Is Kim Kardashian Trying to Pass Off Belly FAT as a Baby BUMP?

Kim Kardashian belly fat

Just days after skeptics began questioning if reality TV star Kim Kardashian was even pregnant with bestie Kanye West’s baby, she shows up out of the blue with a muffin top hanging over her leggings.

Does she really think we can’t tell the difference between belly fat and a baby bump?

Kim Kardashian belly fat

Kim deceptively obstructed her abdominal pouch with her high end handbag and her arms as she exited a gym in California.

Just yesterday, Kim and her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, spent the day shooting promo stills for their Kardashian Kollektion clothing line — and there was no hint of a baby bump on Kim.

Shades of Beyonce’s fake baby bump watch?

Kim Kardashian belly fat

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    40 Responses to “Is Kim Kardashian Trying to Pass Off Belly FAT as a Baby BUMP?”

    1. 1
      luVn_liFe... says:

      IM gonna say Its highly likely,She’s always battled her weight,so it fits with the moment

    2. 2
      Tink Tink says:

      :blink: who is the new Kardashian?

    3. 3
      luVn_liFe... says:

      One More thing “FUTURE DOC DONTE” you sint bout Nothing! i was in the gym this mornin,the Story of the lil boy kidnapped came on . ..
      Lawd i thought bout what you said and laughed.. :facepalm:

      And this funky bissh was washing her arm pits and shyte in the sink :hurl:


    4. 4
      Bootcampgirl says:

      I do not like that bottom pic :no:

    5. 5
      Nakeya_j says:

      Looks like belly fat, but either way, we all know she is having a baby so she is only going to get bigger. :tea:

    6. 6
      Nakeya_j says:

      Good Morning Roses!!!!

    7. 7
      Bootcampgirl says:

      Hey Nakeya :danban:

    8. 8
      Bootcampgirl says:

      Why is my damn gravi still black :argue:

    9. 9
      Trendsetter says:

      Yep she’s pregnant…you can tell by looking at her face

    10. 10
      Nakeya_j says:

      Hey Bootcamp! Happy Friday Eve!!!!

    11. 11
      LadieLeo says:

      They like their lips colors bright…. :tea:

    12. 12
      Who Dat says:

      There is life in that womb…and a whole lotta male DNA in her vag in the words of @AlBoy

    13. 13
      Pickachu Tran says:

      what in da spandex heyul does Kim have on in the first pic??? Other than that I have nothing for this post :coffee:

      Hey to everyone who spoke downstairs :waves:

    14. 14
      NaijaGal says:

      so what’s the update on the bus situation…is the boy ok?

    15. 15
      Bootcampgirl says:

      Ditto, ala :ghost:
      She is already making her late night tv rounds about this baby, I am not here for this shat for the next nine months…

    16. 16
      Who Dat says:

      Just yesterday, Kim and her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney
      Where was her other sister Rob…I thought that was him in the photo there for a sec.

    17. 17
      Pickachu Tran says:

      She is already making her late night tv rounds about this baby, I am not here for this shat for the next nine months…

      wish she would disappear like ONE well known celebrity did during her “pregnancy”…

    18. 18
      Trendsetter says:

      NaijaGal says:

      so what’s the update on the bus situation…is the boy ok?


      I heard that the man still has him, but he’s unharmed

    19. 19
      LadieLeo says:

      @Naji – still being held per CNN, so sad.

    20. 20
      LadieLeo says:

      Ron Jeremy has been hospitalized…… now thats a sad thing. Back in the day I use to love me some RJ in a sick twisted way. That’s that vintage.

    21. 21
      Milky says:

      she looks pregnant but Rob could be pregnant too wit them child bearing hips that ninja has!

    22. 22
      Nycsweety says:

      omg Sandra not her too. Give it up already.

    23. 23
      MSVALLDAY says:

      I don’t give a fugg either way!

    24. 24
      pointhimout says:

      and you know she’s going to make this a lifetime movie as if she’s the first FISH to push out a baby. The look on their faces the time Oprah asked them what they are famous for. And it’s still a question on all our minds. Why are y’all famous? Ok ur the most popular girl in school, and for the same reasons as the most popular girl in some schools, but outside of that, what do u do?

      They’ll do anything to keep her brand going.

    25. 25
      Afiya says:

      I like Kim’s dress :yes: Khloe & Kourtney not so much :no:

      And who is dude with them…the photographer?

    26. 26
      LuvMySailor says:

      I’m currently 9 months pregnant :yahoo:

      That being said, you could not see a baby bump on me until I was six months preggo.

      Women carry their babies differently. My best friend has a son 9 weeks ago and her stomach was huge at 3 months.

    27. 27


    28. 28
      AlabamaSky says:

      As vain as she is, SHE’S not faking it. And look at her hair, its all oily and chit. She looks like she feels like chit. She must be having a girl.

    29. 29
      mrsloveleigh says:

      That’s just fat. She is letting go and eating what she wants. I know how she feels. That’s 9 months that being fat is ok. I was like you Luv. I didn’t show with either of mine til i was 5-6 months. My friend was showing at 9 weeks

    30. 30



    31. 31
      AlabamaSky says:

      :wave: heyyyyyy @intensemocha!!

    32. 32

      :waves: ROSES

    33. 33
      Sandra Rose says:

      Congrats @ LuvMySailor! :)

    34. 34
      3halos says:

      @AlabamaSky. I agree. I hope she has a girl, too so that Kanye can watch for 18 years how his new family will pimp out their daughter just like the chicks he talks about in his songs. Kim should have stayed with the hump for all this drama but she couldn’t deal with his shoot from the hip truth and dry humor (call me crazy, I find him appealing in some way). Shes just ridiculous on all kinds of levels. And that fat jelly roll we are seeing is just her being relaxed enough not to suck in the NORMAL gut that’s generally ziplocked into some spanx. Mark my word, she will be a fat, swolen chickenhead during this pregnancy.

    35. 35
      LittleBigMouth says:

      She’s pregnant. When I carried my son, the first 3 months I just looked fat. Most women go through that belly fat phase before they start to show. My bump didn’t show until around 7 months and a lot of people couldn’t tell I was preggo until I was 2 weeks away from giving birth.

    36. 36
      LuvMySailor says:

      Sandra Rose says:

      Congrats @ LuvMySailor!
      Thanks Auntie!

    37. 37
      Fatkat says:


    38. 38
      AlabamaSky says:

      @3halos I got a thing for the Hump too!! He was giving her reality checks that she was NOT ready for! And I don’t mean the ones she’s taking to the bank :no:

    39. 39
      Destinee says:

      She has the nose spread, just like I told you ya’ll with Bey! She is pregnant!!!!

    40. 40
      trenee says:

      she ratchet…horrible…i don’t think i’ve ever seen her on a blog looking like this!

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