Is Jaden Smith wearing lip gloss?

Jaden Smith and Kris Jenner

I realize that at age 14, Will Smith’s son Jaden is a child on the verge of entering manhood; but he’s wearing lip gloss on his lips, which makes him fodder for the blogs.

Jaden, who insiders say is experimenting with alternative lifestyles, was seen hugged up with Kim Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner, in New Orleans on Saturday. Jaden appeared to be wearing Mac ‘Pink Clash’ Lipglass. The Mac website describes that particular shade of lipglass as “a unique lip gloss that can create a high gloss, glass-like finish or a subtle sheen. Designed to be worn on its own, this tinted lip gloss is the perfect product for creating shine that lasts.” Apparently, Jaden wanted a shine that lasts.

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      Trendsetter says:


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      libra80sbaby says:


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      Sandra Rose says:

      Good morning Trendsetter and libra80sbaby :hi:

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      coco creamy says:

      This Gay and Lesbian Agenda :kona: morning Roses :coffee:

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      Atypical says:

      #sniggles His lips do look uber pink…Would I let my son wear lipgloss? No.. But Jaden Smith isn’t my son….

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      sassyshe says:

      Morning, people need to leave these poor kids alone

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      Trendsetter says:

      Good Morning Auntie!

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      EyesofScorpio says:

      Hello Sandra :hi:

      did you hear about this?:

      HELENA, Mont. (AP) — A Montana man whose tearful reluctance to rob a pizza restaurant earned him free food apparently made up the sob story that gained him the clerk’s sympathy.
      David Randall Lacey, 35, entered a Papa John’s pizza restaurant on Jan. 22 with a bandanna over his face and gave the clerk a note demanding money, Helena police said. He broke down crying and told the clerk he needed the money to support his wife and children, who were hungry. The clerk made him a large pepperoni pizza and some chicken wings as he waited, and the man left.
      The Independent Record reports an investigation found Lacey has no children in Helena and changed his story when he saw how little money was in the cash register — just $24.56, according to a police report.
      Police received a tip that Lacey acknowledged his role in the incident and a clerk picked him out of a lineup. He was arrested Thursday on suspicion of felony robbery. He remained jailed Friday with bail set at $25,000.
      Lacey told police he needed the money to buy food, court records said.

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      Unshakable says:

      @Coco and Jenie – you both are in time out for those gravis!! How I get my life every time I view them!! :rofl:

      @topic – Regardless of whether he’s wearing lip gloss, the Smiths are very open-minded when it comes to raising their children. They remind me of the flower children of the 70’s. Like Atypical said…that’s not my child, so if it floats their boat, it sails my ship. :yes:

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      Sandra Rose says:

      @ EyesofScorpio: I read that last night. :lol:

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      Sandra Rose says:

      The man is still holding the little boy in an underground bunker. Now the police chief is thanking him for “taking good care of our boy.” Calling him “Mr” and “gentleman.” :rolleyes: Why don’t they stop holding press conferences and do their jobs?

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      LSLH says:

      Hey Sandra Rose! Thanks for the Sunday post.

      :bye: Hey y’all…!

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      Carrington says:

      Maybe Chris kissed him on the lips. It looks to be the same color as hers.

      But Sandra, where do you get that this kid is “experimenting” with alternative lifestyles? I can take everything else you post and agree to disagree if we differ, but when you start attacking folks CHILDREN – I ain’t ready.

      Children should be off limits! As adults… WE should not be spreading “gay” rumors about CHILDREN. You should not be “vague” and probing people into believing that a child MIGHT be gay. It’s bad enough that kids have to deal with that kind of stuff with other children, but your voice is too loud, thus too powerful for YOU to be putting out that kind of stuff in an effort to be controversial.

      Just like you consistently say that Michael Jackson’s children are adopted. It’s irresponsible. The KIDS may believe that they’re HIS. What do YOU get out of publicly saying they aren’t?

      It’s just like the chick says in the commercial, “they can’t put anything on the internet that’s not true.” some people REALLY believe that.

      I know one thing, you can say anything, and everything you choose about me and I’m OK with it. I’ll tactfully cuss your MF a$$ out and move around – dignity in tact. Get on my baby, who just turned 17 yesterday, and it’s ON! You better be wearing the whole armour of God when it comes to my child.

      Leave folks kids ALONE!

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      Miss Mainey says:

      @Carrington :cosign: I thought kids were off limits here. This pic looks like Kris kissed him on the lips?

      :hi: Everyone!

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      Unshakable :buttshake: on topic Kris Jenner annoys the fugggg out of me :rolleyes:

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      100% usa made! says:

      Gawd if Jaden don’t look just like Big Willie in this pic. Kris looks like she is hanging on for dear life. Give that child some space to breathe

    18. 18

      Really, we talking about a child?

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      PumpkinsMama says:

      Afternoon Roses :waves: Jennnnnay :kiss: I can’t stand Pimp Mam Kris either. ANd of course she’s dangling off Jayden’s neck, b/c he’s famous. This just gives her next generation of sluts and attention seekers their young all star black peen line up :tea:

    20. 20
      DownBottom says:

      I thought kids were off limits? Plus, his dad is a metro-sexual it’s probably just carmex :rolleyes:

    21. 21
      MSVALLDAY says:

      Why is he alone wit this chick anyway. It looks like they are in a bathroom, bedroom something. Where the fugg his parents at! They know this chick desperate as hell, and will do anything to be in the news.

    22. 22
      RegyBery says:

      I kno it’s Sunday and everybody is fresh out of church but y is everyones so pressed about a article pointing out what everyone sees? Something aint right in the water at the smith household and pictures like these continue to point out the obvious. Stop acting like y’all ain’t never called nobody baby ugly….. and if u haven’t, u were prolly that baby….or had that baby :tea:

    23. 23
      DownBottom says:

      Stop acting like y’all ain’t never called nobody baby ugly….. and if u haven’t, u were prolly that baby….or had that baby


      :lol: @RayBery, is that u in ur gravi? :tea:

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      libra80sbaby says:

      Heeeey Sandra!! :waves:

    25. 25

      Pumpkn :waves: DB hey suga :kiss:

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      DownBottom says:

      Jenie :spank: Get that mess out of your gravi!!! :hi: ma’am! :happy:

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      luVn_liFe... says:

      HEY ROSES HAPPY SUPER BOWL SuNdaY!!! :koolaid1:

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      LadyT says:

      I’ve seen Jenner/Kardashian stuff with Jaden low key in the background. Good for him. Despite what we may feel about Kris, Kendall and Kylie are living ,relatively, normal teenage lives. I think The Smith’s are trying to find a balance that Kris and Bruce already have for their youngins.

    29. 29
      luVn_liFe... says:

      Sorry but those LiL jeNNer girls are FAR from Living Normal teenage lives.
      ther NOT In School the Quit last season,The girls said “they dont have time” with ther busy work schedules.

    30. 30

      Didn’t Ladies Love Cool James have glossy lips for the longest???


      “Hardcore rapper but his lips are glossy…”

    31. 31

      Oh and Happy Superbowl Sunday @Sandra and all the other weekend posters! :waves:

    32. 32
      ReadingIsFundamental says:

      Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

      I am sooo happy I was not a celeb child, don’t have a celeb child and don’t know any celeb parents or children.

    33. 33
      Bird says:

      Looks like Jayden is getting tall. The resolution on my work computer may be off (the Geek Squad has our home computer). His lips don’t look glossy on here. Both of Jada’s babies are very good looking. They’ll grown out of this crazy phase they’re in soon enough.

    34. 34
    35. 35
      EB says:

      That’s not willow :blink:

    36. 36
      Such A F'n Lady says:

      His lips don’t look as pank/red as another fella when he got outta jail a while ago, who happens to be a friend of the blog that we can’t talk bad about. :coffee:

    37. 37
      MsB2u says:

      Hey everybody :waves:Have a blessed Sunday :peace:

    38. 38
      trenee says:

      if it looks like gloss, shine’s like gloss, then it must be Vaseline!

    39. 39

      Roses to the floor please :tea: Alicia just butchered that song

    40. 40

      Auntie where are u :tea:

    41. 41
      flsun99 says:

      I think kids should be off limits. Point. Blank. Period.

    42. 42
      flsun99 says:

      @jeniefrumdabloc yes she did. I would rather she lip sync Beyonce’s rendition.

    43. 43
      FuturedocDonte says:

      Get y’all arses in here :cuss:

      That Alicia Keys national anthem :nono:

      She on crack… Gots to be

    44. 44
      PumpkinsMama says:

      Dammit I missed Alicia??? Got Shark Tales on my damn TV :cuss: The Joys of Motherhood!

    45. 45

      That azz should have just played the piano :rules: we have bee through enough with that song this week

    46. 46

      Pumkyn yeen miss a damn thang :nono: but a good butchering and hell she even sung the damn song slow :wtf:

    47. 47

      Am I fonting by myself Roses to damn floor :rules:

    48. 48
      PumpkinsMama says:

      Nope still in here my love

    49. 49
    50. 50

      Pumkyn My daughter in her room channel on dISNEY !!!!

      :woohoo: these damn Ravens came mofuggin play baby :danban:

    51. 51
      PumpkinsMama says:

      Okay somebody put it up on YT already, and um :no:

    52. 52
      PumpkinsMama says:

      Jen he’s only 3, we aint there yet ( I don’t tust that ninja for extended periods of time outta my sight). So he takes over my livingroom TV. :thinking: do they still sell them old school TV/VCR joints?

    53. 53

      :rofl: :hahaha: what the heyull happened to her voice

    54. 54
      PumpkinsMama says:

      Gurrrrrrrrrrrrl then da bish gon ad lib at the end?! Gtfoh Ms.Beaks :shank:

    55. 55

      PumpkinsMama says:

      Jen he’s only 3, we aint there yet ( I don’t tust that ninja for extended periods of time outta my sight). So he takes over my livingroom TV. do they still sell them old school TV/VCR joints?
      The Pawn shop :yes: But I broke down and made sure lil JB has her a dvd player in her room, for these situation :lol: Messed around and bought the gummie bears entire season, and she be stuck :lol: even I be in her room with her watching :ashamed:

    56. 56

      Yeah Alicia sounded like she did at my poor Whitney funeral :no:

    57. 57
      PumpkinsMama says:

      Don’t be :ashamed: I LOVE Shrek

    58. 58
      aries says:

      Alica and Jen did ok.

    59. 59
      FuturedocDonte says:

      Yo Alicia throat sound like she just got finish doing a pilgrimage to mecca or some shait. Get that bish a glass of water… And a lemon :mad:

    60. 60
      Bad Influence says:

      omg i died reading this write-up! :ghost:

      SANDRA :spank: when u finna be shyt bew? :rofl:

    61. 61
    62. 62
      DownBottom says:

      :popcorn: Did anyone hear jhud? I missed her. I must be the only one who didn’t think Akeys did that bad, but I don’t expect any diff responses than was given, :shrug:

    63. 63
      DownBottom says:

      :stop: @Jen, she sounded bad at Whit funeral, I do not think she did that bad today…but eh, whatevs :happy:

    64. 64

      DB :woohoo: :happy:
      Alicia should be called Alicia Offkey :yes:

    65. 65
      FuturedocDonte says:

      @Jen, she sounded bad at Whit funeral, I do not think she did that bad today…but eh, whatevs

      Ill give her a pass for Whitney’s funeral. Everybody was a crying Snotty mess and she was singing wit all that in her throat. But tonight :nono:

    66. 66

      Jhud did good, if you into that hollering. The sandy hook kids did good too. :tea: Lipsyching ! They get a pass though

    67. 67
      FuturedocDonte says:


      I’m mad as hell I’m boarding this plane to go back to Cincinnati right at half time. I’ma miss beyotche hair swinging-back crawling half time show. Auntie post it for me please

    68. 68

      :stop: She does not get a pass for sounding that bad at Whit funeral, she sounded better tonight :tea: but when she started for some reason….. that girl is on fire song started playing in my head and Lawd :shank:

    69. 69
      DownBottom says:

      @Future, Nah, I wanted to :shank: her for that funeral…crying and snotty nose or not :nono: Oh, you won’t be missing anything I’m sure they will replay it excessively :rolleyes:

    70. 70
      DownBottom says:

      :lol: @Jen, I hate that girl on fire song, :mad: but actually like a few of her other songs on the album when she sticks to her register :tea:

    71. 71

      DB got that right, it will be all over the blogs, and more :hahaha: Cnn Worldnews you name it

    72. 72

      These boys came to play today baby :yahoo:

    73. 73
      DownBottom says:

      Yep, I had one of “bey’s” “admirers” curse me out on Ytube bc of comment I wrote *which wasn’t negative* SMH…ppl need their heroes, some ppl should raise their standards :tea:

      Anyway, if my Ravens win it will be ONNNNN!!!! #bandwagon fan #judge me :party:

    74. 74
      mzwhang90210 says:

      :waves: @wkend roses!!
      JenEEE :kiss:
      Donte :hugs:

      *waitin on this 1/2 show* I’ve got 2 buckets…one fulla :applause: and 1 fulla tomatoes…. leggoooo!!

    75. 75
      DownBottom says:

      tomatoes? lol @wkend roses..or thorns :lmbo: j/k

    76. 76
      Bad Influence says:

      did i see Down Bottom’s ass in here? :buttshake:

    77. 77
    78. 78

      Awww shat Bey might be getting it in :woohoo:

      She still need to go a damn way :tea:

    79. 79
      DownBottom says:


      :shakebutt: :happy: :yahoo:

      #sorry sandra!!!

    80. 80
    81. 81

      bawahahahahhaa my mom and dad said that mess she doing ain’t hit on nothing :rofl: :hahaha: I love lold folks :ghost:

    82. 82

      Destiny’s child who I wanted too see babay :woohoo: :applause:

    83. 83
      DownBottom says:

      @Jen, :nono: Chelley so awkward it hurts me :ashamed:

    84. 84

      Dammit brang DC back <<<<< had to Kuntrey on they azz!

    85. 85
      mzwhang90210 says:


      :hahaha: @ JenEEE’s parents

    86. 86
      DownBottom says:


    87. 87
      mzwhang90210 says:

      @JenEEE… I enjoyed that show!! Wonda why she ended with THAT song tho? *looks around* gotta be careful what you say around Beyonce cult members tho!

      I :heart: Kelly’s outfit!!

    88. 88
      Ni ni says:

      I think I saw beyonce turn into the devil for real. I was wondering if she was gonna ever sing finally though on halo. Still not impressed with this performance. All that weave slinging smh.

    89. 89
      mzwhang90210 says:

      @topic….Sandra maybe Kris just kissed him on tha lips… stop it!!

      But urmmm..why is she hangin on that child like that? :blink: She must smell opportunity.

    90. 90
      Bad Influence says:

      that performance was a Beyonce tour dvd replica…but that gawjus ass Kelly made it worthwhile….


    91. 91
      ReadingIsFundamental says:

      Ill copy and paste this upstairs when Sandra is able to update for the Half Time Show Performance…

      Bey looked great. So did Kelly and Michelle. Imma say for the thousand time that I need Loreal to let Bey go. She is a great entertainer. She worked that outfit and did’t miss a beat with her dances. She sang well during the times she sang.

      I was a little confused with the songs though. I couldn’t find the flow with the song choices. It would have been nice to see Kelly and Michelle more but, I understand it wasn’t their moment. Also, their microphones seemed much lower than Bey’s.

      I give it an A-.

      Loved Alicia Key’s National Anthem. I knew she was gonna have that d*mn piano out there. lol

    92. 92
      DownBottom says:

      Twitter and FB lighting up with “best half time I’ve ever seen” posts/tweets…were we watching the same show? :blink: Prince any one? eh, to the kona I go *to sit on my hands* :kona: :tape:

    93. 93
      mzwhang90210 says:

      :hugs: @His hope errything is well your way!

      @RIF I agree about songs/Kelly & Michelle.

      I did enjoy the lil performance tho.. although…I did get a tad concerned when Bey was slangin that weave so close to that spark-shootin guitar :hahaha:

    94. 94
      DownBottom says:

      @RIF, I was with ya until you said, *Loved Alicia Key’s National Anthem.* :blink: #nahson

    95. 95
      ReadingIsFundamental says:

      Prayers are with you and your family Bad.

      Oh, and I don’t do Bey dvds but, that’s interesting. Maybe she stuck with what she knows because she may have f-ed up trying something new. I can’t do a third of that sh*t she did just now so, I’mma let her shine today …

      game back on.


    96. 96
      PumpkinsMama says:

      Bad! :yahoo: That performance was lackluster :blink:

    97. 97
      Bad Influence says:

      Whang & RIF thank u bews :hug: s

    98. 98
      Bad Influence says:

      Pumpkinnnnnn :waves:

    99. 99
      DownBottom says:

      Is everything alright, miss hissiepoo? *woo woo woo* :scared: :wail:

    100. 100
      PumpkinsMama says:

      But Ms. Kelly gave me life w/her chocolately self :love:

    101. 101
      mzwhang90210 says:

      *waves* Pumpkin…wasn’t Kelly gorg? Michelle looked good to me also!

      Ummm….where are the funny commercials tho?? :thinking:

    102. 102
      aries says:

      Bea still doing the pop the coochie dancing. She looks old for someone to be in their 30’s.

    103. 103
      PumpkinsMama says:

      Whang :happy: Did ur bitch pass her test or not :waiting:

    104. 104

      OMG I just logged in to see if anyone else was looking like this after Bey’s performance :shocked: ..

      ugh…I am a borderline fan and after that, I quit. Not impressed Bey Bey. Guess it was too hyped up b/c I was expecting me than booty popping and hair spinning.. Yea I said it and what yall stans gonna do about it? Call me a hater? Jealous? Ok, I’ll be that. :rolleyes: oh well.. Back to sleep I go.. Nite Nite Roses :lol:

    105. 105

      I’m back what I miss :woohoo:
      Had to read to my baby, well let her read to me :lol:

    106. 106

      The performance was good :yes: I just tired of seeing the same routine :shrugs: Ya’ll see how they had DC mics on 3 :hahaha:

    107. 107
      PumpkinsMama says:

      WHERE IS OTBey????

    108. 108
      FuturedocDonte says:

      :dead: at the lady sitting next to me on the plane watching the complete season of Oz on her iPad. I look at her and all I see is dang-a-Lang :hahaha: bish put that up

    109. 109
      FuturedocDonte says:

      Oh this some Bool shait…. Get on the plane for 40 minutes and these niccas scored twice :mad:

      Ray it’s time to channel them ol slave tears and get it right

    110. 110

      Chocolate women rock :yahoo: Kelly :woohoo: was looking sesssiiiiii!!!!

    111. 111
      DownBottom says:

      :lol: I see we are >>>>>here<<<< @Future, Ravens r letting me down right now…wth! :mad: *fights air*

    112. 112
      DownBottom says:

      When @Kellyrowland started slapping her ass, I had the sudden urge to make it rain.

      :dead: :rofl:

    113. 113
    114. 114

      I am still over here rofl with my damn parents, :hahaha: when my mom called me and said Bey doing the most, and my dad in the background loud ass hell and I quote “That mess she doing ain’t hitting on nuttin” :rofl: LMAO I am sorry but ya’ll had to hear shat was hilarious :ghost:

    115. 115
      PumpkinsMama says:

      :rofl: Jen they’re funny! But did you see when she looked like she was about to pat her crotch :blink: I was like Mam you are NOT Ri Ri

    116. 116

      Pumpkyn I might be in the minority on this one, But I do believe when you have a child certain things need to stop. That’s why we have so lil girls running round here pop lock and dropping :no: At some point you need to grow up and keep it classy when you become a mother :tea: and married, save that for ya hubby in the bed room. You can still give a good show and not have ya puss slanging everywhere, it’s possible. Sex sells though :shrug:

    117. 117
      Ni ni says:

      :rofl: Jenie. I dont know him but I sho can hear and visualize him saying it. You cant fool old folk with these sorry @zz performances when they been around to have witnessed true talent. Bey hypnotizing (sp) people with her p$$yy days are numbered.

    118. 118
      Ni ni says:

      Pumpkinsmama I thought the same thing and she very well could have done it. Look like the camera switched angles.

    119. 119
      PumpkinsMama says:

      @ Ni ni Maybe, maybe :thinking: just further symbolizes to me that her star is fading (Thank GOD) that she would suddenly start stooping to such tacky ass antics she would have never done b4 :tea:

    120. 120
    121. 121
      Destinee says:

      You ever think it could me chap stick?

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