Here's the official music video for Ludacris' new new single "Representin" featuring Kelly Rowland. "Representin" is off Luda's upcoming eighth studio album, Ludaversal. I'm not feeling the song, but the 4 minute 13 second music video is worth watching to see Kelly Rowland wearing various sexy outfits. Kudos to Luda for choosing Rowland for this duet.

Watch the video after the break!

  • luVn_liFe…

    Not good.
    Kelly Looks Phenomenal!

  • AlluringlySweet

    Kelly is very pretty. :thumbsup:

  • ReadingIsFundamental

    Very happy that Kelly stays on her music game. I don't buy or like her music but, she is not a quitter and she will keep fighting to get beyond being second best from that prior group. She looks good and seems happy. Go Kelly!

  • sassyshe

    Hate the song, but love Kelly. The sound is like the left overs from her current single with Lil Wayne

  • Daisy

    I think this song is ok I sing the hook since they play it all the time on V103 BUT I LOVE Kellys song Ice feat Weezy now that is my JAM its so sexy to me :hump:

  • Sandra Rose

    Daisy says:

    BUT I LOVE Kellys song Ice feat Weezy now that is my JAM its so sexy to me

    I agree. That song is HOT! Kelly did that! :yes:

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    I'll pass not a fan of either one, :tea: still a lil ticked bout that last garbage of an album she put out. She will never get another penny out me :nono: Not feeling her

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    Oh yeah she needs to trim some of that weave down :tea: her head too damn small for all that hair, it looks rediculous :coffee:

  • sweetsummerayne

    I love Kelly! She looks beautiful and her hair is gorgeous.:cheer1: But I like big hair..being natural and all. My hair is huge!!! But her legs are ridiculous!!! Makes me want to get into the gym.

    Oh, the song is terrible though. But the state of "hip hop" is sad. There is very little imagination in it anymore. :shrug:

  • missmiami

    Kelly just doesn't habe the "IT" factor. :thinking: cannot put my finger on it but she is a gorgeous girl. Idk, sometimes it's like she is trying too hard to be sexy.

  • missmiami


  • DoNotDeleteMe

    I don't think it is a matter of her being sexy (Beyonce is not sexy...she is corny to me). She just does not have a stage presence and Beyonce has stage presence and charisma. Kelly is at her best when she is paired up with someone who has a larger than life personae (like Lil Wayne/Lil Tunchi). Luda is boring...boring to look at and boring to listen to. :shrug:

  • missdani537

    Umm this song made me wanna go home and represent for my man :shrugs:

  • LeLe

    I actually like this song. I heard it on the radio the first time yesterday and I was jamming to it although 'ICE' is better.


  • MrzzSmitty

    I Love me some Kelly, now she just needs to signed to Puffy or Baby ASAP! She's hot but she needs a giant market to back her and bring her style to the mass media. 1st stop should be to put her in Movies. Not the typical black romantics either but the kind of roles that Erykah badu gets. Then give her a Cover Girl endorsement STAT! Her skin is gorgeous! NEXT get NeYO to write her whole album. Once she does all of this woman will be untouchable. Praying for her to win!

  • MZ_CARAM3L74

    This is my jam!!! :dance: