Mystery Powerball Winner found

The possible 2nd Powerball jackpot ticket holder seen celebrating on a Maryland gas station video has been located.

Just one day after his celebration was captured on the gas station cameras -- and shown on news programs all over the country -- the man was back at work for the Virginia DOT, where a reporter attempted to interview him.

"Did you win the lottery," NBC 4’s Pat Collins shouted at the man through a chain link fence. The unidentified highway safety worker was stone faced and silent as he drove away in the same SUV that was captured on the gas station surveillance video.

Collins also located one of the man's co-workers who was seen on the same surveillance video. "I promised the gentleman that what we would do is wait for him to come forth and speak with you all publicly," said the co-worker.

The possible Powerball winner told a cashier at the gas station that his ticket matched the Powerball numbers drawn Wednesday night.

Cashier Kamran Afgan told NBC News the man said, "Oh my God," after he realized he was holding the winning ticket worth $293.7 million.

Two winning tickets were sold in Missouri and Arizona. A husband and wife from Dearborn, MO came forward to claim their jackpot. But Arizona Lottery officials say no one has come forward to claim the jackpot there.

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    • Daisy

      I was so HAPPY for this man when I saw the video of him in the gas station confirming his numbers :cheer: :dance: :woot:

    • lola

      Congrats! :cheer:

    • AlluringlySweet

      :yawn: yeah.....I'm hating.

      Seriously I would've called in and took my arse to Arizona.

    • lovezoe

      How is it possible he bought the ticket in Arizona and less than two days later he in

    • Daisy

      @LoveZoe He said he bought the tix while he was in AZ working I believe

    • lola

      @lovezoe You can buy a tix a few days earlier. Maybe he flew and got a tix at the airport. # JMO

    • lovezoe

      That makes sense. Just wondering, that's all. Another question:

    • iWhip

      :huh: he aint on the next thang smokin to AZ to collect that check?? he at WORK?? :wtf: ion get it :shrug:

    • lovezoe

      FayFay- we >>>here<<<

    • Buttercup

      I guess ol' boy has wait to get paid to buy a plane ticket. Get it how ya live.

    • KAREN

      They are wrong for hunting that man down. They don't know his circumstances. What if someone kill him for that ticket. The media goes to far for a story. May God be with this man.

    • FuturedocDonte

      Let me look on my family tree and pray that this man is like a 2nd cousin or some ish :mad:

    • BigCityGirl

      IDK...but who goes to work after winning over a quarter of BILLION dollars??? He was so excited in the store but STONE FACE now? I hope he did indeed win...but I'm going to hold my congrats until I see him holding the honorary check.....

    • AlluringlySweet

      Oh :kneel:

      ROLL TIDE!!


    • Ni ni

      They are wrong for hunting that man down...Exactly! When I saw that on the news im like wtf because I thought you have the option to let the media know youve won. No way I would want all my 2nd, 3rd, and play cousins bombarding me about what they need money for.

    • DownBottom

      Congrats are in order for both winners!!! :handclap:

      OAN *ROLL TIDE* :champ:

    • Nhere

      If he is anything like me he would want to collect anonymously especially if it is allowed in the state. If he had the right to do so and that was his intent, he should pursue a lawsuit against the thirsty media hounds in addition to his lottery winnings.

    • VDot

      That nucca may not have won nothin but another scratch off :huh:

    • KayCeiSoul

      Ain't that Brown?
      David Mann play too merch. :coffee:

    • missmiami

      i think he wants to be anonimous and is playing it off. i would do the same :scared:

    • missmiami

      he probably lawyered up and getting paper work ready. u know how us black folk is :kona: you have everybody coming out the wood works and what if he has debt, child support and etc

    • FuturedocDonte

      Kaycei go to bed :hahaha:


      Lets think of circumstances here:
      He may live in a not so nice neighborhood and if they find out that man won that lottery they may want to hurt him for it.

      He may want to keep up as normal so that no one suspects...

      He may have gotten a lawyer and this was advised to him.

      People may have ruined this man's life for a story and they don't care.

    • LadyLew

      They are wrong for hunting that man down. :cosign:

      The media dirty! If he wanted them in his biz he would have been on the news like the other ticket holder. Showing their kids and all that foolishness.
      I would have went to work for a week or so too and acted like nothing happened.

    • NaijaGal

      Morning Folks :yahoo: let's finish 2012 with a bang :hi:

    • Fated4Greatness

      Good to see the reaction of a winner and I love me some Pat Collins...that man is gonna get a story by choice or force...I thought they was gonna run his ass over lol

    • Bootcampgirl

      Hey Naija :waves: Nice gravi, hopefully you had a relaxing vaca...
      Katt Williams has totally lost his mind, before going on his slow speed chase this negro slapping folks at Target... :facepalm:

    • luVn_liFe…

      Naija!!! :happy: I see ur LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOng VaCay went well

      BOOTGirl . . .
      Fated for Greatness

    • Bootcampgirl

      Luvn :dance:

    • NaijaGal

      BOOT :waves: except for my breakout :huh: my vacation was fantabulous...thankful for a job but would love to still be home

      LUV N - :happy: morning vacay went very well...thanks

      *yall see the update on Katt Williams* that nig is cray cray

    • Bootcampgirl

      @Naija, good to hear
      :tea: there's more than the slap???

    • lovezoe

      Morning folks! We missed ya Naija! What's the update with Katt?

    • Bootcampgirl

      Morning Love :bye:

    • lovezoe

      Boot- :waves:

    • NaijaGal

      LOVE :hug: girl I'm talking about his Target incident, slapping the target worker and taking off in one of their electric carts :rofl:

      @BOOT - the slap is the latest that I know of

    • NaijaGal

      LOVE - how's the baby???

    • lovezoe

      NAIJA- I saw that! I don't k ow what's wrong with him. Crack is wack. He is doing better.turns out he is teething too,so that has been fun.

      Oh. Kandi is messy.

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      @LOVE - ok so it was probably the teething...don't know why kids get like that when they teeth...girl don't even get me started on stuffed sausage Kandi...why is she so pressed about NeNe but never has anything to say to Kim...but last night NeNe had me cracking up from beginning to end 'where that bitch live at' :rofl:

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      guess Katt didn't hear Whitney when she said crack was wack...crack is cheap...but Katt don't need to show me any receipts though :lol:

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      Sooo, anybody else see Sandra's tweets with other folks about the Ms. Perkins situation??? :huh:

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      Oh well. At least I had me some Olga's.


      Preggo-Smurf, aka KayCeiSoul

      *How was y'all's weekend? Did anyone overspend like me?* :waiting:

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      @BOOT & LOVE - I don't know why anybody pays Sandra any attention...she talks out both sides a lot of times...if she was consistent I'd take her more seriously but since that's never the case why get your pressure up

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    • pointhimout

      i dont think it's him. people are a lil more discreet than this. the fact he made it out that store with a supposedly ticket worth 250+million keeps me from thinking he's the other winner. He's stunting to see how much attn he gets. He has a winning ticket, but it was for like $5.