Police are seeking the identity of a teenager who punched a well-respected CAPA teacher, knocking him out cold.

Grainy surveillance video captured the violent attack on James Addlespurger, 50, a teacher at the high school of Creative & Performing Arts, in Pittsburgh last week.

The video surveillance shows Addlespurger approaching a group of teenagers in an alley. Addlespurger paused to exchange words with one of the teens who lunged at the English teacher and knocked him out with one punch. Addlespurger fell, hitting his head on the curb as the teens celebrate.

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President Obama’s supporters are having a hard time understanding how the momentum could have swung in Mitt Romney’s direction so swiftly. A national poll shows Romney leading Obama by 4 points among likely voters.

In a post titled “Did Obama just throw the entire election away?,” the Daily Beast writer Andrew Sullivan expressed his dismay that Romney has overtaken Obama in the polls following the president’s shockingly vapid performance during the first presidential debate last week.

“I’ve never seen a candidate this late in the game, so far ahead, just throw in the towel in the way Obama did last week,” wrote the unapologetic Obama crusader.

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Before I even published my previous post, an email had already landed in my Inbox featuring audio of Joseline Hernandez calling into a NY radio show with a ready explanation for the Stevie J/Lil Wayne kissing rumors.

Thanks to Peter Rosenberg, of Hot 97 NY’s Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg show, for sending me this audio of Joseline calling in to the Hot 97 Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg with K. Foxx morning show to stand up for her man, Stevie.

“First of all, who does that?,” said Joseline, who sounded annoyed. “Second of all, my man doesn’t even really… do you even know Lil Wayne? They don’t even talk…. where’s the hate coming from?”

Although Joseline sounds pissed, the video is indisputable evidence that the two men did indeed lock lips.

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The blogs are making a commotion over a video circulating the Internet that appears to show reality TV star Stevie J sharing an intimate kiss with rapper Lil Wayne. The video was uploaded to YouTube.com, and the user who uploaded it indicated that the video was shot at Club Liv on South Beach.

As we know, Weezy and the rest of his Young Money Cash Money crew kiss each other on the lips as a sign of respect. The greeting hasn’t caught on fully within the Hip Hop community — at least not publicly. But behind closed doors, rappers and their entourage regularly share kisses.

The longstanding mafioso tradition of kissing can take on different meanings depending on the type of kiss. According to the Independent.UK, a kiss on the mouth means you won’t be killed. A kiss on the cheek means the Cosa Nostra member considers you an equal. Kissing a mob boss on the hand means you are subservient to him.

Watch the video after the break.

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Much is being made of Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, sneaking out of his Hollywood Hills in the early morning hours. Brown unceremoniously dumped Karreche for Rihanna in a now-infamous press release last week. But it is entirely possible that Rihanna, Brown and Karrueche have agreed to have an open relationship.

And since Rihanna is not readily available to him due to her frequent travels, it makes sense that Brown has a backup plan.

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Last night’s episode of T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle focused on health, fitness and fads. The Harris family patriarch, Tip “T.I.” Harris, decided his family was eating too much junk food and not exercising enough. So Tip put his children on a healthy exercise regimen involving aerobic and non-aerobic exercises for kids of all ages.

The episode also called attention to a dangerous fad — specifically colonics, or colon cleansing. Tameka “Tiny” Harris‘ hair stylist Shekinah subjected herself to a colonic for laughs, but it is not a laughing matter when colonics introduce deadly bacteria into the colon or rupture the colon.

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Comments Off on Photos of the Day: King Harris and his cousins join The Tams!

If you wondered why you don’t see more of 8-year-old King Harris in episodes of his parents’ reality show, T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, that’s because King is an official member of The Tams!

For months now King has been on the road touring and performing as a regular member of The Tams, who have been entertaining audiences for over 40 years!

The Tams was founded by Tameka’s father, Charles Pope, who was forced to retire due to illness. The Tams are famous for such hits as “Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy”, “What Kind of Fool”, “I’ve Been Hurt” and “Untie Me”. According to The Tams’ official website, the group has 2 Gold Records and 1 Platinum Single.

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