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I missed Beyonce's National Anthem performance at President Obama's 2nd Inauguration today. But I wasn't the only one who missed it.. on purpose.

Dr. Maya Rockeymoore wrote an illuminating article on Huffington Post explaining why she, too, missed Beyonce's performance on purpose.

Dr. Maya Rockeymoore wrote:

"You would have to be living in a bubble to have missed the news that Beyonce cut a reported $50 million, multi-year deal with PepsiCo. Although the deal may meet Beyonce's and Pepsi's mutually-beneficial marketing needs, it does not serve the best interests of the U.S. public, which is in the midst of working to combat an obesity epidemic."

Dr. Rockeymoore acknowledges that Beyonce is not your children's role model. But at the same time, we can't deny that Beyonce wields great influence over the pliant minds of today's youth. In a recent interview with GQ magazine, Beyonce said, "I'm more powerful than my mind can digest."

Dr. Rockeymoore points to studies that show young audiences are very vulnerable to 'powerful' public figures like Beyonce. Dr. Rockeymoore says it's not a stretch to see that "black girls may be especially inclined to purchase and consume a can of Pepsi with Beyonce's beautiful image emblazoned on the side."

In her defense, Beyonce probably believes that people can decide for themselves whether to drink soda. However, a study shows that while children were able to tell that advertisers were trying to sell them products by the age of eight, most youth were still unable to discern how advertisements persuaded them to consume junk food products even by the age of twelve; suggesting that young audiences are extremely vulnerable to the lure of celebrity marketing.

This is likely especially true for African-American girls, who have higher rates of overweight and obesity than any other group of youths and a 49 percent risk of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in their lifetimes. Plagued by body image issues and in desperate search of role models to emulate, black girls may be especially inclined to purchase and consume a can of Pepsi with Beyonce's beautiful image emblazoned on the side.

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    • luVn_liFe…

      EvEryone's Looking for a reason :tea:

    • Milky

      Who cares.

    • Cocoabana


    • FayStillThatWHIPBishYaHurdMeh?

      Dr. Rockeymoore says it’s not a stretch to see that “black girls may be especially inclined to purchase and consume a can of Pepsi with Beyonce’s beautiful image emblazoned on the side.”


    • Atypical

      So where was this outrage when Britney Spears was a spokesperson for Pepsi? Pepsi was just as fatty 10 years ago as it is now and I don't remember peopl all in arms about that....Oh yeah and this article is complete bullshat...Children may not be able to control who markets to them but parents can control what they want their children to drink...#ijs

    • FayStillThatWHIPBishYaHurdMeh?

      :tea: <---water NOT Pepsi
      :think: then again Bey's beautiful image aint on this dasani bottle either :rofl:

    • Crickett

      Her issue is with Pepsi not Beyonce but for purposes of attention she calls out Beyonce? Trivial for someone of the good doctor's reputation to stoop to that level. She's mad about the ludacris amount of money involved, how much did Michael Jackson, Brittney Spears and others get, why is it an issue now, and a self proclaimed boycott, foolishness.

    • FayStillThatWHIPBishYaHurdMeh?

      :cosign: Atypical

    • missmiami

      She looked old today and her neck looked long. Also, someone compared her performance to Whitneys at superbowl :rolleyes:

    • Ididntreallymeanit

      Im drinking pepsi now, not because of beyonce

    • coco creamy

      COTDAMNNNN Leave that dam woman alone, Chyt. stop eating twinkies, and drinking pepsi u won't feel bad, chyt yall ain't protesting against Colgate, Crest Dasani, Fcking Floride, MSG, and the rest of the Fck up Chyt the GOV and Dept of Argi feed these overweigt as chirrens errday. :rolleyes: anyway :waves: roses

    • Sandra Rose

      Only 10 comments for such an important issue as childhood obesity? :shrug:

    • GAGIRL87

      *sings* Beyonces I'd Rather Be You *Bootsy Collins remake* :whistle:

    • newmom87

      If the parent doesn't give it to their kids they won't drink it. Schools shouldn't have soda machines and everybody will be happy. I think sometimes ppl blame their lack of control over their kids on celebs. Bey is a 30 plus wife and mother singing about her husbands big "ego" among other things anybody so her audience shouldn't be kids or teenagers truthfully.

      Parents expose their kids to celebs or allow their teens to have all this Internet/tv freedom then expect celebs to be so holier than thou. I just take it for what it is.

    • Smonae80

      Omg these people need to find a hobby & leave Bey alone

    • ReadingIsFundamental

      not sure if someone already said this BUT, soda doesn't make a child obese; how much a PARENT allows a child to drink does. There are other factors like how much is the child active? How much water does the child drink in relation to the soda drinking? Also, grown folks drink soda and you KNOW you can't tell a grown person what to drink and what not to drink. You can't blame Beyonce or Pepsi for your obese child.

      When your life is you against the world, the problem is usually YOU.

    • FreN8tion

      Young audiences are vulnerable to advertising and promotional tactics, but parents buys the groceries... Maybe she should go after Pepsi and Parents.

    • Unshakable

      I've said it before and I'll say it again......celebrities are not paid to be role models for kids. Furthermore, it is the parents' responsibility to raise the child/children they have, not an entertainer's. The only child that Beyonce had is BIC (and even that is questionable le some people tell it); therefore that is the child she's responsible for. Parents, please understand that you are your child's first line of defense against obesity, pre-marital sex, drugs, etc. Respect entertainers/celebrities for what they are and do the best you can as a parent. :yes:

      Disclaimer: I am not judging any parent or trying to offend anyone, but merely stating my perspective. I lubs everybody!


      Errybody<---- the new name given to me by Faystillthatetc...... :rofl:

    • ReadingIsFundamental

      If you boycott Pepsi, you have to boycott whole grocery stores. 80 percent of the stuff you buy can make you obese. Too much of almost anything can make you obese. Should we boycott the NFL and NBA for having alcohol sponsors every year because people can be alcoholics? NO... because it is up to personal choices as to how much of an addiction something becomes.

      This is an ignorant topic. This is not about child obesity. This is just another "trying to find something wrong with Bey" post.

    • gbellab

      Beyonce gave me diabeturs!

    • Paige

      It is parent's responsibilty to police their children....not Beyonce's. What about that woman Sofia Viagra (sp) who speaks for Pepsi? I never hear anyone saying anything about her. Childhood obesity has nothing to do with Beyonce, it has everything to do with lazy parents feeding their children crappy foods! Responsibilty people......lay it where it belongs and that is not on Bey's doorstep.

    • mzwhang90210

      Wow...people can say all they want that it's the parent's responsibility and I a certain extent.

      Like it or look up to celebs, athelets, rappers and all that. NO amount of parental controll can change that. Sure a parent can NOT buy Pepsi...does that mean kids won't drink it??

      Your parents had control over you...does that mean you didn't do EVERYTHING they told you to do?

      I'm sick of celebs, etc...who market to youngsters...want youngsters to buy their cd's, clothes, tennis shoes...perfume, cologne etc...but then turn around a holla about not being a role model. You have a responsiblity to act responsibly!! You want the $$/fame...accept what comes with it.
      I agree with this Dr. Now, if Bey was just reppin DIET'd be different. It's all about the $$$ with Beyonce...she's no different.

      My 3 cents!!

    • 100% usa made!

      Can we please let Beyonce be Great for once. I'm not even a fan of Bey, but she seems to get dragged all over the internet for no real reason.

      You wanna stop childhood obesity, then how about making an effort to eat food without all of sugar and crap in it. Our nation is addicted to sugar, and like the addicts we are, we lay blame on everyone and everything else except ourselves.

    • cocoa49

      So now blame Beyonce for child obesity? My goodness ignorance at it's finest. Why don't people concentrate on all the out of control gun killings going on. smfh Teach your own children what to put in their mouths. Feed them the Healthy foods and stop worrying about what celebs are doing. Please this hatred goes beyond Pepsi.

    • newmom87

      "Like it or not….kids look up to celebs, athelets, rappers and all that. NO amount of parental controll can change that. Sure a parent can NOT buy Pepsi…does that mean kids won’t drink it??"

      I disagree @mzwhang I grew up without cable and I didn't grow up looking up to anyone except the women in my family. My kids will also grow up without cable or Internet (unless we use it together for school) and no cell phone only a prepaid one for emergencies. Ppl are letting the tv, computer and iPhone raise their kids and then crying foul.

    • mzwhang90210

      You can feed your child a healthy diet all you want..truth is KIDS ARE GONNA EAT/DRINK what they want when a parent is not around.

      I'm quite certain no parents give their kids cigarettes...but kids still smoke.
      They don't give their kids joints....but kids still toke.
      They don't give em still have sex.
      So while there IS much to be said for parental can only go so far. I'll bet ya....there are gonna be young girls drankin pepsi just cuz Beyonce endorses it. Even tho their parents don't condone it ...nor buy it for em. Some ARE gonna drink it just because Beyonce endorses it! So what should those parents do? Follow their kids around 24/7?? Why do you think companies hire celebs to endorse their products??? Because they know these celebs INFLUENCE the public. Not only kids but adults too..

      I mean I understand some folks idolize Beyonce and are really hurt when somebody calls her out..but that still doesn't make a fact anything less than a fact! :wink:

    • mzwhang90210

      @newmom...I feel ya. But not all kids will be like you (or your kids).
      A child can have NUMEROUS great influences around em...but they'll still wanna be like Rhianna, Beyonce, Chris Brown, 2Chainz...etc.
      A child's father can be the greatest man in the world..but if he makes some sneakers...I'll bet the child won't wear em! :hahaha:

    • newmom87

      Lmao @ mzwhang

      Yeah u right about that! I see where u coming from

    • EyesofScorpio

      @100% usa made!
      Can we please let Beyonce be Great for once. I’m not even a fan of Bey, but she seems to get dragged all over the internet for no real reason.

      The REAL reason--> plain old JEALOUSY

      Beyonce should just fart in zip loc bags and send them out to all her haters. Seems like that's what they really want.

      That pic of her looks like Keri Hilson to me.

    • flyygirl

      makes a great argument and makes total sense.