TI and Tiny attend Identity Thief Premiere

Atlanta’s royalty: actor/rapper T.I. and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris attended the premiere of Universal Pictures’ “Identity Thief” at the Village Theatre in Los Angeles on Monday (Feb. 4). In the comedy film, T.I. plays Julian, a modern day bounty hunter on the trail of a female identity thief. This is T.I.’s first role in a comedy film.
Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America

Alabama bus kidnapping

The 7-day hostage crisis in Midland City, Alabama is over, WSFA TV reports. The standoff between law enforcement and Jimmy Lee Dykes ended at around 3:40 p.m. ET Monday when police stormed the 6 ft x 8 ft underground bunker where Dykes and his hostage, 5-year-old Ethan, were hunkered down.

Neighbors who were earwitnesses tell WSFA that the FBI breached the door to Dykes’ homemade bunker and tossed in a flash bomb to temporarily disorient him and his small captive.

The Associated Press reports Dykes, 65, was shot and killed by law enforcement. Ethan, who turns 6 Thursday, was taken by ambulance to a local hospital for evaluation.

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Mall cop tases woman

Mall cop tases woman

When Barack Obama introduced ObamaCare early in his first term as U.S. president, debates raged on conservative blogs as to the universal healthcare’s main objective. Many believed that ObamaCare’s underlying purpose was to control the population — specifically a non-productive, unruly part of the population that continues to breed out of control.

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Gerard Pique and baby Milan

Colombian singer Shakira tweeted a photo of her newborn baby boy earlier today on Twitter.com. Milan Piqué Mebarak is the son of Colombian soccer star Gerard Piqué, 26, and Shakira, who at age 36 is officially a Cougar.

Shakira released the photo on her baby shower website in an effort to increase donations to Unicef to benefit underprivileged children.

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Muhammad Ali is not near death

The family of Muhammad Ali is denying British tabloid reports that the former heavyweight champ is near death.

According to the Courier-Journal of Louisville, the family posted a photo on Twitter of Ali wearing a Baltimore Ravens jersey while watching the live telecast of the game at his Phoenix home Sunday night.

“He looks great,” family spokesman Bob Gunnell told newspaper. “He’s having a Super Bowl party.”

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The blogoshphere is still buzzing about Beyonce winning the Super Bowl yesterday in New Orleans. Millions tuned in to watch the Dive unleash her Sasha Fierce personality during the dazzling 15-minute set. If Beyonce was nervous about her performance you couldn’t tell by watching her strut her stuff across the stage.

When asked about her special preparation for the big show, Beyonce told reporters that Jay Z’s sperm and that good Dopamine sex played a role in getting her good and ready to perform.

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Jay Z hugging Beyonce

They’re saying this is what caused the power surge that knocked out half the lights in the New Orleans Superdome after Beyonce’s spectacular halftime performance Sunday night. Kelly Rowland’s boyfriend/manager, Tim Weatherspoon, gave Instagram users an insider’s behind-the-scenes perspective by snapping the above pic of rapper Jay Z bear hugging his wife, Beyonce, after her performance.

The official word from the power company is that the power outage came from the Superdome side. Entergy New Orleans tweeted: “Power issue at the Super Dome appears to be in the customer’s side. Entergy is providing power to the Dome.”

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Keyshia Cole

Shortly after Beyonce performed what will be the most talked about halftime in Super Bowl history, R&B singer Keyshia Cole took to her Twitter page to dissect the performance of Beyonce’s group mate Michelle Williams.

At first everything seemed normal. Like so many millions of sports fans watching the Super Bowl, Keyshia was swept up in the fever of the moment as Beyonce owned the stage.

keyshia Cole tweet

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