Lisa Wu at Bronner Bros Hair Show 2013

Former ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ reality TV cast member Lisa Wu has seen better days. As Wendy Williams would say, “Miss Lisa has lived.”

Lisa Wu earned her ticket to reality TV stardom after divorcing first husband R&B crooner Keith Sweat (she divorced former NFL player Ed Hartwell last year).

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Supermodel Heidi Klum, 39, and her bodyguard/boyfriend Martin Kristen took her children, Henry, Johann, Leni and Lou, to blow off a little steam at Santa Monica’s famed Boardwalk in California. Henry, Johann (pictured above) and toddler Lou’s father is singer Seal. Leni’s dad is Flavio Briatore, a race car executive with Formula One.

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Michael Jordan Covers AARP

NBA legend Michael Jordan has earned another magazine cover — along with his very own AARP card. Somehow, I don’t think he will be pleased with his latest achievement.

Jordan, who turned 50 on Feb. 17, probably doesn’t want to be reminded that he’s getting old. The Charlotte Bobcats owner has been engaged to his longtime Cuban girlfriend, Yvette Prieto, 35, since 2011.

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Tyler Perry and Oscar Pistorius on Jay Leno

Some celebrities never cease to amaze me. Like most narcissists, they will do or say anything for attention. Increasingly violent narcissists have been in the news lately.

From murderess Jodi Arias to cop killer Christopher Dorner, and most recently, Oscar Pistorius, the double-amputee sprinter who was arrested for killing his model girlfriend at his home in South Africa on Thursday.

Yet even in times of tragedy, narcissists will seize the opportunity to draw attention to themselves.

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Joe Rickey Hundley

A man accused of slapping a crying 2-year-old baby on an Atlanta-bound Delta flight has been fired from his job, reports.

Joe Rickey Hundley of Hayden, Idaho, was sitting across the aisle from Jessica Bennett, 33, of Minnesota, when he became belligerent toward Bennett whose 19-month-old son was crying.

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Beyonce and Blue Ivy

Loyal reader Olivia sent in this image of Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy. Twitter user @MissSandraLina says the image was taken from Beyonce’s HBO special. The image looks Photoshopped to me. But the Beyonce Stans are in a frenzy now that they have the clearest photo of the Golden child that we’ve seen thus far.

Blue Ivy and her rumored biological mother Solange Knowles look like twins, don’t they?

See the photo after the break.

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President Barack Obama Michelle Obama hug

Actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith aren’t the only famous married couple who take separate vacations. Will recently went on an extended romantic vacation to Brazil with his longtime friend (and rumored lover) Duane Martin.

The White House today confirmed that President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are taking separate vacations as well. This news comes 3 months after Obama was photographed flirting shamelessly with another woman.

The Obamas vacationing separately should not come as a surprise to anyone. The first lady’s body language revealed the truth about their loveless marriage years ago.

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Jim Jones

It’s hard to keep track of all the rappers who have been cuffed in the past year alone. Add rapper Jim Jones to the list (again). reports Jones was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct and hindering apprehension in Fair Lawn Wednesday.

Police say Jones, 37, interfered with a vehicle that was being ticketed and towed (or repossessed).

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