Photos of the Day: Rihanna and CB partying in LA

A Twitter user uploaded these cell phone pics of singers Chris Brown and Rihanna partying together in LA Saturday night. In one pic, Brown appears to rub Rihanna’s belly. And, in another pic, the lovebirds appear to kiss.

Brown, 23, dumped his long-suffering girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, for Rihanna after the dated secretly for over a year. A source close to Rihanna’s camp tells that Brown and Rihanna will make a “Surprise announcement” after RiRi’s album drops Nov. 19.

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    22 Responses to “Photos of the Day: Rihanna and CB partying in LA”

    1. 1
      STL OPINION! says:

      I doubt if it will be afterwards… I’m betting she will announce it right before it release

    2. 2
      spongebobfan says:

      Lol she was also seen smoking and drinking……that chile isn’t preggers

    3. 3
      3halos says:

      Well….. :coffee:

    4. 4
      sassyshe says:

      @sponge I was about to say the same thing

    5. 5
      Bird says:

      He looks like he’s blowing her a shotgun in that one pic.

    6. 6
      Sandra Rose says:

      Mariah Carey was seen drinking while breast feeding her newborns. We don’t know what Rihanna was drinking. It could have been water. :shrug:

    7. 7
      Bird says:

      I just saw video of the event and Rih is definitely puffing the chronic.

    8. 8
      kingstonn says:

      she ain’t pregnant. nope.

    9. 9
      jazi65 says:

      I hope she’s not because this is a relationship for disaster! But I’m hype her album is coming out on my birthday :yahoo:

    10. 10
      anw_rootbeer says:

      What about the cigg she was smoking?! The statement that will never come….

    11. 11
      Smonae80 says:

      Ion think she preggars, she young & got a lot going on.

    12. 12
      datsmdubya2u says:

      career setback…

      don’t have no baby right now rhi rhi

    13. 13
      GAGIRL87 says:

      I don’t know what to say :shrugs:

    14. 14
      Daisy says:

      Her dress is cute

    15. 15
      missmiami says:

      She gonna be his demise. They may love each other but clearly are not good for each other

    16. 16
      Fated4Greatness says:

      He def givin her a shotgon in the second pic…u can see the j hanging out his mouth

    17. 17
      iyonah says:

      Rhi looks cute… hope they had fun. I am not sold on the preggo rumor yet.. I think she would tell it.

    18. 18
      mrsloveleigh says:

      boy the media is really pushing the she’s pregnant bit. Don’t look like he was “rubbing” her stomach. Maybe touching it

    19. 19

      Will they still make an “announcement” if you have already spilled it that something is going to happen? lol :tea:

    20. 20
      himeko says:

      Could it possibly be that these two are married? Perhaps that’s the “Big Announcement”

    21. 21
      Miss Bee says:

      Those two are just meant for each other :shrugs:

    22. 22
      Miss Bee says:

      LOL and in the first pic chris brown look like a deer caught in the path of headlights :think:

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