Cassie and Diddy

Rap mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs runs Coldwater Canyon in Beverly Hills with his longtime concubine, Cassie, on Friday.

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    • Unshakable

      If Cassie loses anymore weight, I promise you she will be the poster child for anorexia. The twig already looks like a 13 yo prepubescent boy with Fabio-esque hair. :tea: <-----really a protein shake to help Cassie gain weight. :rofl:

    • Unshakable

      Since I'm trying to be a better saint.... (in my Mister voice) That shole is a pretty outfit you got on, Cassie. You can run with me. You be family now. :rofl:

    • Ididntreallymeanit

      I wonder if Cassie will ever get tired of that hair style

    • StillB3lieve

      Slow news night :coffee:

    •!/Birdshu Bird

      Well damn. Why'd they even run together if a sista gotta run behind him and he got head phones on?

    • bohemiandream

      Poor Cassie has no ass at all. She spends her life running behind Diddy and his side-hos lol.

    • Sandra Rose

      Bird says:

      Well damn. Why’d they even run together if a sista gotta run behind him and he got head phones on?

      When you're in love with a narcissist you get used to life's little humilities.


      So Rihanna has nude pics that were taking on a balcony in Barbados?!?! Hot mess!!

    • Sandra Rose

      StillB3lieve says:

      Slow news night

      Even though it's a slow night I'm working tonight to entertain you. Thanks for reading, hun.

    • C. Maria

      I had a dream where I interrogated Sean Combs. I wanted him to know that this player shyt gets old and she's been with him too long and deserves a better "title"

      Thanks for post Sandra (it gives some of us in other time zones the chance to get an early comment!)

    • 100% usa made!

      There is no way I could run with those beatz on. #feelingweigheddown

    • Sandra Rose

      No problem C. Maria! :)

    • Sandra Rose

      100% usa made! says:

      There is no way I could run with those beatz on. #feelingweigheddown

      They do look cumbersome. Like he wants them to be seen.

    • cheekbone_goddess

      So did he put a ring on it or not...sigh I try to keep up.

    • lexdiamonz

      ARE those DIDDY BEATS yall know SJC don't have NO SHAME Cassie KNOWS her place "the rear" LOL WHERE is kim porter does she know about this LOL

    • Afiya

      Cassie hangin' in there, but nope he ain't gonna marry your either :(

    • Afiya


    • Sunkissed404

      Cassie looks like his little girl in this photo. I'm over Diddy and Cassie trying to be like Russell Simmons and Kimora. :coffee: They are far less interesting.

      So, I'm off for 2 weeks! Woohoo!! :danban:

    • Pickachu Tran

      I see diddy took his puppy out to get some much needed excercise... He treats his pets well i see :coffee:

    • Cubarican

      Those are some big ol headphones tho... :tea: