Celebs Out & About: Christina Milian, Jay Z

Christina Milian

Make-up free Christina Milian was spotted on Miami Beach showing off her long synthetic braids extensions. The singer was enjoying the sunny day with a friend.
Photo: INFphoto.com

Jay Z

Jay Z was seen leaving the infamous Chateau Marmont Hotel on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood, CA. The rap mogul had a sour look on his face as paparazzi hollered Beyonce lip-sync questions at him. Jay Hova and his wife were spotted in New Orleans this week practicing for the upcoming Super Bowl. It isn’t clear why she’s practicing, since all she’s going to do is lip-sync anyway.
Photo: SPW/Splash News

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    42 Responses to “Celebs Out & About: Christina Milian, Jay Z”

    1. 1
      ysoserious says:


    2. 2
      WorkInProgress says:

      Christina’s skin in gorg.

    3. 3
      libra80sbaby says:

      I’on care how much money he got…Jay is.. U-G-L-Y, he aint got no alibi he UGLY :yes: he UGLY!!

    4. 4
      ReadingIsFundamental says:

      How is Christina at the beach wearing a weave that she KNOWS she is not about to put in that salt water?

    5. 5
      ReadingIsFundamental says:


      Do not judge a man by the character of his skin but, by the content of his pants.

    6. 6
      Betamax82 says:

      Jay I’m digging the shoes :yes:

    7. 7
      libra80sbaby says:

      And them dayum braids on Christina :no:

    8. 8
      Sam says:

      I love me some jigga :love: :happy: so sexy

    9. 9
      libra80sbaby says:

      @Reading :no: He ugly

    10. 10
      Kitrina says:

      Jay is LA, Beyonce in New Orleans, where is Blue Ivy

    11. 11
      OutsidetheBox says:


    12. 12
      ReadingIsFundamental says:


      I didn’t say he wasn’t ugly. Although, I do like him at his new weight. Maybe he just needs a good skin tightening procedure in the face?

    13. 13
      ysoserious says:


      IV is on her charging dock. Safe and sound.

    14. 14
      WorkInProgress says:

      I will awake with a start if I woke up to someone looking like Jay standing over my bed. But I do love his swag and he can dress like no other.
      :nite: All.

    15. 15
      OutsidetheBox says:

      What ugly got to do with it? We all ugly to somebody.

    16. 16
      Sam says:

      IV is on her charging dock. Safe and sound

    17. 17
      OutsidetheBox says:

      :lol: No you wouldnt WIP. If you loved him youd get used to it. :bye: GN

    18. 18
      OutsidetheBox says:

      IV is on her charging dock. Safe and sound

      :hahaha: DOA

    19. 19
      Breezy says:

      The chick next to Christina looks like Jay Z sister..

    20. 20
      ysoserious says:

      Guess I’m done for today. Off to thug elsewhere.

    21. 21
      Sam says:

      Bye everybody :waves:
      have good weekends thanks for the laughs :rofl:

    22. 22
      OutsidetheBox says:

      :wave: Bad Roses.

    23. 23
      YOUR NAME HERE! says:

      by @Sam!!!! glad that you laughed at me all day!

    24. 24
      Lady_L says:

      OutsidetheBox says:

      What ugly got to do with it? We all ugly to somebody.
      exactly….it’s funny we can talk about Jay’s look but certain other “celebs” we can’t on this blog SMH…

    25. 25
      MsB2u says:

      If I hear one more thing about beyonce I am going to scream

    26. 26
      libra80sbaby says:

      @Reading…or maybe just a new face. :yes:

    27. 27
      libra80sbaby says:

      @OTB Jay being ugly has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that it’s the FIRST thing that came to mind when I saw that pic :coffee:

    28. 28
      Nakeya_j says:

      OTB!! I leave eat, go home, take a nap, get back on and y’all done ran Manny off? I read the recap. What did y’all do!? Lmao. And did that jig say he put perm on the coach?! :blink: hahaha

    29. 29
      luVn_liFe... says:

      C.Milan is Cute… Those 5ish extra pounds look good on her.
      JiGGa is my NiGGa!! :hunch:

    30. 30
      Sandra Rose says:

      luVn_liFe says:

      Those 5ish extra pounds look good on her.

      You noticed her powerful thighs too? :yes:

    31. 31
      Sandra Rose says:

      Jay Z is not ugly. He’s just getting old. People don’t stay cute forever… as you will soon see. :coffee:

    32. 32
      VDot says:

      :rofl: OMG why did I think Auntie was trying to be funny and say C. Milian’s friend looked like Jay Z. :hahaha:

    33. 33
      ReadingIsFundamental says:

      Sandra, d*mn we know we all a little ugly and getting uglier by the day. Let us have some fun. :crying:

      I’m doing a petition that states: No post/comment may be taken seriously unless a child has died or someone is on their death bed. :typing:

    34. 34
      Ni ni says:

      Yall aint sposed to call nobody ugly. I say unfortunate looking. Doesnt that sound better?

    35. 35

      :koolaid: Bottles up Bottles Up Aye whats in ya cup !!!! :buttshake:

    36. 36

      Jay Z ugly to def though :no:

    37. 37
      Unshakable says:


      I hear you. I wonder why the word “unattractive” isn’t used? Or, “I just don’t find that person appealing to me.”

      Question for my SR fam….How does one define ugly?

      Granted, if we’re honest with ourselves, most if not all of us have used that word before. However, how does one arrive at that conclusion? Or, if a person did the following, would they get cited for misconduct?

      Girl 1 – Hey honey, how are you? So, how does your boyfriend’s homey look?

      Girl 2 – Like a hybrid mix of swamp insect/preying mantis, but he has a beautiful character/personality. So do you want his phone number?

      Girl 1 – :blink:

      Just asking, no shade. :hug:

    38. 38
      Femme Fatale says:

      Chris M.? Meh ta me.

      Jay Z….could get the pucee. :kiss:

      Hey…that rhymed! :yahoo:

    39. 39
      Afiya says:

      The hair is a :no:

      Jay is a :yes: his looks has absolutely nothing to do with his character or his status.

    40. 40
      RAE23 says:

      Sandra Rose says:

      Jay Z is not ugly. He’s just getting old. People don’t stay cute forever… as you will soon see.

      WHEN WAS JAY EVER CUTE SANDRA!!!! NEVA EVA EVA!!! Millions sure make you look better though! :yes:

    41. 41
      Dymond says:

      what kind of hair did Chris use for them braids? :blink: not a good look

      Jay :love:

    42. 42

      I like to think that you looks get better with age :shrugs: Just my opinion though. Jay Z has never been cute :nono: so it expected he will get uglier

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