Jordan Davis shot for playing loud music

A software engineer is in a Brevard County jail charged with murder and attempted murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old high school student Jordan Davis.

The incident occurred at a Jacksonville gas station on Southside Boulevard on Friday. Michael Dunn, who is white, told police he “felt threatened” by Davis and his friends after he complained about the loud music coming from their car. Davis is African American.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Jacksonville homicide Lt. Rob Schoonover said Dunn pulled out a weapon and started firing into the vehicle. Davis was shot multiple times and the car was riddled with at leasr 8 bullets.

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Blac Chyna

Believe it or not, former stripper Blac Chyna is something of a celebrity in other parts of the world. Photos of the mother of 1 sell for a premium in foreign countries. Chyna, age unknown, has a son, King, with rapper Tyga. She posted these photos on her personal blog yesterday. Chyna looks quite bored in her palatial, but sparsely furnished mansion in the Hollywood Hills that Tyga purchased for her and the baby while he’s out chasing skirts.

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Tameka Tiny Harris and Zonnique Pullins

Tameka “Tiny” Harris, right, and her daughter, Niq Niq, catch a few Z’s on a private jet during a whirlwind promotional tour for T.I.’s new album, Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head, in stores Dec. 18. Stay tuned for more info on T.I.’s 12 DAYS of CHRISTMAS Giveaways Exclusively on!

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Gabriel Aubry injuries

Halle Berry’s ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry successfully obtained a restraining order against Berry’s current boyfriend, Olivier Martinez, after the Thanksgiving brawl that left Aubry with wicked facial injuries. Both men were treated for various injuries at a hospital. Aubry’s petition for the restraining order contained images of Aubry’s black eyes, lacerations and abrasions that Aubry claims he suffered at the hands of Martinez who made a citizen’s arrest on the former underwear model. Aubry says he was attacked by Martinez when he arrived at Berry’s Los Angeles home to drop off his daughter Nahla on November 22, 2012.

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  • Jay Z and Beyonce

    Rap mogul Jay Z, 42, patiently explained the difference between a free throw (in basketball) and a free kick (in soccer) to his clueless wife Beyonce. The singer looked so lost as she sat at court side with Michael Strahan, Nicole Murphy, and other celebrities for the much-anticipated match up between the thuggish NY Knicks and Jay Z’s Brooklyn Nets at the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Monday. Jay Z’s Nets won the showdown by a score of 96-89. The Jigga owns a miniscule percentage of the former NJ Nets, which gives him bragging rights over other NY area rappers.

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    Man choked to death on cockroaches A Florida man choked to death after swallowing dozens of live roaches during a roach eating contest.

    The Atlanta Journal Constitution obtained a copy of Edward Archbold’s autopsy report which showed the 32-year-old man died as a result of “asphyxia due to choking and aspiration of gastric contents.

    The human stomach is designed to reject — or regurgitate — caustic substances that may be harmful to our health.

    In Archbold’s case, he inhaled the regurgitated roach body parts into his lungs.

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    TI covers Billboard magazine

    Rapper/actor Tip “T.I.” Harris is making the rounds to promote his blockbuster album, Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head, which is set to drop next month.

    In an interview with Billboard Magazine, T.I. revealed how actor Will Smith attempted to use his significant pull with Barack Obama to have T.I. released from prison. He also received support from rappers Eminem and Nelly while he was doing time on weapons charges.

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    Angus T Jones

    Two and a Half Men star Angus T. Jones had an epiphany one day. Not content to star alongside Ashton Kutcher on the long-running hit show Two and a Half Men, Jones set off in pursuit of the real meaning of life — which he figured he would find inside a black church. His search led him to the Forerunner Christian Church, where parishioners took him in and immediately hit record on a video camera.

    What follows is a rambling 14-minute testimonial by the 19-year-old actor who declares his love for black people and encourages his fans to stop watching the show.

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    Beyonce and Blue Ivy

    It appears that singer Beyonce continues to suffer from postpartum depression — even though evidence shows she did not give birth to her daughter, Blue Ivy.

    In a hand-scrawled letter posted on her personal website, Beyonce wrote: “I am just so ugly, dull, poor… ridiculous. Take me or leave me.”

    The child-like letter — written in magic marker using block letters — displays Beyonce’s increasingly despondent state of mind since Blue Ivy was born in January. The letter also shows a starkly different handwriting from previous open letters that were reportedly penned by the singer.

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    Halle Berry seeks restraining order on Gabriel Aubry

    Actress Halle Berry went back to court to apply for a temporary restraining order against her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry following the underwear model’s fisticuffs with her fiance, Olivier Martin.

    The fist fight occurred on Thanksgiving day when Aubry arrived at Berry’s home to drop off Nahla. The two men reportedly exchanged words in French before Aubry battled in the driveway. It isn’t clear if little Nahla witnessed the knock-down, drag-out fight between the two men.

    If the restraining order is granted, Aubry, 36, could lose joint custody of their daughter, Nahla, 4. The TRO could also pave the way for Berry, 46, to move with Nahla to France, where treatment for autistic children is more advanced than in the USA.

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    Rihanna defends Chris Brown

    Rihanna defends Chris Brown

    Pop singer Rihanna defended her lover Chris Brown after his wild Twitter melee with a female comic ended when he deleted his Twitter page over the weekend.

    Not one to sit idly by and mind her own business, Rihanna jumped feet first into the scrum by digging up reams of tweets written by Jenny Johnson — the woman who Brown viciously attacked on Twitter.

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    Chris Brown attacks Jenny Johnson

    Troubled singer Chris Brown, 23, deleted his Twitter page (again) after a profanity-laced tweet exchange with a female comedy writer.

    It all started when the comic, Jenny Johnson, responded to a days old tweet posted by Brown that read: “I look old as f**k! I’m only 23.” Johnson replied with: “I know! Being a worthless piece of s**t can really age a person.”

    Chris Brown attacks Jenny Johnson

    Proving that he has not matured one bit, Brown tweeted, “take them teeth out when u Sucking my dick HOE.” He followed that little gem with a barrage of insults and obscene tweets that demonstrated his obvious fecal obsession — a symptom of a psychotic disorder.

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    Sasha Ray and Tyasia Jackson

    13-year-old Tyasia Jackson will be tried as an adult in the stabbing death of her 2-year-old half sister. The teen made her first court appearance on Tuesday.

    Sasha Ray was found in the back yard of her family’s condo by her parents who left her and her siblings in Tyasia’s care on Monday.

    The toddler’s father, Shelton Ray, told Channel 2 Action News that his stepdaughter confessed to stabbing his youngest daughter in a phone call from jail around 11 p.m. Monday.

    According to a report in London’s Daily Mail, Tyasia was caught with a boy inside the house while her parents were running errands.

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    Mashonda Responds to Alicia Keys

    Mashonda, the ex-wife of music producer Swizz Beatz, has responded to statements made by Alicia Keys who insists Swizz was a single man before she offered up her body to him.

    Normally I don’t waste my time with drama between messy divas, but I take care to remember that my readers might be interested in this ongoing drama.

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