, amen. :pray:

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