petition Obama attend Hadiya Pendleton

In December, President Obama flew cross country to grieve with the parents of the 20 slain Sandy Hook Elementary school children. And now friends of 16-year-old Hadiya Pendleton are asking Obama to do the same for her. Pendleton, an honors student and drum majorette, was shot and killed in a park in Obama’s hometown of Chicago 2 days after she danced for him at his 2nd Inauguration.

In an emotional press conference, Mr. Obama said the deaths of the 20 schoolchildren in Newtown touched him deeply. The president broke down on national TV and vowed to take “meaningful action” to prevent another Sandy Hook tragedy from occurring in the future.

Hadiya’s killing marks the 42nd death by gun violence in Chicago in January alone — the bloodiest January in Chicago in over a decade.

In response to Pendleton’s death, President Obama and the first lady released this statement on Wednesday: “The president and first lady’s thoughts and prayers are with the family of Hadiya Pendleton.”

But Chicago city leaders say that’s not enough. They want Mr. Obama to come to Chicago and take a stand against violence at Hadiya’s funeral the way he took a stand in Newtown, Connecticut.

The Jasmine Brand blog reports that a petition has been posted on the White House’s web site, asking the president to attend Hadiya’s funeral.

The petition, created by Slog the Stranger, reads:

As Newtown swirls down the memory hole and passion to implement sane gun control gets sidetracked by whatever the latest Congressional bullshit circus will be, President Obama should stand up and take advantage of a tragic opportunity to keep the anti-gun violence movement engaged. Sixteen-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, a sophomore at the selective enrollment King College Prep, a young woman who performed in the King Band at Obama’s Second Inauguration, was shot to death Tuesday afternoon in a South Side Chicago park. From the National Mall in the District of Columbia to Harsh Park in the 4400 block of South Oakenwald Avenue. From the inauguration to the mortuary.

President Obama and his entire family should attend her funeral. Pendleton died about a mile from their Kenwood home. And then maybe America will pay some attention to the everyday, routine, one-at-a-time death toll wrought by guns in this nation, instead of waiting for the next mass shooting to sit up, notice, talk, and do nothing.

Image: The Jasmine Brand

  • LadieLeo

    Why is he being demanded? If he goes the horse and pony show that would go on would take away from celebrating the life of this young lady. That’s not necessary, everything shouldn’t be politicized.


    I really feel sorry for this family, but we can’t expect the President to alter his schedule every time there’s a shooting can we? :shrugs: Does that mean he needs to come to Atlanta to see the young man that was shot in the Middle School yesterday?

  • LadieLeo

    Yall have a good weekend and stay safe……I’m out!

  • Nakeya_j

    And with this I’m out. Because they are trippin. HAve a safe and wonderful weekend ppl!


    I feel sorry for this family I do but if Obama goes to this funeral everyone is gonna want to. At the rate that Chicago is going he won’t be staying at the White House but he will be a resident at the HOJO cause it is only 2/1/13 and there were 74466816648626 ppl killed already. Yes I know she danced at the White House but lets be realistic… RIP baby girl!

  • NaijaGal

    did the President attend the funerals of the Sandy Hook children?…don’t worry I’ll wait for your answer, since you like using that as your intro quite frequently

  • Ty

    Although he is not obligated, I bet he will be there. Especially since he has girl’s of his own and this happened in his neck of the woods :coffee:

  • Diva

    :nono: not this again!!!!! This is a sad situation all around it really is………..

  • Caramel Cutie

    this is too much. heavy for a friday afternoon.. Pumpkn mama, let’s go find somebody to rub on us 😆

  • Diva

    :bye: Nakeya…be safe hunni

  • Diva

    :wait: Pumpkin you hanging wif Kenya now? :rofl:

  • ReadingIsFundamental

    Why is this about the President and not about the life and memory of this child?

    How many funerals of victims from violent offenses did previous Presidents attend?

    Why do we expect so much from this man that we did not demand of previous Presidents?

    Don’t we still have a budget to balance and rising healthcare taxes to argue about with him? Why this off all topics?

  • ReadingIsFundamental

    Friday office drinking has begun.

  • OutsidetheBox


  • ReadingIsFundamental

    *of all topics* I meant.

  • Sandra Rose

    LadieLeo says:

    If he goes the horse and pony show that would go on would take away from celebrating the life of this young lady.

    Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see any horse and pony show when he went to the Sandy Hook funerals. :shrug:

  • OutsidetheBox

    That was the vigil I thought :thinking:

  • OutsidetheBox

    Anywho :bye: Have a good weekend board.

  • Sandra Rose

    NaijaGal says:

    did the President attend the funerals of the Sandy Hook children?…

    You didn’t bother to read the first line of my post. :no:

  • Caramel Cutie

    Diva says:

    Pumpkin you hanging wif Kenya now?

  • Ty

    Mad everybody off :cuss:

  • NaijaGal

    @Sandra I did read the first line, hence my question, which you still haven’t answered

  • NaijaGal

    and Sandra, since this story touches you so much, I’m certain you are making plans to attend the funeral of this wonderful young lady

  • ReadingIsFundamental

    little black girl… in Chicago… with the black POTUS at her funeral. The funeral would no longer be about her. If I were her family, I would not want Obama to attend.

  • Atypical

    As of December 2012, 500 people had been murdered in Chicago. Some of those were teenagers too…So should Obama have attended 500 funerals because he used to live there? FOH This situation is already ugly enough without people making it political….smdh

  • DownBottom

    POTUS is not obligated to attend a funeral for this unfortunate murder, some have taken reaching to a whole another level :rolleyes: :tea:

  • Nola_D

    My heart truly goes out to this young woman’s family… but if the president was to attend the funeral of every young child killed by gun violence… he would not have time to do his job… Sandy Hook was a terrible tragedy… just as this one is… but it’s one child… not 20… unfortunately kids are dying everyday because of gun violence… so much so that it cannot be addressed until 10 or 20 children get killed in a school… I honestly think it’s unfair to demand the president or expect him to go to the young lady’s funeral…

  • pointhimout

    I’ve had a long day. Please stop it.

  • Sandra Rose

    @ NaijaGal: If she was one of my members, I certainly would.

  • ALBoy


  • LSLH

    I think that if the President went, he would bring a lot of attention to the sad situation of gun violence in Chicago.

    Anyway, y’all have a great weekend. Mine has already started off incredibly wrong/sad. Be good friends. :bye:

  • 100% usa made!

    Such sad events!! Im sending Peace and love out to the families who’ve lost their loved ones.

  •!/profile.php?id=590097934 Phillybruh

    I believe he spoke at a memorial service for all the victims but did not attend any of the funerals.

  • Victoria

    If he did go then folks will complain about a misuse of city funds to cover the extra police that will be needed and overtime to prepare for his arrival. Every person in the church will need to be search and background checked. Just seems like it will cause more problems. Maybe he placed a private phone call or sent some correspondence, that should suffice.

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    If he goes to the funeral then what :shrugs: Want bring this child back. If you knew where she was going, you would rejoice. She is in good hands now. Celebrate her life and quit all nonsense. :tea:

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    Sandra if she was one of your members :thinking: you mean family? I’m not clear on that response :tea:

  • Tyler Perry’s BRENDEN: Based On The Novel “Push” By Sapphire

    I don’t understand this. First off. Why create a petition about a deceased young girl with curse words in it, then place it on a govt website? Why deminish the masacre that took place in Newton? As it swirls down the memory hole…Wow. There’s several things here that are different. One death vs 20plus deaths. Young children in school (a safe zone) vs One teen hanging with people who allegedly have gang affiliation.
    Every time some one dies…We always say they were sweet, they were nice, they were great providers, God fearing and so on. Even Adam Lanzas brother defended him…Not his actions, but said he didn’t care what people said…He loved his brother regardless…Thats his right…We know nothing about Hadiya except what her family and friends say. We need not know nothing about the children of Sandy Hook because they were babies…Truly innocent…Im not saying Hadiya wasn’t, but this is what it has come to. This debate has me asking what has Hadiya done that warrants this? I was a good student. Star athlete…I logged over 100hrs making cals for Obama this past election. Is he going to come to my funeral?IJS…This has gotten out of hand…Is the petition creator going to cover the expense if he does go?
    The public demanded access to Michael Jackson funeral,,,After all was said and done…The public compained when they realised it was the tax payers who were covering the cost…
    The public demanded we be allowed to mourn Whitney with her family. Cissy comprimised and allowed 1 camera inside, which fed several media outlets….After all was said and done…That same public bawked at the expenses to cover Whitneys funeral. There was even those angry at the Mayor of NJ for flying the flags at half mask…You can’t win :shrugs: it’s time to stop this. I’ve signed several petitions on we the people. I won’t sign this one. They’re demanding his entire family show up? Seriously. His baby girls to? Why? I was behind the movement to get him to speak out on Trayvon…And he did…In fact Sandra…I remember you saying ”Thats all we wanted was for him to acknowledge it” He did. He did the same here…I expect more from Obama this second term. I expect him to be tougher…And even…Blacker…But this here…No…RIP to this young lady,,,But…No.

  • Crickett

    He went into Sandy Hook because the killer was dead- not sure if he could go into this funeral when the savages that murdered this child are still roaming the streets- they are not killing my president!!

  • Sandra Rose

    @ Tyler Perry’s BRENDEN: To be honest, I didn’t read the petition. I didn’t know it contained profanity. :no:

  • therapist1911

    Wait you didn’t read the petition you are posting about lol