Video: Joseline and Stevie J Discuss The Louis Stewart Collection and Voting for Obama

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J

Reality TV stars Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez made a PSA encouraging their fans to get out and vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6th! They are wearing 3 new pieces from the Louis Stewart Collection! Stevie is wearing the vintage leather American Flag Hoodie with the Official Obama campaign patch. And Joseline is wearing the NEW Queen Marilyn bag and Cheetah print Ladies Hoodie!

To all my fly ladies… I need you to go and shop with Louis Stewart,” said Joseline. “This is the number 1 — not number 2 or number 3 — the number 1 black-owned line, like the President Obama, the first black president.”

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J


29 Responses to “Video: Joseline and Stevie J Discuss The Louis Stewart Collection and Voting for Obama”

  1. 1

    :tea: can this felon vote

  2. 2
    missmiami says:

    :rofl: joseline and stebbie :blink:

  3. 3
    carameldrop86 says:

    :huh: what the…..

  4. 4
    FuturedocDonte says:

    Aunte showin out with a Sunday post :yahoo:

    Can haseleen bote??? :thinking:

  5. 5
    lovezoe says:

    What name does Joseline vote under.

  6. 6
    zurishay says:

    Shenellica and Steebie. Awwwwwwww. Pimping themselves for free gear. Lol

  7. 7
    Angie says:

    They both looking used and beat the hell up! Like two high class crack heads.

  8. 8
    AlluringlySweet says:

    They should have gotten a script…..and some rehearsel time…..and a script. Did I mention a script? oh ok

  9. 9
    AlluringlySweet says:

    I hope he got Mimi one too or she will be hurt to the core.

  10. 10
    cheeks8683 says:

    Why doesn’t this Louis Stewart character have a website? If he is using all of this “good leather” why can’t he set aside a few stacks to get a website up and running…Shoot he doesn’t even have a “Like” page on fb…. :shrug: so many questions…

  11. 11
    ReadingIsFundamental says:

    I get confused as well with who Louis Stewart is. Is he just an Atlanta afluent designer? I’m not trying to knock him because I’m sure that with the name “Louis” it’s hard to go global if your last name doesn’t start with a V. Being a black person, I don’t want to knock his hustle or design skills but, I need someone to give him a marketing and branding push. Sandra had me looking dumb sometime last year walking in to Macy’s asking about Louis Stewart. I know he has given some celebs free bags like Mayweather, Justin Timberlake and Rick Ross to walk around with but, who is his direct market and how do non-celebs go about learning more about his product and why we would want to buy it? When I google him I find celeb pics and social media sites.

  12. 12
    San says:

    Number 1 black owned line is she serious? Anywho sounds lke he was the first black working for Louis V and branched out on his own. Looks like he’s keeping his brand exclusive for the celebs from what I’ve seen so…

  13. 13
    Anna says:

    Did President Obama approve their endorsement? LOL.

  14. 14
    lovezoe says:

    Morning Roses. Watching RHOA right now. :coffee:

  15. 15
    FuturedocDonte says:

    Morning everyone :waves:

  16. 16
    Keesh says:

    Morning Roses :waves:

  17. 17
    Keesh says:

    When I pulled up the site and saw these two fools, I giggled hard.

  18. 18
    Keesh says:

    lovezoe says:

    Morning Roses. Watching RHOA right now.

    Oh yeah, I watched some of it. Going to finish watching it before Auntie do a post on it….lol

  19. 19
    Keesh says:

    By the way I did NOT know Kenya act like that! Good Lawd..

  20. 20
    Miany says:

    Good Morning everyone

  21. 21
    lovezoe says:

    Keesh- I know they edit. I will just say I’m not a fan of Kenya based on the editing.

  22. 22
  23. 23
    Trendsetter says:

    Morning :waves:

    RHOA looks like it will be good this season…Kenya is a hot mess…can’t wait for the next episode when Cynthia asks Kenya…what year did you win?

  24. 24
    2cents says:

    You know and I know this chic has not nor will she be voting, thx anyways Sandra!!

  25. 25
    Keesh says:

    lovezoe says:

    Keesh- I know they edit. I will just say I’m not a fan of Kenya based on the editing.

    Were did you go to look at the entire episode?

  26. 26
    lovezoe says:

    Keesh- I dvr’d it

  27. 27
    dancerbee93 says:

    Good morning honeys!!! Umm yeah Kenya is tooo cute to be acting sooo ugly :nono:

  28. 28
    datsmdubya2u says:

    well at least they voting

  29. 29
    AndThenThereWasOne says:

    *rollseyes* I’m pretty sure I don’t need voting encouragement or fashion tips/advice from these two…now if I were looking for the nearest hole in the wall strip club (feat. Bullet Wound, and Stitches on night shift), chicken junt, or Kim’s Wig, Weave, and Attachment Emporium, maybe…

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