Obama Reelected President in Bittersweet Victory Over Mitt Romney

Obama Reelected President

President Obama survived a close race with Mitt Romney to win reelection Tuesday night. Obama didn’t win by a landslide like he did in 2008, but it was a decisive victory.

“Four more years,” the president wrote in a caption under a photo of himself and wife Michelle Obama locked in an embrace.

Obama and Michelle embrace

“I want you to know that this wasn’t fate, and it wasn’t an accident. You made this happen,” Obama tweeted on his Twitter page.

As of 12:45 a.m., Obama’s challenger Mitt Romney still had not conceded the victory to Obama after losing Ohio and Florida.

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    137 Responses to “Obama Reelected President in Bittersweet Victory Over Mitt Romney”

    1. 1
      SweetP1984 says:

      :obama: hoe!

    2. 2
      cougar lover says:

      Big ups to President Obama, and as much as we clowning romney over here. the man still going home a loser worth 200+ million dollars, hmmmm… something about this picture is making me feel uncomfortable, with real vague thoughts, that this dude could have won :think:

    3. 3
      Gumbumper says:

      Thanks to all of us, who stuck together, 4 more years.

    4. 4
      sassyshe says:

      :kneel: :yahoo: :obama:

      I know but this is cause for an exception

    5. 5
      WUT IZ A LOLLIPOP says:


      :tea: Taste pretty sweet to me Sandra

    6. 6
      ReadingIsFundamental says:

      That was a good and humble speech by Mitt. Congrats Mr. President and I pray he makes the next four years historic with policies that will be beneficial and able to manage past the next four years.

      I am eagerly awaiting President Obama’s speech.

    7. 7
      Caramel Sundae says:

      :obama: hoe

      ALL DAY ERRY DAY!!!!! Now for the acceptance speech…

    8. 8
      WUT IZ A LOLLIPOP says:

      303 to 203 is a landslide to me… :shrug:

    9. 9
      WUT IZ A LOLLIPOP says:

      Why am I imagining Obama coming out with a pimp walk chuckin deuces? :rofl:

    10. 10
      WUT IZ A LOLLIPOP says:

      This is what the republicans fear. Most second year presidents go hard on their platforms so this will be a different Obama than we have seen in the past.

    11. 11
      Caramel Sundae says:

      Me too @Wut, but I want him to come out like 2 Chainz saying All I want for my election is a big booty gul… with Michelle backing that thang up :kona:

    12. 12
      msmello30 says:

      :obama: :champ: :trophy: :buttshake: :cheer: :waves: :cheers:

    13. 13
      WUT IZ A LOLLIPOP says:

      Caramel Sundae says:

      Me too @Wut, but I want him to come out like 2 Chainz saying All I want for my election is a big booty gul… with Michelle backing that thang up

    14. 14
      WUT IZ A LOLLIPOP says:

      okay im mad at the sistah with the flag stuck in her weave standing behind our POTUS… :spank: <—no niggnace on tv so soon after victory!

    15. 15
      MZ_CARAM3L74 says:

      :dance: YES!!!!! 4 MORE YEARS!!! :obama:

    16. 16
      ReadingIsFundamental says:

      The Obama girls look absolutely amazing.

    17. 17
      Yardgirl says:

      Congratulations President Obama, I am so happy right now!! :yahoo: :happy:

    18. 18
      Dreadhead85 says:

      Even though I wasn’t crazy about either of the two…. I voted for Obama and I am happy he is the one in office

    19. 19

      Kicks in the door of this post :woohoo: :obama: I didn’t even watch last night, but I am glad he won :trophy:

    20. 20
      kingstonn says:

      yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! :obama:

    21. 21
      Redeemed777 says:

      I know one thang….I JUST CAN’T WAIT till the Head Negro in Charge comes back to set this world in order:

      1. Rewarding those who keep His commandments ( Old & New )

      2. …and destroying those who live as if the Most High does not exist.

      The thought alone is higher than the highest high, and only the wise can understand it.
      ” And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.” – Daniel 12:2

    22. 22
      Flawless says:

      Congratulations to our President being re-elected :obama:

    23. 23
      Redeemed777 says:

      Come Lord Jesus and destroy this so-called system of politics, and may EVERY KNEE BOW AND EVERY TONGUE CONFESS THAT JESUS CHRIST ( A black man with wooly hair ) IS LORD!!!!!

    24. 24
      3halos says:

      Close race? Why would you say that? Our presidential races are based on electoral votes not the number of states you can crayon color red. People get so confused about the ‘number of red and blue states’ won but forget that some of those visually larger states on the map have fewer electoral votes comparatively. 303 versus 206 electoral votes is not ‘close’.

    25. 25
      FuturedocDonte says:

      <—- was super mad at the lady they caught on camera snapping photos with a red Nintendo DS…. Ummm ma'am, take ur son his toy

    26. 26
      3halos says:

      PS the number of POPULAR votes (50 versus 48%) means absolutely nothing in terms of true election results. Those numbers simply state the number of qualified participating voters.

    27. 27
      lovezoe says:

      This election was not close. :obama:

    28. 28
      lovezoe says:

      I’m getting ahead of myself, but Dema PLEASE start grooming a viable candidate for 2016. If we think Romney scary, wait to you see Ryan

    29. 29
      Bedazzled His Razzle says:

      :Obama: whores! ;)

    30. 30
      Bedazzled His Razzle says:

      :obama: * whores!

      DAYUM auto correct! And yes I said whores and not hoes :lol:

    31. 31
      Bedazzled His Razzle says:

      Lord-T let’s talk about that tweet sandy may made about beyonce and :obama: running off with each other. :no: just need to get a rise huh? :lol:

    32. 32
      luVn_liFe... says:

      Morning ROSES!!!!
      Decisive . . .
      Well Over 2mil POPular vote is Huge
      97 Electoral Votes.. But i do get SANDRA Was ahead of herself when she Penned this one..As she was on Twitter,But


      PS.Did Mitt Look like he had been :crying1: when he gave his speech?
      Anne Was Totally Shook and shocked they Lost! Bissh you will NOT B the next !st lady

    33. 33
      Bootcampgirl says:

      :obama: BISHES!!!!
      Mittens :haha: President Obama

    34. 34
      Bootcampgirl says:

      Pardon me, GOOD MORNING FOLKS :party:
      People is mad at my job today…

    35. 35
      missmiami says:

      Does Mitt really wear magic undies :thinking:

    36. 36

      Ahhahahhahahhahhahah >>>>>>>>> :buttshake: for ole Mitt !!!! Boy I bet its some mad folks right now :nana:

    37. 37

      Its a party its a party :danban: :danban1: :buttshake:

    38. 38
      charleybrown says:


    39. 39
      MsB says:

      I can’t wait for these folks to come in TODAY, I have already changed my screen saver.. :lol:


    40. 40
      NaijaGal says:

      Choc D we did it boo :obama: hoe
      WUT IZ A LOLLIPOP says:

      303 to 203 is a landslide to me…
      :cosign: you know Sandra can’t ever give him his due
      My President is black :danban: :danban1:

    41. 41
      MsB says:

      Morning Roses

      :wave: to anyone else I missed

    42. 42
      NaijaGal says:

      MsB :waves: sup girly…it’s a celebration…let’s get it :buttshake:

    43. 43
      Bootcampgirl says:

      :waves: MsB

    44. 44
    45. 45
      GAGIRL87 says:


      My President is BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      :danban: :yahoo:

    46. 46
      Milky says:

      :obama: I dont know what numbers Sandra is looking at this was not a close race. One thing i have to say, to the person on twitter sayin Obama would be winning until people got off work. He was losing until folks got off of work!! 2 terms BISHES!!!

    47. 47
      FuturedocDonte says:

      White folk quiet as heyull at my job today :rofl:

    48. 48
      GAGIRL87 says:

      Naija :hug: *air kisses* :kiss: Morning honey!!!!

      So check it right it’s so quite in my building TUDAY you can’t hear CHIT and that’s not how it normally is :rofl: they mad huh? :ha:

    49. 49
      Milky says:

      @future they’re are awfully quiet here too!!! :rofl:

    50. 50
      MsB says:

      @Naija :party: :danban: AYE!!!!!!!

      This lady that works in here just walked in and went straight to her office with her head hanging down :ha:

    51. 51
      GAGIRL87 says:

      @ Milky your right I was looking at my screen yesterday evening talmbout hail nawl 47% and Mitt was at like 58% I was pissed off but in the END Obama won :yahoo:

    52. 52
      cheeks8683 says:

      Morning roses! :wave:

      The race was really tight last night, for minute there I thought that I was gonna have to volunteer as tribute #hungergames

    53. 53
      FuturedocDonte says:

      Aint nobody in here chipper this morning. And I’m pissing them off cuz I’m speaking to everybody :hi: :obama:

    54. 54
      GAGIRL87 says:

      For some strange reason I am EXTRA chipper tuday :danban: All perky in chit :grin:

    55. 55
      Milky says:

      luvn :kiss:

      :buttshake: <—–me twerkin for the POTUS!!!

    56. 56
      Smonae80 says:

      Good Morning SR :waves:
      Hey Luvn

      Moving Forward :obama:

    57. 57
      GAGIRL87 says:

      @ Future Morning!!!! :waves: How you be today? :lol:

    58. 58
      MsB says:

      @Cheeks8683 I had the number for Uhaul saved in my phone thought I was going have pack up and move the family in with the in-laws :lol:

    59. 59
      Milky says:


    60. 60
      GAGIRL87 says:

      Hey Milky :waves:

    61. 61
      MsB says:


      I’m in here like hmph Y’all Mad bc y’all had to come to work with the rest of the other 47%, my employees and I are in here like :haha: at the YT folks

    62. 62
      GAGIRL87 says:

      @ 11 last night that had projected Obama as the POTUS and Romney said don’t be so sure he still had a chance THAT’S when I knew this nicca was off his rocker :smack: I’m like bish you LOST!!!!! GIVE IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    63. 63
      Milky says:

      Since they are so quiet in here, im just goin to break out and start crip walkin all over the office. :danban: <——-me cripwalkin

    64. 64
      Bootcampgirl says:

      :danban1: Cheeks/Milky/Smonae

    65. 65
      Keesh says:

      Morning Roses :waves:

      Four more years :woohoo:

      Yall :kneel: to Obama with his awsome azz!!!

    66. 66
      ZenChickAtl says:

      I see I’m not the only one who has some quiet coworkers today, lol. My manager didn’t even speak which is unsual :shrug: He’ll be ok though :obama: :blunt:

    67. 67
      Bootcampgirl says:

      Keesh :bye:
      So I decided to try this Matchdotcom and so far all the people they say are my matches, I’m looking like :huh: This is not looking good…

    68. 68
      San says:


    69. 69
      missmiami says:

      :rofl: all my yt coworkers r quiet. U can hear a pin drop in this mug. I feel like doing the wobble and backflips

    70. 70

      Morning everyones !!!!! :waves: MissB its a beautiful day in the neighborhood:whistle: its a beautiful day in the neighborhood :whistle: Would you be my neighbor :whistle:

    71. 71
      FuturedocDonte says:

      Gagirl :hi:

      I’m great… In here doing my :danban1:

    72. 72
      San says:


    73. 73
      Keesh says:

      66 ZenChickAtl says:

      I see I’m not the only one who has some quiet coworkers today, lol. My manager didn’t even speak which is unsual He’ll be ok though

      Same here….everybody quiet, especially when I came in with a huge smile on my face…giggles

    74. 74
      Milky says:

      :hi: keesh
      It’s a celebration BISHES!!!!

    75. 75
      Bootcampgirl says:

      Hey Jenie :danban:

    76. 76
      MsB says:

      Keesh :hi:

      @Jenie :danban:

    77. 77
      kingstonn says:

      i mean.. that’d be awesome! :yes:

    78. 78
      missmiami says:

      :peace: :party: i wanna scream til my heart is content. Barry got 4 more years. He about to act a fool this time. I dare dem folks to try him now. Watch that Chi-town come out

    79. 79
      lovezoe says:

      People making me mad. Hiding behind their friends status updates. One erased her status, but commented under someone else’s. maybe she should have seen if their acct was locked. She said basically all Obama supporters are lazy, half don’t work, and likes government funded abortions. How do you like that.

    80. 80
      Keesh says:

      @San….ALL CAPS IT IS….

    81. 81
      Trendsetter says:

      :obama: :obama:

    82. 82
      kingstonn says:

      all the Repubs at work quiet as hell. I’m like you work HERE & trying to vote for Romney? your ass in that 47% too, boo boos. :yahoo:

    83. 83
      Trendsetter says:

      I literraly live moments away from McCormick Place….and let me tell you we had the city turnt up! President Obama re-elected and The Bulls won…you can’t tell us nothing!!!!

    84. 84
      Trendsetter says:


    85. 85
      Bootcampgirl says:

      kingstonn says:

      i mean.. that’d be awesome!

    86. 86
      cheeks8683 says:

      I see I’m not the only one who has some quiet coworkers today, lol. My manager didn’t even speak which is unsual He’ll be ok though

      Same here….everybody quiet, especially when I came in with a huge smile on my face…giggles


      All the “minorities” up here wore blue :) All I’ll say is that alot of work is gonna get done today…All I hear is light typing all over the office :rofl:

    87. 87
      NaijaGal says:

      GAGIRL :kiss: <========== on the cheeks of course…girl I came into work loud and proud…dare somebody to say something…they still kill me…if you had to come in to work today you are part of the 47%, ignant bishes….but anywho it's def a glorious glorious day *sings* can you feel the brand new day :yahoo:

    88. 88

      Boot :yahoo: I am in a got dayum wonderful azzmood, might do some work today in here :danban1: Bow :danban1: Bow!

    89. 89
      NaijaGal says:

      MILKY, SOMANE :hug: morning divas

    90. 90
      MsB says:


      That’s what I have been saying… They act like they working b/c they want to like we are the only one’s who have to work… :rolleyes:
      Get y’all 47% @sses on in here work like the rest of us :obama:

    91. 91
      MsB says:


    92. 92
      Milky says:



    93. 93
      NaijaGal says:

      kingstonn says:

      all the Repubs at work quiet as hell. I’m like you work HERE & trying to vote for Romney? your ass in that 47% too, boo boos.
      I see we’re on the same page :lol: if your ass ain’t Warren Buffet, Bill Gates esque you are the 47%

    94. 94
      kingstonn says:

      @ boot :hug:
      great minds think alike.

      @ cheeks
      girlll… all i hear is typing of keys, fax machines going and printers printing.
      but i came in here LOUD as ****. :lol:

    95. 95
      prynsexxx says:

      *repost from THIS blog 2008*

      *clears thoak*



      I would have lost it all
      But now I see that
      You were there for meeeeee

      :rofl: at the :obama: playlist they had playing last night before his victory speech. :dead:

    96. 96
      Redeemed777 says:

      And to all saying that your white co-workers are quiet/angry/whatever else…PLEASE LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!

      Do not start any mess with them. Just leave them alone. The time for us to torture them has not arrived YET.

    97. 97

      Redeemed lawd :hahaha: You are a mess Torture them :rofl:

    98. 98
      Fated4Greatness says:

      me last night around 10pm :no:

      me last night around 11:30 pm :yahoo:


    99. 99
      Mr.BluPhi says:

      My President is back #4MoreYears

    100. 100
      Milky says:

      :hi: redeemed
      we’re not messing with anyone. we’re actin the same way they would be actin if Wrongney won!!

      We’re HAPPY! Let us have our moment. All said in LOVE!!

    101. 101
      jazi65 says:

      Morning all :hi:

      I walked into the kitchen at the office..3 romney supporters hovering over the coffee pot like its an oxygen tank…sudden silence…I turn around to see my supervisor walk in with bruegger bagels! we smile at each other, hi five then :ha: at the haters!


    102. 102
      kingstonn says:

      hey milky! :yahoo:

      @ msb
      that gravi.. lmao. i’m wrong as hell for laughing but… :tape:

      @ naija
      some of them don’t even get insurance cause they’re like part time and they’re voting for Romney. like really? does that make sense? :rolleyes:

    103. 103
      prynsexxx says:

      Fated4Greatness says:

      me last night around 10pm
      me last night around 11:30 pm

      me last night around 10pm :zzz:
      me last night around 1130pm :yawn:

    104. 104
      lovezoe says:

      No one on my Facebook is filthy rich, yet the voted for mittens. Get outta here

    105. 105
      Bootcampgirl says:


    106. 106
      MsB says:

      Plus I just overheard this lady telling my employee she is upset that :obama: won… GTFOH :shotsfired1:

      I about to be like Milky cripwalking & sing 4 more years! lol

    107. 107
      Milky says:

      @msb cripwalk all through that BISH!!! :rofl:

    108. 108
      prynsexxx says:

      :think: How long is this blog gone be up and running for today.

    109. 109

      There is a newpost up ya’ll :tea: Meh !

    110. 110
      Redeemed777 says:

      … and remember, YOU ( as an Israelite )have to get yourself in order, to be counted worthy of putting ‘them’ in chains and fetters of iron.

      Even King David knew that…
      ” Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a twoedged sword in their hand;

      7. To execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishments upon the people;

      8. To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron;

      9. To execute upon them the judgment written: THIS HONOR HAVE ALL HIS SAINTS. Praise ye the LORD.” – Psalm 149:6

    111. 111
      kingstonn says:

      @ redeemed
      i work with like maybe 4 white people. the rest are black, indian, asian and hispanic.
      you figure out who’s angry about this election. and it wasn’t the whites. :no:

    112. 112
      MsB says:

      @Prynn I was out like this :zzz: with a little slobber lol @ 9:00 My fiance said he woke me up and told me that the :obama: won but I don’t remember :zzz:

    113. 113
      Redeemed777 says:


      That’s the thing Milky, don’t act like them, because the Lord made you better than them!

      ” As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.” – Romans 9:13 :danban1:

    114. 114
      NaijaGal says:

      :newpost: on Willow is up

    115. 115
      Redeemed777 says:


      The black and hispanic ones are just lost-in-the-sauce, and don’t know their TRUE heritage.

      The asian and indians ( not native indians ) are grouped along with the edomites according to the scriptures. THEY ARE HEATHENS TOO, SO THEY DON’T MATTER.

    116. 116
      cheeks8683 says:

      My co-worker says to me when she walked in this morning, “I’m gonna be the bigger person, then she fake smiled and said congrats, your candidate won the election” :coffee: #girlbye

    117. 117
      kingstonn says:


      wait… did you vote tho? just curious.
      or did Jesus of Nazareth have your vote? thats what my aunt said.

    118. 118
      mia2bmore says:

      So glad Obama won!! Now folks need to have the same enthusiasm for the mid-term election in 2016. The office of President is important but several congressional seats will be up for grabs in 2016 and those are also important. The President can’t get the job done alone!

    119. 119
      GellySammich says:

      :buttshake: <— all day long… looking back at it and erthang

    120. 120
      spiceykay says:

      I need Tennessee and Alabama to get it together can we atleast get close to becoming a blue state. Something seems fishy about the number of votes in Tennessee. Oh well President Obama is still going to continue to be the President. Now I need Hillary to run in 2016.

    121. 121
      Hershey says:

      I’m ashamed to live in Tennessee and be from Louisiana where Mittens won both states. It’s all good in the end, because the right man remains in office. :obama:

    122. 122



    123. 123
      Diva says:

      :danban1: We did it!!!! When God is in it all you can do is WIN it!

    124. 124
    125. 125
      sassyshe says:

      @spicey :handclap: to Hillary 2016

    126. 126
      NaijaGal says:

      The mid-term elections are in 2014 and yes people should be enthused about it just like they are for the presidency…it’s probably the most important

    127. 127
      kingstonn says:

      i knew he wasn’t gonna win Texas. all these frigging rednecks. :rolleyes:

      SN: where is George W. Bush? has anyone seen him?

    128. 128
      WorkInProgress says:

      :obama: :hi: everybody we dit it

    129. 129
      BayMami_de4 says:

      I’m so relieved and happy!! 4 more years. That is huge when it comes to the Supreme Court.
      That pic he tweeted is too cute.

    130. 130
      mia2bmore says:

      NaijaGal says:

      The mid-term elections are in 2014 and yes people should be enthused about it just like they are for the presidency…it’s probably the most important


      Yes mid-terms are in 2014. I’m sleepy it was a typo! :-)

    131. 131
      KayCeiSoul says:

      :obama: :danban:

      True story – the lady at Dunkin Doughnuts messed up my Peppermint Mocha on purpose because she was an evil yt lady with a mustache and she was salty about Mittens losing. It had NO flavor, no syrup, and it was NOT decaff (the bish tried to kill me!)

      So I went in, and said, “WHAT IN THE OBAMA is WRONG with this MOCHA!!!!?!?!” :rofl:

    132. 132
      KayCeiSoul says:

      P.S. – I can get away with a few more things that usual ’cause I’m preggers. I love being nice-nasty to their azzes. :yes:

    133. 133
      hell_on_heels says:

      Romney and his camp actually spent close to 400 Million dollars on his campaign…Linda McMahon (a running Republican for the Senate for the state of Connecticut) spent 100 Million dollars of her own money and still LOST!!! I am so very proud of MY PRESIDENT as well as all of the volunteers who helped to seal this election!!! I LOVE MY PRESIDENT!!!

    134. 134
      hell_on_heels says:

      And Auntie, the President won the victory with over 300 electorial votes (as well at the popular vote), this was NOT a close race. The only other state Romney gained from the election held in 2008 was North Carolina; again I repeat this was NOT a close race in any way shape or form!!! :obama:

    135. 135
      OutsidetheBox says:


    136. 136
      na na says:

      Close race how is 303 compared to 206 a close race and in what country.

    137. 137
      na na says:

      Obama 2012

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