Chris Brown Celebrity Basketball Game at Morehouse

Singer Chris Brown and his celebrity friends participated in a celebrity basketball game on Sunday as part of the BET Hip Hop Awards 2012 Weekend in Atlanta. Brown and rappers Nelly, Shawty Lo and Waka Flocka, of the white team, took on local celebrities on the blue team for a spirited game in front of a packed gym on the Morehouse campus in the West End.

Thanks to Dennis Byron of for the photos!

Nelly’s defense was key to the white team’s success on the hardwood Sunday.

Chris Brown’s manager Bu Thiam with his mother and his daughter

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    134 Responses to “Chris Brown Celebrity Basketball Game at Morehouse”

    1. 1
      Gigi26 says:

      Man I have nothing. Matta fact, yes I do.

      Do better. That whole weekend just looked like a mess. Niggas trying to outshine each other and they both damn near broke. Just do better.


    2. 2
      Aryanna says:

      Good Lawd Nelly >>

    3. 3
      xamayca _Iza_Bacchanalist says:

      Who is that with nelly? Shes cute. Saw some of these pics this weekend on IG.
      I cougar for CB lol

    4. 4
      Xena68 says:

      Looks like everyone had a good time

    5. 5
      xamayca _Iza_Bacchanalist says:

      And sandra does sean kingston still mess with evelyn daughter?

    6. 6
      candibfly says:

      *stares at nelly’s half nekkid body while typing*

      sooo besides cb, the term celebrity is being used pretty loosely huh

    7. 7
      Keesh says:

      Zeros in on Bu Thiam and “ONE” of his wives :nono:

    8. 8
      Razzle Dazzle Boo says:

      Bu’s eyes always look yellowish…like he has Jaundice…either that or he needs to wear shades while outside.

    9. 9
      xamayca _Iza_Bacchanalist says:

      Lol keesh thats his muvha (mother)

    10. 10
      candibfly says:

      i glanced and thought it was ciara for a hot second

    11. 11
      Keesh says:

      Can we get a breakdown of what these fools spent in the strip club Auntie???

    12. 12
      Razzle Dazzle Boo says:

      @keesh I thought that was his mom :lol:

    13. 13
      Angiegirl says:

      :waves: <—- Crest Teeth whitening strips/jam (for edges)/Visine drops/and nametags (cause I dont know who 3/4 of the ppl in the pics are)

    14. 14
      Bibi says:

      :lol: It said his mom but I was thinking it was probably one of his wives too :lol:

    15. 15
      Gigi26 says:

      Yo these chicks be doing the most with their oufits sometimes…

      Ole girl in the blue hair? FAIL

      Ole girl with the pants that one of em is short, one of em long? FAIL

      Ole girl with the spandex tights? FAIL

      Its a basketball game. Not a fashion show. Not a club. :no:

    16. 16
      bellashay says:

      Nelly looks good. Chris Brown use to be a real cutie, Idk what happened.

    17. 17
      Keesh says:

      I applaud Bu Thiam though :clap: for still being with her, even though he has other wives and he took her out in public because any other black man with money and status would have dropped that azz like a hot potaoe just based on the size of her nose alone (I have a big nose too, so Im not judging) and got him something extra with a bow on it./… I like Bu Thiam now for some odd reason :hump:

    18. 18
      mizzdallas says:

      Chris is looking nice! :yes:

    19. 19
      Smonae80 says:

      GM :waves: finally a post were comments are open
      Nelly looking good as usual, CB need to eat

    20. 20
      candibfly says:

      lawd polow the don got big as hell! :blink: he ain’t eem cute no mo :no:

    21. 21
      xamayca _Iza_Bacchanalist says:

      Lmao Keesh

    22. 22
      FuturedocDonte says:

      Morning :waves:

    23. 23
      Xena68 says:

      Just when I thought Powlow was getting back to his old body :tea:

    24. 24
      xamayca _Iza_Bacchanalist says:

      Polow always looks filthy and unkempt (sp) smh

    25. 25
      Bird says:

      Looks like a fun “celebrity” filled weekend in the A. It looks like it was way short on A-listers, but fun none the less.

    26. 26
      candibfly says:

      well he’s been chunky for awhile, i thought he might have went on the weight watchers kick or something, but no. what’s goin on in ur life boo? :no:

    27. 27
      xamayca _Iza_Bacchanalist says:


    28. 28
      yallcrazy says:

      Mama said if ION got nothing nice to say, just think of something nice to say :lol:

      but…. :shrug: But I did find this for yall :D

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    29. 29

      Morning Peeps :happy: It’s Monday :danban:

      Razzle Dazzle
      Angie Girl
      xamayca :welcome: ?

    30. 30
      bnatural says:

      Other than Chris Brown…who else was a celebrity? :shrug: Ok, Nelly…but who else?

    31. 31
      yallcrazy says:

      Twin :yahoo:

      I was gone a whole lot of opinionated ish but :kona:

    32. 32
      Bird says:

      bellashay says:

      Chris Brown use to be a real cutie, Idk what happened.

      He lost weight when he was already thin to begin with. I think he’s starting to gain it back though.

    33. 33
      xamayca _Iza_Bacchanalist says:

      @Usual thanks but not a new member just havent been able to post often

    34. 34
      candibfly says:

      twin :2dance: <— kenny g's greatest hits

      what's up cali! :wave: <— nelly's shirt that i'm never giving back

    35. 35
      Angiegirl says:

      Morning Usuaal!!!!!


    36. 36
      Razzle Dazzle Boo says:

      Chris looks so sickly now :sick:

    37. 37
    38. 38
      Angiegirl says:


    39. 39
      Razzle Dazzle Boo says:

      hey usual :hug:

    40. 40
      Bird says:

      Usual Prime Suspect says:

      Hey Bird and Ya’ll

    41. 41

      drunken revel – Thought I had seen you before :wink:

      Bnatural and Xena – :smile:

    42. 42
      Tainted_Love says:

      Ugh! I’m officially embarrassed to be from Atlanta :no: This weekend made the city look ratchet, thirsty, celeb- crazed and low budget.

      :crying: I just want the old Atlanta back so bad. I miss the days when people here wanted real jobs not wanting to be rappers. When Morehouse, Spelman and CAU were thriving. When people that lived in Decatur and other outside cities didn’t flex like they were from Atlanta. When Atlanta artist produced good music (Outkast.. Goodie Mob ) I can go on and on……*Sigh*

    43. 43
      Dymond says:

      Guess what folks, I’m moving on up like George and Weezy! A sista got a new job! :yahoo: :cheer:
      had an interview Wed…got offered on Friday!!! :woohoo:

    44. 44
      DapisDaShizz says:

      Chris Brown has crackhead cheeks. And blue is now my least favorite color because it is associated with tattoos and bedazzling now :hailnaw:

    45. 45

      Tainted – Haven’t seen you in a minute :hug:

    46. 46
      Tainted_Love says:

      :hug: Hey Usual..!!!!!

      Congrats Dymond

    47. 47
      Xena68 says:

      Hey Usual :hi:

    48. 48
    49. 49
      candibfly says:

      WE gettin a salary increase dymond?! :yahoo:

      time to celebrate! drinks for everyone! *whispers to the bartender* put it on sandra’s tab :wave:

    50. 50

      that girl with nelly is cute :yes:
      Bu’s lil girl is cute too :yes:

    51. 51
      Razzle Dazzle Boo says:

      I just want the old Atlanta back so bad. I miss the days when people here wanted real jobs not wanting to be rappers. When Morehouse, Spelman and CAU were thriving. When people that lived in Decatur and other outside cities didn’t flex like they were from Atlanta. When Atlanta artist produced good music (Outkast.. Goodie Mob ) I can go on and on……*Sigh*
      :lol: I miss outkast as well :(

    52. 52
      Razzle Dazzle Boo says:

      Congrats Dymond!

    53. 53
      FuturedocDonte says:

      Chris Brown has crackhead cheeks

      ::scrolls back up for confirmation:: :ghost:

    54. 54
      Keesh says:

      Chris Brown use to be such a cutie but something is wrong….something is very wrong :thinking:

    55. 55
      DapisDaShizz says:

      Congrats Dymond :champ:

      @Usual, your gravi looks like the girl version of that Chris Brown photo above.

    56. 56

      Dymond!! :buttshake: u GO mami! i’s happy fer ya :danban:

    57. 57
      Milky says:

      :wave: usual
      @dymond congrats on movin on up. make that money dont let the money make u!

    58. 58
      Dymond says:

      :danban: Hey Candi, Yallcray, Usual, Dap, Tainted, Bird, Razzle Dazzle, Angie, Xmay, bnatural…I’m speaking to errbody!!

    59. 59
      @NikkeMinxx says:

      Congratulations Dymond! I’m working on that myself..

    60. 60
      @NikkeMinxx says:

      :yahoo: Good morning all!

    61. 61
      Milky says:

      CBreezy crack is wack!

    62. 62
      Gigi26 says:

      Yay Dymond Congrats hunny!! :party: Again!!! My burfday and Dymond new job!! I’m liking this week already :yes:

    63. 63
      Razzle Dazzle Boo says:

      hola nikkeminxx!

    64. 64

      FuturedocDonte says:

      Chris Brown has crackhead cheeks


    65. 65
      Trendsetter says:

      Morning All :waves:

      So about that Morning Glory….nevermind, I’ll keep my comments to myself

    66. 66
      yallcrazy says:

      Dymond :danban: <–crip walk :rofl:

      Cali :kiss:
      Fay :kiss:
      Twin :love: Kenny G
      :waves: Hey Razzle, X, Xena, Tainted, Bird, and AnG!

    67. 67
      candibfly says:

      p to the got damn s p :yahoo:

    68. 68
      Trendsetter says:


      :happybirthday: :party:

    69. 69
      DapisDaShizz says:

      @Gigi :bday: girl, have a ball today.

    70. 70
      NaijaGal says:

      Bu still with Joan???

      Dymond :yahoo: congrats *you got me for $20 right*

      Hey everybody :waves:, hey Dr Nick (shoutout to the simpsons)

    71. 71

      Dymond says:

      :danban: Hey Candi, Yallcray, Usual, Dap, Tainted, Bird, Razzle Dazzle, Angie, Xmay, bnatural…I’m speaking to errbody!!

      :crying: no u AINT!

    72. 72
      Dymond says:

      Thanks!!! :hug: to Fayla and Milky

      candibfly says:
      WE gettin a salary increase dymond?!

      :yes: yes ma’am :makeitrain: :champ:

      PSP I need you!!!!!!!!!!

    73. 73
      Tainted_Love says:

      Hey Y’all &Fay!!

      Any of y’all have IG??

    74. 74
      Bibi says:

      :waves: @Usual, Trend. Dymond

      Congrats Dymond! :yahoo:

    75. 75
      Dymond says:

      I didnt know you was in here yet FayFay :hug: I would nevah forget u :2dance:

    76. 76
      NaijaGal says:

      YALLCRAY :happy: <<<turning tables *sniggles*

    77. 77
      BrownSuggaBabe says:

      GM everyone..Congrats Dymond! Atlanta :tape:

    78. 78

      YALL :kiss: gm beautiful!

      Candi :waves: <—my congrats to the morning glory. she makin 32 look good!

    79. 79
      Tainted_Love says:

      @Gigi I’m over here at my desk turnt up for your bday… drinking a lime-a-rita (don’t judge me)

    80. 80
      Milky says:

      :wave: @yall
      :koolaid3: bday drink for @GiGi

    81. 81
      Gigi26 says:

      Thanks Trend and Dap :hugs:

      I is at the job but i’m partying tonite and the rest of the week. It’s only right since I start off the week n shyt :lol:

    82. 82
      Keesh says:

      Congrats Dymond
      Congrats Candi….. I will have Patron straight up!

    83. 83
      candibfly says:

      fayla :wave: <– my debit and credit cards that i need u to freeze for me cause i lost my mind last monf

    84. 84
      MsDivaRo says:

      Nelly, is fine as heyul….I wish he was taller! does that chic really have turquoise hair though?

    85. 85
      candibfly says:

      i’m on IG but ion post nothin but pics of me and Snoopy :hahaha:

    86. 86
      Trendsetter says:

      Bibi :hug:

      Congrats Dymond

    87. 87
      MsDivaRo says:

      :hug: Trend!!!

    88. 88
    89. 89

      Tainted! :hug: long time no fonr, sup bew?

      Naija :ashamed: thank for that compliment down yonder sweetie!

    90. 90
      Xena68 says:

      :happybirthday: to Gigi, congrats to Dymond, and :hi: Yall

    91. 91
      Dymond says:

      PSP! :hug: let’s start early cuz I fa sho aint doing no work from here on out lmao What can you make for folks that are too good for the rest of their co-workers now :koolaid:

      Happy Birfday Gigi! :happybirthday:

      Thanks and sup to Bibi :hug: Naija :hug: I got you for $25 boo :wink: #ballin

    92. 92
      Keesh says:

      Good morning :grill:

    93. 93
      candibfly says:


      can u stop looking so fierce in ur gravi? ur making the morning glory jealous :hahaha:

    94. 94
      Tainted_Love says:

      @Fay… Finishing up this senior year. hope all is well with u!!

    95. 95
    96. 96
      Dymond says:

      Thanks Xena, Trend, Keesh, BrownSugga :hug:

    97. 97
      Milky says:

      what in the turquoise brush waves is goin on with ole girl?

    98. 98
      yallcrazy says:

      :waves: <—cb's sexy that he needs to come back :lol:

      Dap, NikkeMinxx, Doc, Trend, GG, Milky, you too Keesh!

    99. 99

      Tainted i’s proud a u’s! :yes:

      but NAWL i aint on IG :rollseyes: it won’t let my fone be great & chit :rollseyes:

    100. 100
      NaijaGal says:

      Dymond says:

      ….Naija I got you for $25 boo #ballin
      ah chit :danban:

    101. 101
      yallcrazy says:

      candibfly says:

      fayla :wave: <– my debit and credit cards that i need u to freeze for me cause i lost my mind last monf

      Hey MsDiva, GG

      NaijaGal says:

      YALLCRAY :happy: <<<turning tables *sniggles* :fistbump: That's my ish :woohoo:

    102. 102

      i worked like a dog this weekend :/

      i’m so damn sleepy! :yawn:

    103. 103
      candibfly says:

      fayla stuff got away from me, marshall’s and tj maxx had all kinda cute stuff, i got that $528 doctor bill in the mail, had to loan $600 to my family

      i swear life ain’t been no crystal stair yo :crying:

    104. 104
      Trendsetter says:

      Yall :hug:

    105. 105
      Gigi26 says:

      Thanks Xena, Dymond and for the drink Milky thank ya boo :wink:

    106. 106
      Tainted_Love says:

      @candid Lol Thanks ..I try. I had a mini photoshoot (lil sister took my pics) I had to put some hawt pics up on IG to make my ex regret breaking up with me on Wednesday lmao

    107. 107
      mzwhang90210 says:

      GM Sandra!
      GM Erryonessss, erryones!
      Dymond (CONGRATS!!!)
      Gigi Happy Bday!
      [insert name here if I missed you]
      I just wanna take some Ajax and a scouring pad…and scrub Chris Browns’ arms

    108. 108
      Trendsetter says:

      Morning Keesh :waves:

    109. 109
      Trendsetter says:

      mzwhang :hug:

    110. 110
      Tainted_Love says:

      @Fayla Thanks &&aww: (

    111. 111
      NaijaGal says:

      Sean Kingston and his bobble headed self…that head is massive

    112. 112
      NaijaGal says:

      :newpost: is up

    113. 113
      Dymond says:

      Heyyyy Ms Whang :hi: thanks :ashamed:

    114. 114
      Bad Influence says:

      i volunteer to :spank: Sharons ass cause all dem pics… :no:

      anorexic bangs upset me. as a matter of fact ALL her pics upset me

      and wheres the studio quality pics at hussy? :lol:

      hey yawls :waves:

    115. 115
      candibfly says:

      mzwhang! :wave:

      tainted booooooo to him. u will get over him eventually. just look at me it only took me 5 months. lawd why :crying:

      just kidding, it does get easier tho :hug:

    116. 116
      BrownSuggaBabe says:

      :happybirthday: Gigi

      @Tainted I was on them lime-a-ritas 2 the game yesterday *pops open anotha 1 today just cause* :)

    117. 117
      candibfly says:

      HIS! be nice!

      *whispers* don’t it look like she an extra in a 702 video? i’m waiting for her to do the routine to ‘where my girls at?’ :rofl:

    118. 118
      Dymond says:

      Hey His :coffee:

    119. 119
      Gigi26 says:

      Thanks MzWhang

      BI :happy: Shorty took dem pics in the photo kiosk in the mall…them and them scuffed up boots she had on :no:

      Struggle hair and outfits….just :stop: it.

    120. 120
      mzwhang90210 says:

      Bad Influence says:

      anorexic bangs upset me.

    121. 121
      yallcrazy says:

      :karate: and then two :hugs:

      Ho’boygurrrr :2dance:

    122. 122
      anw_rootbeer says:

      I took my 16 yr old God daughter & we had so much fun! Waka was super nice, took pics with any & every1 who asked him, roscoe dash too. Nelly was sweet too! I gotta pic with him *shirtless* lol

    123. 123
      Gigi26 says:

      Thanks Brwnsuga!! My damn Giants lost last night I was pissed :angry:

    124. 124
      yallcrazy says:

      :happybirthday: GG

      :waves: SugarBaby, you coming for MsDiva’s spot yo :rofl:

      *distracts MsDiva so she’on see this* :lol:

    125. 125
      Bird says:

      I just had a random thought. I’ve seen pics of the whole cast of LHH ATL this weekend with the exception of K. Michelle and Scrappy & Erica. Dey wasn’t invited? Scrap is the Prince of the South. He coulda added a touch of royalty to things.

    126. 126
      anw_rootbeer says:

      The chick in the pic with nelly sang the national anthem….she was aight! Prob hook up with a big name producer cause she’s cute

    127. 127
      MsDivaRo says:

      :wave: Yallcrazy, Dymond, MzWhang, Brownsugg

    128. 128
      Dymond says:

      Hey DivaRo :waves:

    129. 129
      MsDivaRo says:

      yallcrazy says:


      SugarBaby, you coming for MsDiva’s spot yo

      *distracts MsDiva so she’on see this*

      What now? What’s this^^^^^^^^^^^^

    130. 130

      LAWD NELLY is so DAMN :homo: Looking to ME
      LAWD the Flavors of ATL are rainbow brites

    131. 131
      capricorn83 says:

      There are pics circulating of Karrueche at the game. Could your break up “source” have been wrong, Sandy?? :coffee:

    132. 132
      pointhimout says:

      Are we just getting old and over this type stuff or are black going to hell in a handbasket on amtrak?

      I denounce being black. I’ll let you know what I claim at a later date. I guess I get so irked cuz since I was a kid, we’d line up for stuff like this and wait patiently. but with voting and things that truly affect us, crickets, or a small group of folks..trayvon martin and jena 6 aside.

    133. 133
      spiceykay says:

      Congrats Dymond

      @Bird K Michelle was in Tampa I think doing a concert or appearance.

    134. 134
      Lady_L says:

      xamayca _Iza_Bacchanalist says:

      I cougar for CB lol

      me too girl!!


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