Psychologist: Willow Smith Needs Therapy

Willow Smith Needs Therapy

I see I’m not the only one who thinks Willow Smith is headed for a nervous breakdown. A NY-based psychologist has urged the 11-year-old’s parents, Will and Jada Smith, to get their daughter into therapy asap.

Judy Kuriansky said: “I do think Willow would benefit from therapy to sort out these feelings of angst and despair that ap­pear to plague her.”

From The National Enquirer:

Willow, who scored an instant hit with her 2010 music video “Whip My Hair,” was recently spotted looking like a home­less kid and wearing a jacket with “I Hate Everyone” scrawled on the back.

And as The ENQUIRER previously reported, she’s been posting disturbing messages on social media outlets. Now mental health experts agree her actions are a desperate cry for help.

“That jacket just screams for at­tention,” psychologist Terry Lyles told The ENQUIRER.

“It’s a garment tattoo that says Willow feels like an alien in this world. She feels misunderstood, like an outcast who is not truly being seen or heard.”

Willow has regularly turned to social media websites to bare her soul, expressing her dark feel­ings on a Tumblr blog, in Twitter messages and on Instagram accounts.

She’s written: “Being normal is ugly,” “I live in my own hell,” “I am on the brink,” “Life is pain,” and “I think my thoughts are trying to murder me.”

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      :tea: that’s a damn mess up top :no: she looks homeless

    2. 2

      :coffee: you know people kill me trying to diagnose folks by just the way they look :tea: but what ever

    3. 3
      kingstonn says:

      she’s a pre-teen. i think they all go through that crap.
      she needs a damn hobby or some type of outlet to keep her busy. :rolleyes:

    4. 4
      NaijaGal says:

      :yawn: folks like you are the reason she writes such things…let the kid be and worry about your own

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      lovezoe says:

      Here you go..

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      MsB says:

      Poor child :no:

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      prynsexxx says:

      Poor baby.

      *going back downstairs…..or somewhere*

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      Bootcampgirl says:

      Sht, quiet as kept, I hate everyone sometimes too… :shrug: She’s 11, let that girl live…

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      Redeemed777 says:

      NO surprise here.
      Did you all forget that her parents need to pay up for their fame and money. Nothing from satan is ever free.
      ” And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the LORD.” – Leviticus 18:21
      ” And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name.” – Leviticus 20:3
      ” Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel, Whosoever he be of the children of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.” -Leviticus 20:2

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      YSoSrs says:

      Morning! :obama:

      I bet Romney would like one of those jackets right about now. :coffee:

    12. 12
      YSoSrs says:

      Redeemeth. Yay.

    13. 13
      MsB says:

      Morning Yso, I read with so much :sarcasm:

    14. 14
      Bootcampgirl says:

      She’s written: “Being normal is ugly,” “I live in my own hell,” “I am on the brink,” “Life is pain,” and “I think my thoughts are trying to murder me.”
      I don’t know about this though…

    15. 15
      capricorn83 says:

      How can anyone who doesn’t actually know this TEENAGER say she needs therapy?? Judging by clothing?? :rollseyes: Hell, I hate people half of the time too! And “psychologists” usually need more therapy than their clients

    16. 16
      MsB says:

      Morning Yso,

      YSoSrs says:

      Redeemeth. Yay.

      I read that with so much :sarcasm:

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      Bootcampgirl says:

      YSo :yahoo:

    19. 19
      Tainted_Love says:

      :waves: Hey Fam.

      That child looks like bum….she needs help

    20. 20
      Bootcampgirl says:

      Annnndddd, why is a psychologist speaking with the enquirer? Somebody please check to see if her credentials are still valid..

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      luVn_liFe... says:

      :yahoo: Happy HumpDay RoSeS!!!!
      Good Morning SR

      Im tired been dranking last night

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      Milky says:


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      AWESOME says:

      Listening to the PR folks v the other Latin folks at the gig going hard already. :popcorn:

      :pc: <— me makin arrangements to move to Washington

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      Milky says:

      @luvn i spoke downstairs with :kiss: is my font white????

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      Bootcampgirl says:

      :waves: Tainted/Luv
      @Awesome, there or Colorado so I can :smoke: my ounce freely…

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      Tainted_Love says:

      I must share this…I was chilling with my “friend” last night watching the election results. once they announced Obama won..this fool rips off his shirt and proceeds to chant “these crackkas can hold us back” -_- It gets worse he tells me hold and goes to start shooting. I was so embarrassed. As he was taking me home….all I could ask myself was why do I know this clown. Then I remembered the p een is good. Lol

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      mzwhang90210 says:

      GM Erryonesssssss!!

      :obama: Signed, Sealed, Delivered!!


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      luVn_liFe... says:

      MILKY!!!! Never White Babes!!!! :love: Me lUbbbsU longtime!!

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      Keesh says:

      I couldnt imagine growing up (especially in my teen years) while the rest of the world watches and make judgements about me. I know being rich and famous has its rewards but damn..

    32. 32
      YSoSrs says:

      Hey to y’all that spoke. :yahoo:

      I am feeling NO pain this am. Not even Redeemeth will brang me down. :danban:

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      Hey mzwhang :danban:

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      LUV N :happy: *can you feel the brand new day* :danban:

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      :dead: @TAINTED

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      Milkayyy (I see the ANGRY PANTS curse has been lifted, LOL)
      [insert name here if I missed ya]


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      AWESOME says:

      Sup Boot. :hi: We (meaning I) have voted and your previous gravi won by a historical landslide.

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      MzWhang :happy: jeew Okay? :wave: AWESOME!!!
      :newpost: On CEEEELO

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      Milky says:

      :hi: mzwhang
      Yeah the curse has been lifted and 4 more years. Everythang is good today!!!!


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      MzWHANG :hug: that’s a classy bitch you got *sniggles*

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      Uh oh so one of my other YT co workers just came in here so chipper,(she usually isn’t)
      Her: Good Morning
      Me: Morning, how are you?
      Her: Im GRREAT!

      I’m sure her friend won’t appreciate that… :lol:

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      Diva says:

      :wave: Good Morning!!!! I refuse to say anything bad about anyone’s child that I don’t know personally!!!! :obama: WE DID IT!

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      @Awesome, are yall(meaning you) talking about :buttshake: <—that one???

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      Myaela0207 says:

      Good Morning! Fell asleep waiting on Mittens to concede but woke up on time to see Obama make his speech. :grill:

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      mzwhang90210 says:

      NaijaGal says: MzWHANG that’s a classy bitch you got *sniggles*
      I said in the other post…my gravi is rocking the latest in the
      :obama: Bishessssssss Evening Wear Line!


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      Tainted_Love says:

      :waves: Mz.Whang and Yso

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      mzwhang90210 says:


      Almost felt sorry for ole Mittens last nite when he made his speech.

      Then I got over it! :bootyshake:

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      Diva says:

      @Mzwhang, hey ma! That bish in yo gravi outfit is LAID, you hear meh!!!!!

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      DoNotDeleteMe says:

      This is why the suicide reate is high amongst Blacks and climbing…because we refuse to believe the obvious. This little bitty girl is troubled and if she does not get the help she needs…two words…LINDSEY LOHAN!


    51. 51
      DoNotDeleteMe says:


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      pointhimout says:

      just take away her black card. it’s a simple fix. her brother was on some rap song talking about how rich he is…like oh boy, here we go again. another trust fund kid claiming they’re rich. sure, ur rich cuz when daddy dies you get hundreds of millions, but til then, allowance.

    53. 53
      Jyous1 says:

      I can only judge by my 11 year old niece and others in Willow’s age bracket and I have to say that their thoughts/actions are no where near what her tweets are about. More like which boy is cute and how they are going to coordinate wardrobes at school. That poor girl has too much of the world on her shoulders- maybe Jada needs to rethink her style of parenting.

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