Sable C at Josh Smith birthday bash

Loyal reader Sable C wrote in to say she had a great time at the Hawks game followed by Josh Smith‘s private birthday bash on Wednesday. Sable won the tickets to the Hawks vs Denver Nuggets game courtesy of Josh and MusicBusinessPolitics! After the game, Sable and her friend hit up STK for Josh’s private birthday party.

Read Sable’s email after the break. Thanks again to Josh Smith and Hannah Kang of MusicBusinessPolitics!

Sable C at Josh Smith birthday bash

Good morning Sandra,

My friend and I had a blast from the parking lot at Philips Arena, to the awesome seats we had, and all the way to STK!! We sat around some pretty cool people at the game! And when leaving STK, we ran into Kevin Hart aka Chocolate Drop!! Hannah was at the door when we arrived at STK and she was very pleasant!! My friend kept saying all night “DAMN SANDRAROSE HOOKED YOU UP!!” Lol!! Keep doing what you do best and I will keep logging in everyday!!! XOXO THANKS AGAIN!!!