Beyonce and Jay-Z spend a day out shopping's photographer spotted singer Beyonce and her rapper husband Jay Z out shopping in Manhattan Friday. Beyonce and Jay Z stopped by Cipriani's for a take out meal before returning home. Beyonce is among the performers hand picked by President Barack Obama for his second inauguration ceremony on January 21 in DC. Beyonce will sing the National Anthem. Other artists slated to perform include James Taylor and Kelly Clarkson. But not everyone is excited to see Beyonce perform.
Photo: TNYF/

Beyonce and Jay-Z spend a day out shopping

As I told you earlier, a health advocate created an anti-Beyonce petition on the White House's website asking Obama to remove Beyonce from the list of performers. The woman believes Beyonce's multimillion dollar endorsement deal with Pepsi sends the wrong message to our youth in light of First Lady Michelle Obama's much-publicized fight against childhood obesity.

But a White House spokesman told the petition was deleted because the White House does not have "jurisdiction over" the Inauguration.
Photos: TNYF/

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    • JMO

      Those wedge gym shoes grew on me :yes:

    •!/Birdshu Bird

      I love Jay's coat.

    • LeNadaPrincess

      Jay your age is starting to show

    • San

      The woman believes Beyonce’s multimillion dollar endorsement deal with Pepsi sends the wrong message to our youth in light of First Lady Michelle Obama’s much-publicized fight against childhood obesity
      Naw she wished she had it :tea: Love them out and about :love:

    • Just Looking Don’t Ask Me NOTHING

      @Intense - Left you a message downstairs.

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      question how do you change your gravi or avi or what ever its called??

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      Those Isabel Marant wedge sneakers are hideous. I wouldn't want a pair if I got it for free. :no:

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      @Nada GO to Gravatar DOT COM

    • MoniquetheGeek

      Those wedge gym shoes grew on me :yes:
      Me too.

    • MoniquetheGeek

      The people on the streets sho ain't caring that they're near Bey and Jay.

    • LeNadaPrincess

      thx @ just looking

    • msmello30

      :hailnaw: she made sure she stayed in the loop to solidify her spot with the Obamas. :thinking: Jennifer Hudson should sing the National Anthem! :applause:

    • Unshakable

      I like the wedges on her...she can pull those off. If a person with big feet put them on, they would look like rocket missiles preparing for takeoff.

      *tellingonmyself :rofl:

    • Femme Fatale

      :kiss: Lookin might good there, Jay!

    • Smonae80

      I'm excited to see Bey perform!!!

    • OutsidetheBox

      Love ya Bey!

    • hell_on_heels

      I LOVE my President, but I just wish he wasn't so "star struck". Often times he sells himself too cheap. That's all I got. So over people taking pictures of someone who's "out and about".

    • hell_on_heels

      And I am NOT excited to see her "perform". And 35 PLUS year old woman in a leotard and dance tights...NOT a good look!

    • Smonae80

      However old Bey is she still looks good and is a great performer

    • Afiya

      I like her shoes, I like this couple.

    • Afiya

      DAMN @hellonwheels, why so brutal...goodness, you sound so bitter, so you don't like her or the POTUS choices, don't watch, easy as that. :smh: