Gabriel Aubry Reunites With Daughter Nahla

Halle Berry's battered ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry reunited with their daughter Nahla, 4, today after Halle, 46, and Aubry, 37, reached an amicable agreement in their contentious child custody battle. obtained photos of Aubry spending quality time with Nahla for the first time since his violent Thanksgiving day encounter with Halle's fiance, Olivier Martinez, a trained boxer.

Aubry dropped a restraining order against Martinez after lawyers for both sides reached an undisclosed settlement.

Aubry wore shades to cover his black eyes when he and Nahla were spotted out and about.

Observers note that Nahla always seems happier when she's with her father than when she's with man hungry Halle. Nahla smiles more and she's more animated than when she's with her mother.

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    • Donna del Gatto

      Observers note that Nahla always seems happier when she’s with her father than when she’s with man hungry Halle. Nahla smiles more and she’s more animated than when she’s with her mother.

      I believe EVERY word of this....which is why man-eater Halle is trying her hardest to jet off to France...

    • Victoria

      Nahla is such a cute little lady. Baby daddy/mama problems...nothing new here. Maybe Oliver beat some sense into Gabriel. Hope they stay ambicle.

    • Victoria

      and I for one can see Gabriel getting the big head being cocky cuz of his court victory. No man would take a butt whopping like that and not want revenge in some way. He had to have had that coming.

    • sweetsummerayne

      While I agree that the child should have both parents in their lives. I don't think you can say she is happier with her dad than her mom. A lot of kids are more "animated" with dad's because they let them get away with murder. Just my experience.

    • Sandra Rose

      @ Donna del Gatto: What bothers me about some mothers is how they put their vaginas above their own children. They drag one man after the other into their homes, around their children. It's a shame. :no:

    • brwnbutafly

      Nahla does seem to be more LIVELY with her father, this is just a sad situation. Although Gabe and Halle were never married, she needs to keep Unfaithful in check. Unfaithful should have NO reason to speak to thinks Halle likes the drama. What other reason would SHE keep this mess going? WE as women have the POWER. SMH

    • Daisy

      When did Halle become 46 I thought she was 42/43??

    • Crickett

      Halle graduated with my sister Class of 1984 in Ohio- Halle and my sister's class were part of the Gerald Levert, O'Jays era so Halle is 46 might even be 47.

    • Aryanna

      I'm glad they are reunited :) Hopefully the adults can put away their pride for the sake of the little girl.

    • spiceykay

      I thought she was always going to school when pictured with Halle so that can explain the not being happy thing.

    • BigCityGirl

      I'm glad father and daughter are reunited....although I wonder what story they gave Nahla? She knows something because her father has two black eyes and Oliver's hand is in a brace...smh. Yes...Halle is 46...too late in age for all this drama!

      And wasn't this the lady who claimed she was NEVER getting married again???

    • missmiami

      :applause: gabriel isnt perfect but i will say that I believe Halle used this man as a sperm donor and never had any intentions on letting him play an active role in that child life

    • zurishay

      Babies OVER vaginas!

    • BayMami_de4

      Nahla looks happy in the pic. Glad for her sake she wasn't kept from her father.

    • luVn_liFe…

      DiD his brutalized Face scare the baby,How did He explain it I wonder SMH

    • tintin1979

      I hope Nahla wasn't around when they were fighting.

    • KrayZKat

      Hopefully, Oliver will butt out for now on. He, in my opinion, had no business approaching Gabriel that night. Gab was probably pushed to the brink. I don't excuse the violence, but sometimes if people know what buttons to push, they'd do it.

      Anyway, daddy and his baby girl seem to have a great relationship, and I hope it stays that way.

    • KrayZKat

      "What bothers me about some mothers is how they put their vaginas above their own children. They drag one man after the other into their homes, around their children. It’s a shame." - SR


    • luVn_liFe…

      @SandraRose . .
      no post on JoVan Belcher killing his self and gF,and orphaning the Newborn?
      My prayers go out to Kasandra Perkins and her family.Especially her mother who had to witness this Tragedy :pray:

    • Starr


      Sandy is gonna post about that soon.

      That ish is real sad, real sad. Don't even wanna think about what the family is gonna tell their baby. smh

    • ReadingIsFundamental

      When I saw the picture, before I read the summary beneath, I was going to say how she looks so much happier when she is with her father. She always looks like she has no emotion in pictures with Halle. I only see her smile in pictures with her dad. God bless that baby.

    • missmiami

      Saw that Chiefs player :shotsfired: really sad. Ladies I don't want anyone to love me that much :no:

    • missmiami

      This is the first pic of Nahla I have seen in which she looks. Like she is actually speaking. I never see her talk or show emotion in pics with Halle. Halle is crazy

    • lovebites

      this bi/ch is crazy please take her child from her and give her to Aubrey..

    • lovebites

      this bi/ch is crazy.

    • VDot

      Get your baby Gabby :thumbsup: