Cee Lo Green’s Female Accuser Was His Jump-Off

Remember I told you about the Dallas jump-off who singer/songwriter Cee Lo Green keeps on call? I was wrong about her hometown. She actually lives in Houston, according to gossip website TMZ.com.

TMZ claims they broke the story about Cee Lo’s jump-off — but your auntie was the first to spill that TEA on my blog. In fact, Cee Lo’s other jump-offs (at least 2 strippers) are based in Atlanta, and Cee Lo reportedly pays the rent of at least one of them.

I previously introduced you to Cee Lo’s former jump-off @MissErika, who appeared as a knowledgeable guest on Anderson Cooper’s segment on sports groupies.

From TMZ:

The woman accusing Cee Lo Green of drugging and sexually assaulting her was not on a first date with the singer — not by a long shot — they had a long history together … TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story … the woman told cops Cee Lo took her to a downtown L.A. restaurant in July, where she claims he slipped a drug in her drink. She says the next thing she knew she was laying naked in a bed with him in a room. Cops are investigating the allegation and we’re told the case will be referred to the L.A. County DA.

Sources connected with the case tell us … the woman and Cee Lo met at the Super Bowl in February, 2011. They hung out over the weekend. She went back to Houston, where she lives, and Cee Lo returned to L.A., but they stayed in touch and dated off and on for the next year-and-a-half. In addition to seeing each other (he flew her out to L.A. from time to time), they frequently texted and spoke on the phone.

Sources tells TMZ … the woman sometimes asked Cee Lo to buy her expensive things and even asked his friend how she could get him to buy her expensive things.

Sources connected with Cee Lo tell us … on the day in question, he had flown her out to L.A. They went to the restaurant and afterward both took Ecstasy and stayed up all night. One source says, “No one was unconscious.”

Our Cee Lo sources claim the woman fabricated the story because she’s involved with someone back in Texas who got wind she was in L.A. with Cee Lo and she was just covering her butt.

Sources connected with the woman say her relationship with Cee Lo is irrelevant, because Cee Lo is on tape allegedly apologizing and referencing MDMA (Ecstasy), saying he thought the drug would help them have an exciting time together.

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      :woohoo: even this picture can’t bring me down!


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      This picture is an abomination.

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      In others news, both MD and ME voted for same-sex marriage.

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      Lyin’ ass heffa…I knew it had to be an e-pill..

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      She still gone get paid.

      Hoes stay winnin’….. sometimes.

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      that pic is the worst. It doesnt matter if she was he jumpoff, he still had no right to drug her!!

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      YSoSrs says:

      Quit posting Man’s Morning Wood submission, Sandra.


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      never heard of a case where dude is on tape admitting to drugging and obviously raping you and he’s not charged or brought in for question

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      He looks like a bull frog and is shaped like a medicine ball. No amount of money in the world could make me jump for him!

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      1. soooo ummm is jump-off a new title givin to us women ::waiting: Really serious

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      3. and ummmm is jump-off another name for whore with benefits?

      Really wanna know :coffee: and Good morning Roses

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      Bootcampgirl says:

      NaijaGal says:

      never heard of a case where dude is on tape admitting to drugging and obviously raping you and he’s not charged or brought in for question
      Sounds a bit suspect if you ask me…

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      Good morning Milky! Hi ladies :waves:

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      Yeah, I was on her team at first, but this latest story got me giving her the side eye. I doubt that recorded call is as damming as we were initially led to believe. She’ll end up with no money and no more free flights to Cali.

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      This story is just crazy! Clearly something is wrong because he should’ve been charged after the tape was discovered.

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      Morning Diva

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      brownskin A.K.A Creamy says:

      1. soooo ummm is jump-off a new title givin to us women :waiting: Really serious
      I call men and women jump offs. The definition for me is the two parties involved in a casual sexual relationship. Both are each other’s jump offs.

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      Carrington says:

      If this happened, like all entitled celebrities who’ve lost touch with the real world and commit crimes, he should go to jail.

      If this didn’t happen, like all broke, groupie b*tches willing to destroy someone’s life and livelihood in the name of new purses and shoes, SHE should go to jail.

      I hate cases of accused rape because when it’s not true, the mans reputation is ruined forever. She gets to remain anonymous.

      There are no winners here.

    48. 48
      pointhimout says:

      we know she was his jump off. how else could she allegedly record the act. if its random sex from us just meeting, the odds of her, the victim, recording it are quite low. if you are his jumpoff, however, you have time to plat, plan, and execute a take down. or extortion.

      good morning.

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      pay her rent…. rent my ass, if i’m a jump off i need him to buy me a house and be paying my mortgage.

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      That picture ain’t Cee Lo; the arms are too damn long!!! Wondering how many different body parts are really in the making of that shot….

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